60 Buzzkills That Will Ruin Your High


I figured a picture of Buzz Killington from Family Guy would be a good way to lead into my article on the worlds worst buzzkills. If you are not sure what a buzzkill check out how the urban dictionary defines it or check out this Buzz Killington clip.

That pretty well defines it. A buzzkill is a person or event that ruins a (usually weed-induced) good time. Whether it is something that happens beforehand, during or after the actual smoking occurs, it can have an effect on the overall experience. It may not always be negative but as long as the experience is gone, it’s gone.

Here are 60 of the worst buzzkills of all time.

  1. Bee/insect stings
  2. Copsmarijuana3504_545x453.shkl
  3. Playing ouiji
  4. People calling who talk way too much
  5. Losing your weed
  6. The smell in the air after you just spilled your bong water
  7. People who ask really dumb questions
  8. Your kid walking in while your toking, asking “what’s that smell daddy?”
  9. Friends breaking things in your house (like a bowl or a bong)2244999670_1b91526ccc_545x409.shkl
  10. People rushing you to smoke when they didn’t put in on it
  11. Someone complaining about all their problems while you guys are high
  12. Facing your parents
  13. High maintenance girls
  14. Being around people who freak out or can’t handle their high
  15. Trying to find a parking space
  16. Friends (or you) getting sick and throwing upthrow-up1_545x545.shkl
  17. Diarrhea
  18. Dealing with loud, belligerent, drunken friends
  19. Showers
  20. Food, especially milk for me
  21. Getting into a car accident
  22. Being around someone who is smoking and doesn’t offer or share any with you
  23. Being around a friend who just got their heartbroken
  24. Nagging girlfriends
  25. Driving while people are arguing about where to go next
  26. Being around people who try extra hard to act like they are high. You don’t have to act like a complete idiot
  27. Smoking for the first time and finding out you are allergic to weed (if that’s possible)
  28. Airhorn to your ear
  29. Getting into a fight
  30. Food poisoning
  31. Dropping your dutch in the toilet
  32. Really cold weatherMiniskirts_in_snow_storm_545x531.shkl
  33. Swimming
  34. Loud noise
  35. Scary movies
  36. Untimely business calls
  37. Any kind of physical activity
  38. Bright lights
  39. Having to watch a current Nicholas Cage or Ice Cube movieNicholas Cage as Ghost Rider_545x768.shkl
  40. Blue balls
  41. When someone calls you and needs a ride after you just smoked
  42. Sitting down, getting bud, pack the bowl, and no lighter…fuck
  43. Hanging out with people who make jokes that aren’t funny
  44. Big, mean, or angry dogspitbull-thumb-336x403_545x654.shkl
  45. Pessimists
  46. People who are excessively paranoid
  47. Realizing your stash is done
  48. Having a girlfriend/family member/friend, that disapproves of you smoking, catching you smoking
  49. Being lost
  50. Catching a cheating partner
  51. Work
  52. Your boss
  53. A Spider Crawling on your face
  54. Smoking with people who complain about your weed
  55. Forgetting about that oral presentation you had today
  56. Stubbing your toe badly
  57. Getting robbedr167230_622522_545x405.shkl
  58. Having to go to the hospital for any reason
  59. Ending up in jail
  60. Reading long posts about things that kill your buzz

I know I didn’t get them all. What other buzzkills can you guys think of. Do you have any stories? Share them in the comments everyone.

60 Buzzkills That Will Ruin Your High
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