Why I Stopped Smoking Blunts

stop smoking blunts

Two weeks ago, I made the decision to stop smoking blunts. I was researching the effects that smoking blunts has on lung and cardiovascular health, and I found that there is nothing good about smoking blunts. Smoking blunts is actually terrible for your body.


Since I’ve stopped smoking blunts, there has been a significant, positive impact on my health. I originally smoked quite a few blunts each day, and because of it, I had a terrible cough that I attributed to my “blunt lungs.” I would also begin to feel sluggish as my day progressed, due to the negative effects of blunt smoke stacking, as multiple blunts were smoked throughout the day.


Since I swapped out blunts for joints, I no longer have a cough that is related to smoking. I no longer feel sluggish as my day goes on because I am no longer inhaling unknown chemicals, carcinogens, tobacco and tar into my body like you do when you inhale blunt smoke.


Think of it like this: let’s say a friend of mine was smoking at least 3 blunts each day — after gutting your cigarillo, the wrap should weigh about .5 grams. That is .5 grams of tobacco, or rather, tobacco pulp. If you smoke two blunts each day, you are taking in 1 gram of tobacco. There is approximately 1 gram of tobacco in one cigarette. Most packs of cigarettes contain 20 cigarettes. It will take you roughly 20 days (depending on how frequently you smoke) to smoke the equivalent amount of tobacco that one pack of cigarettes contains. That is equivalent to smoking about 18 packs of cigarettes each year.


When I started thinking about the long-term effects blunt smoking would have on my health, it made me reconsider — because I was easily averaging more than two blunts per day. And that’s when I made the switch to joints.


Joints are healthier, better tasting and are more effective, which results in users feeling stronger effects from their medicine. I am no longer riddled with a cough that makes my housemates say it sounds like there is a dinosaur in my chest. And I no longer feel sluggish throughout the day.


Smoking blunts had a noticeable, negative impact on my health and the calculations from above confirm it. If I were to continue that lifestyle, there would most likely be a cardiovascular problem somewhere in my future. Switching to joints was the right decision.


[Image via OpenStrain roller RB]

[Image via OpenStrain roller RB]

To learn more about the negative effects of blunt smoking, check out OpenStrain’s article.


[Images via OpenStrain roller RB and www.LouisKangPhotography.com/www.instagram.com/looiekang]

Why I Stopped Smoking Blunts
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