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Although Arizer labels the Solo 2 vaporizer as a portable, we think this one is probably best kept for home use. Arizer is well known for its borosilicate glass vapor path, and it was a feature of the first version of the Arizer Solo. The Arizer Solo 2 features precise temperature control, and newer, flashier, LED display. For those who really love to vape, these updates to the Arizer Solo 1 are welcome additions to Arizer’s already awesome vape quality.


$ 239
  • Best Battery Life
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Main Characteristics

  • Brand: Arizer
  • Model: Solo 2
  • Size & Weight: 4.5” x 1.7” x 1.1”, weighing 210 grams
  • Temperature Range: 122 – 428
  • Heat production (Convection/conduction): Dual conduction/convection, (mostly convection)
  • Heating time: Reaches 428℉ in about 30 seconds
  • Oven Size: .1-.2 grams, depending on how moist your buds are
  • Battery (duration and average charging time): 3 hours battery duration, charges from empty to full in 3 hours
  • Colors: Carbon Black and Mystic Blue
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on the heating unit, a limited 2 year warranty on material and workmanship and a limited 1 year warranty for the battery

What’s in the box? – Arizer Solo 2 Unboxing

The kit is pretty comprehensive with the Vaporizer. You can expect to find in the box:

  • 1 Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer
  • 1 90 mm glass stem
  • 1 110 mm glass stem
  • 1 aroma dish
  • 2 stem caps
  • 4 mesh filters
  • 1 stainless steel stirring tool
  • 1 sample aromatic herb
  • 1 wall charger
  • And a user manual

Size and design

This new Arizer vape is definitely on the heavy and robust side when it comes to portable vaporizers. So much so, we probably would recommend leaving this one at home. Unfortunately, this vaporizer doesn’t match up in discreteness or portability when you compare it to other handhelds such as the Pax 3, its little brother, the Arizer Air 2 or Arizer ArGo. Hopefully the Solo 2 makes up for its bulkiness by being a badass vaporizer.

It’s heavy and big, especially if the glass stem is attached to it. However, there’s definitely something to say about the durability and toughness of the unit. This machine is well put together. The external design might be bulky, but the internal design is a masterpiece. So actually – the Arizer Solo 2 does kind of make up for its bulkiness in vape quality.

We wouldn’t consider this one very “portable”. There’s definitely no throwing it in your pocket, unless you want to carry a 90 or 110 mm glass stem in your pocket, too. There’s nothing discrete about it. It looks an awful lot like a vaporizer because… it’s a vaporizer!

In terms of the aesthetic of this device, it’s much better looking than its predecessor, the Arizer Solo 1. It’s not always about looks, but this device is much snazzier than the first one Arizer came out with.

Heating, temperature and vapor quality

Part of the reason that the Arizer Solo 2 has such a great vape quality is for its convection style of heating. While the oven heats up slightly, the temperature doesn’t quite get high enough to put you at risk of combusting your herbs. At the same time, hot air is coming through the vapor path to heat up the buds in the oven. This is partly why it’s so nice to vape out of the Solo 2 vape.

The vapor Stem is made entirely out of borosilicate glass, and it’s a very long stem. In fact, you get two stems in the box incase you want it to be even longer. This gives the vapor a long time to cool down before it gets to your mouth and throat, making it pretty smooth to inhale.

Unlike the Original Arizer Solo , this vaporizer has degree by degree temperature control. There were only six settings on the previous one, not leaving much flexibility for the user. But if you know at which temperature you like to vape at, the new Solo 2 gives you all the freedom.

The Arizer Solo 2 also functions as an aroma diffuser, which is why you get an aroma dish included. So if you feel like vaping out your room after a long session with the herb, you can minimize the smell of weed. Or at least that’s why we think Arizer included in this feature. The temperature flexibility means something for this feature, because different herbs vaporize at different temperatures.

The glass vapor path is also the same as the oven, because you pack a small section at the bottom of the vapor path with herbs. The efficiency of vaping is best when you start at a lower temperature and then increase during the session.

How to use it

Another feature of the Arizer Solo 2 which was lacking in the Solo 1 is an LED display system. To switch on the device and the display, hold down the menu button. Make sure that you’ve filled up the bottom of your glass vapor path with herb first.

When the LED screen comes on, it’s time to select your temperature using the + and – buttons. You can go up or down in single degrees or ten degree increments, depending on how you use the buttons. Tapping on the buttons will make it go up or down in single degrees. Holding the + or – buttons down will create ten degree jumps.

Once you select the temperature, the Arizer Solo 2 will start heating up. It takes about 30 seconds to reach temperature, and then you’re ready to start vaping.

You have customization options when it comes to the startup time as well as customizing the length of each session. Your session can be anywhere between 5 minutes and 15 minutes using the settings on the LED display.

To power off, hold the menu button down again.

Battery life

The Arizer Solo 2 features one of the best battery lives that is available on the “portable” vaporizer market. It’s twice the length of the previous model, not that the previous model had a bad battery life. Plus, we don’t really think you’ll be traveling very far with this vaporizer, which means it can always be charging up while you’re out and about.

The average battery life is about 3 hours on the Arizer Solo 2. It also takes 3 hours to charge up from empty to full. But never mind if it dies during your session because you can use the Arizer Solo 2 while it’s charging!


This unit is easy as pie to clean, because the herb hardly touches the oven at all. As long as you pack the herbs in properly, you should only have to clean the glass vapor path. Soak them in some rubbing alcohol and you’re done. If you don’t want to soak, just soak a cue tip with rubbing alcohol and give it a good rub down. You should barely have to touch the oven at all.

Arizer Solo 2 Accessories

If you want to invest some extra money for a more refined vape, the Arizer Solo 2 can be used with an Arizer water pipe adapter. It definitely provides a more powerful vaping experience.

And ah, this vaporizer already has the inbuilt ability to be an aromatic herb diffuser. So if you want to use it to make your room smell like lavender, the accessory comes in the box!

Final thoughts – Should we buy the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer?

Ok, so this vaporizer is not exactly the portable device we thought it was going to be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a really good time with it. If you’re looking for a vape you can throw in your pocket or use undetected, this one is unfortunately not it. But if you want a vaporizer that gives you a decently long session, is extremely easy to use and clean and produces great vapor feel, then this might be the one.

Arizer definitely hasn’t disappointed with the additions they’ve made to the Arizer Solo 1 to produce the Arizer Solo 2. Overall, it’s a really good quality machine. There’s no doubt about that. We don’t think anyone who forks out the $249 for this vaporizer will be disappointed that they spent the money. As long as they’re not trying to keep their vaping habits a secret from anybody.

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