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If you love the effects of cannabis but do not like smoking or vaping your herbs, you’ve probably found that there are seemingly endless methods of consumption, from infused waters to gummy bears and every type of candy in between. Needless to say, stoners are a creative group of entrepreneurs, and it’s only going to get crazier as legalization hits more states.

Your local dispensary probably has all sorts of edibles available from bakeries and candy makers, but finding something you enjoy eating and that has the right THC percentage for your needs can be a challenge, especially if you have certain dietary needs and preferences or you want to avoid a whitey (if that’s the case, we highly recommend you to read before eating our post ‘Can you overdose on edibles‘). For that reason, many edibles enthusiasts love making their own, including making kief edibles, which actually isn’t as difficult as you might think.

The first thing to know when making your own edibles is that cannabis is fat-soluble, so in order to extract the THC and other cannabinoids from the plant, you’re going to have to use a fat-based product like butter or coconut oil to extract it under a low and constant heat. The fat solubility of cannabis is why cannabutter is a staple ingredient in every weed lover’s kitchen. In fact, it’s the one ingredient that makes your kitchen a weed kitchen.

It’s entirely possible to make your own cannabutter using crock pots and pans you already have in your kitchen, but if you’re a beginner, we highly recommend going with a machine designed specifically for this job. With the push of a few buttons you can set your cannabis butter maker, forget it, and come back to some potent, herbal butter in as little as 10 minutes. (No, really, 10 minutes to weed butter).

There are several machines on the market that perform herbal oil extraction, but these three tried and true products are the top recommendation for cannabis enthusiasts.

What Is Cannabutter?

what is cannabutter

As creative as stoner entrepreneurs may be, they’re often very simple in terminology. Which is why cannabutter is so aptly named. Simply put, cannabutter is just that - butter infused with cannabis. That’s right, just regular butter with a dash of one of your favorite ingredients. Cannabutter can be used just like any other butter, too. Meaning you can substitute the high version in virtually any recipe that calls for butter. Or, use in the collection of recipes we’ve compiled below.

Even though cannabutter is similar to traditional butter in use, it differs in appearance and obviously, scent. This helps distinctly identify the two, avoiding any baking mishaps or mix-ups. While the butter texture remains, the color will be slightly green or light brown, depending on the method or length of infusion. And of course, you’ll notice the unmistakable cannabis aroma from terpenes and flavonoids.

And, What is a Cannabutter Machine?

A cannabutter machine is an alternative tool to avoid manual methods of infusing cannabis into butter. Basically, putting the somewhat tedious process on auto-pilot, for easy and consistent results.

Cannabutter machines not only save on time, but materials and clean-up, too. All you need is cannabis, butter and your time. Most machines combine blending capabilities with a heating method, to deliver premium made cannabutter with just a few steps.

cannabutter machines what is it
what is it cannabutter machines

Best Cannabutter Maker

As contradictory as it may seem, the rise of the cannabis industry is sometimes problematic. More products offered, more challenging to find a good deal, and cannabutter makers are not an exception. A weed butter machine made with high-quality materials at a reasonable price is not something easy to find.

And that’s why we are here, to show you (after some research) which is the best cannabutter machine, or at least the best cannabutter machine for us.

Our top choice!


$ 299
  • Available In 5 Colors
  • Our Top Choice!
  • Use code MJ10 for 10% off

Levo II is basically the Rolls Royce of  Levo cannabutter machines or makers, and our top recommendation. Not only is this thing ridiculously sexy to look at, but it simplifies the process of infusing butter and oils with cannabis so that you basically only need to push a button to create delicious THC-laden infusions for your baked goods and gummies. You don’t even have to take the step of debarbing in the oven – just pop your cannabis in the top compartment and hit “activate” and let the Levo II do the rest. 

The machine is more than just a simple cannabutter machine. The Levo Oil can infuse a number of herbs, into a variety of oils – making it highly versatile for foodies, or cannabis connoisseurs. The Levo Oil uses a controlled heat method to smoothly transfer cannabis flavors, scents, color, and nutrients into your butter or oil. Even better, the self-contained nature of the device means that your kitchen won’t reek while the machine works its magic. 

The Levo II machine is modernly designed with easy to use functions. It even comes in a variety of colors, to match any kitchen or aesthetic. But our favorite aspect of the Levo II is how easy it is to  maintain. The design of the Levo Oil prevents spilling, and includes only 3 parts for cleaning (dishwasher safe too!) when you’re done. 

The Levo II has legions of fans, with some devotees going so far as to tattoo the brand’s logo on their bodies. That might seem a little extreme, but it won’t after you try this device out! Want to learn more? Check out our full review of the Levo II here


$ 224

If you’ve ever researched making your own edibles, you’ve no doubt heard of the Magical Butter machine. One part immersion blender, one part digital thermostat and heating unit, it’s the first botanical extraction machine designed for countertop household use, and it’s perfect for making your own cannabutters, oils, lotions, grain alcohols, and more. Since it’s made specifically for household use, you can achieve quality, consistent results while knowing there is minimal risk for burning or injuring yourself with their design. Dare we say it’s stoner-proof?

This isn’t just a machine for making weed butter and brownies. Any herb and oil combination you can think of is possible – think rosemary olive oil for dipping warm bread as an appetizer, or lavender-infused bath oils for an aromatic soak or massage. The possibilities are truly endless and it’s a great way to make unique products and gifts out of leftover herbs growing in your garden.


$ 49
  • Best Price Cannabutter Machine

If you’re not ready to invest nearly $200+ in a new kitchen appliance, or if you’re only planning on doing small batches of butter at a time, our next recommendation for herbal infused butter is the Easy Butter Maker. The Easy Butter Maker is a smaller type of device than the Magical Butter machine, which looks and operates more like a crock pot. Instead, this smaller infuser is the size of a tea kettle or French press, designed to infuse a single stick of butter per batch, or two sticks if you upgrade to the larger size. According to the website, you’ll have a batch of cannabutter ready to go in 10 minutes, much quicker than the crock pot method. You can also use it to infuse coconut oils with herbs as well as for making cannamilk for recipes that have a milk base.

Aside from the machine itself, the Easy Butter Maker shop also sells accessories to help your edibles journey like butter bags for straining, pot leaf shaped baking pans, and butter molds in various sizes.

Making Weed Butter: How To Make Cannabutter Without A Machine?

If you’re into DIY methods, or don’t want to spring the cost for a machine - don’t worry. There are plenty of simple methods to make a batch of cannabutter, at home too. Even better? Most of the ingredients and supplies it takes, you should have on hand. Check out our post about how to make cannabutter, there you'll find some great recipes.

Where To Buy Cannabutter?

In a case where you don’t trust yourself in the kitchen - you might ask yourself, can you buy cannabutter pre-made? The answer is, yes. However, most cannabutter is sold at dispensaries in states or areas, with medical or recreational legalization. In certain areas, you can also purchase cannabutter online and have it legally shipped or delivered, too.

What Are the Benefits of Edibles?

Edibles are convenient and preferred for many reasons, one of the most common being that they are more discreet. If you’re in public and don’t want to get caught with a cloud of smoke around you, you can take a bite of a weed the brownie you just baked or bought (you can skip cooking buying these best cannabis edibles) and nobody will have a clue you’re medicating. The discretion is nice, but consuming marijuana this way can affect the body differently and lead to different results, which might take some getting used to.

When you consume cannabis through food like brownies or other cannabutter-based products, you are mainly absorbing the THC and CBD through your stomach and gastrointestinal tract rather than the bloodstream, which is how it’s absorbed if you consume an oral tincture or product that’s absorbed through the delicate vessels in the mouth. The stomach takes longer to digest and process the cannabis, so it can take as long as an hour and a half for the effects of your edibles to kick in. On the flip side, they can last anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on the potency, so if you’re looking for long-term internal relief from pain or injury, inflammation, or other symptoms that can only be managed with therapy or medication, this can be a great alternative to prescription medications with harsh side effects.

cannabutter benefits
benefits of cannabutter

The fact that edibles work through the stomach and digestive tract make them a great option for patients dealing with chronic nausea from illness or chemotherapy. People with gastrointestinal issues like Crohn’s, irritable bowel syndrome, or anxiety that leads to gastric distress may find relief from the effects of edibles in the GI tract. If you suffer from respiratory illnesses like asthma that prevent you from smoking or vaping, edibles are a great option for relief without the harsh smoke.

When making your own edibles, it’s always important to remember that the potency of your product can vary considerably depending on the THC content and potency of your cannabis, how long you infuse the ingredients, how much you consume at a time, your metabolism, your tolerance level, and other factors. As with all cannabis products, it’s different for everyone. Some people love edibles because it relaxes their body without as much of the head high, while others avoid edibles unless they plan on going right to sleep. We recommend trying and testing your recipes at home before making a batch and bringing them to a party, just in case they happen to be the perfect remedy for insomnia. Nothing kills a social setting faster than when you’re so high you can’t keep your eyes open.

That being said, the more experience you get with your butter-making skill, the better you’ll get at calculating the perfect recipe that’s as potent and flavorful as you like.

Cannabutter Edibles Recipes

cannabutter magical butter

You can find lots of recipes in the books that come with the top two recommended machines above, but those are only a starting point when you’ve got the power of the internet. Here are some recipes we recommend from our weed blogging friends around the web:

Have you tried a marijuana butter making? What kind of recipes do you like to cook with your cannabutter maker?

Cannabutter Machines: FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

The Magical Butter Machine takes 2 hours of infusion time for cannabutter to be made successfully.

When making oil in the cannabutter machine, your weed should be in the weed butter maker for the 1-hour setting versus 2 hours for butter.

Cannabutter made with the magic butter machine should be properly stored in an airtight container. When done so, in the fridge the cannabutter will last several weeks and up to 6 months in the freezer.

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