The Top Pot TV Shows For Bud Smokers


Television and marijuana go together like a blunt wrap and marijuana. Since the invention of the TV in 1925, stoners have been sparking up and sitting on their couches watching ever since. And in more recent years, the bar has been raised as to what constitutes a good TV show. The days of cheesy multi-camera sitcoms with lame jokes and laughable acting are long gone (expect for Two and Half Men).

Now we have epic television programs such as Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, and Lost that rival big budget movies in terms of both entertainment and storytelling. So naturally, seeing as how cannabis is starting to go main-stream, it would make sense that smoking bud on TV is not only acceptable, but sometimes it’s a part of the story; Sometimes a big part of the story.

This list contains not only TV shows that features reefer in its plot lines, but all are also immensely enjoyable, whether that means laughing your ass off or gasping your ass off. (What I mean is some are comedies and some are dramas if you couldn’t figure that out.) Check it out after the jump.

Bored To Death

Out of the three main characters on this show, all three of them smoke regularly. Jason Schwartzman stars as Johnathon Ames, a writer who out of boredom moonlights as a private detective. To help him with his cases, he enlists his forever stoned buddy Ray, a comic book writer played by Zach Galifianakis and wealthy magazine editor George, played by Ted Danson who despite his age and social standing, smokes more weed than the other two combined. Although it’s a somewhat new series, I can see this show going on for a long time and I for one will never get tired of watching these three awesome characters get high week after week. (Zach will be making another appearance on this list that will make you love him more than you probably already do.)


I know, this one is a no-brainer, but I bring it up because it came to my attention that all of my smoking buddies have either never heard of this show or don’t watch it. That needs to change. Weeds is about a suburban mom named Nancy Botwin (get it?), played by the MILF-alicous Mary-Louise Parker (click here for proof NSFW), who starts selling dime-bags to make ends meet. I would classify this show as a comedy with dramatic elements, my favorite type. The comedy stems from Nancy’s stoner buddies who help her drug business by both helping her avoid jail-time as well as buying bud off her. Kevin Nealon plays Nancy’s weed obsessed accountant, Doug, who in my opinion is one of the funniest characters currently on television. The show includes dealing, growing, smuggling, eating, and of course smoking, in every way imaginable. If you’re not watching Weeds yet, get the seasons on DVD and roll yourselves something nice.

Kenny vs. Spenny

You may have never heard of this show before because it airs in Canada, and because its content would never be allowed on American television in its current form without the liberal use of the “bleep” button and the “blur” effect. (By the way, fuck you, Federal Communications Commission ) A hybrid of both a reality show and game show, Kenny vs. Spenny is about two friends who live together, and compete in one on one competitions. A few examples include, “Who can live in a van the longest?”, “First to touch the ground loses”, “Who can make a better porno?”, and a personal favorite, “Who can commit the most crime?”. Kenny (who is a noted ganja smoker) is insanely offensive and hilarious, and almost always cheats during the competitions, using the rules to find loopholes to help him win. Spenny on the other hand is neurotic and paranoid, and believes that not cheating it the way to win (even though he usually loses). The main reason this show is on this list is because in season 5, the season finale was a competition entitled, “Who Can Smoke More Weed”. It is an extremely funny episode and is something that has to be seen to be believed. No fucking way would this episode ever air in America, so search for the DVDs or watch the episode in three parts by clicking this link.


Real Time With Bill Maher

This show is very political, so right off the bat if you’re a Republican or a Tea Bagger, you probably accidentally stumbled upon this site for one thing, but also you most likely would be infuriated at most of the things Bill Maher says. However, if you are a rational free-thinking person you will most definitely enjoy this talk show. Maher is one of the very few “celebrities” that is open about his own cannabis use and is strongly in favor of legalizing marijuana and ending the drug war. About once per episode he makes a weed joke, or makes an off-handed comment about getting high after the show with his guests, so I always make it a point to light a blunt during his opening monologue. And in what I’m calling the “Best Cannabis Moment of the Year”, Zach Galifianakis, who was a guest in the weeks before Prop. 19 sadly failed at the polls, lit up a joint on live TV to make a point that smoking weed is not a big deal. And in that moment, he became my hero.

The Whitest Kids U’ Know

Sketch comedy shows are some of the best to watch baked, and this one at times seems like it was made for stoners. All 5 members of this comedy troupe must sit around high all day if they’re writing sketches that include Abraham Lincoln being an asshole, a puppy slaughterhouse commercial, kids taking drugs that make them feel like they’re riding “It’s A Small World After All” at Disney Land, and a lawyer utilizing opposite day to fool a jury. Some sketches involve weed, but mostly this is just a funny show that not too many people know about, and is perfect to watch while ripping bong-loads with friends. If you don’t have IFC, you can find some of their skits on their website or on YouTube. Click here to watch my favorite sketch of theirs. (It’s a rap song about getting high with dinosaurs. Yes it’s as awesome as you think.)

Sons Of Anarchy

Out of all the TV shows I have previously mentioned, this is the only one where you won’t be laughing. More likely you’ll be muttering to yourself, “Holy shit this is badass.” Sons of Anarchy is about a motorcycle gang that specializes in illegal gun running, filming porno flicks, and more often than not, shooting rival gang members with automatic weapons.

Ron Perlman aka Hellboy, stars as Clay, the leader of the Sons. His step-son Jax, played by Charlie Hunnam is VP of the club, and he is more or less the central focus of the series. What makes me love this show is that when characters smoke herb, they don’t make a big deal out of it or draw attention to the fact that they are. If a character is stressed out because, for example, his mother was gang raped by Nazis (an actual plot line in season 2) he will spark up to help him relax. My dad describes Sons of Anarchy as a “manly soap opera” and I couldn’t think of a better description myself.

Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments section. And for the record, I didn’t include Entourage, Family Guy, or South Park just because I figured everyone has already seen those shows and I wanted to include some that maybe you haven’t heard of before. And I find Entourage to be incredibly smug and terrible.

The Top Pot TV Shows For Bud Smokers
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