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After a couple years of behind-the-scenes engineering, Grenco Science and its signature dry herb product, the G Pen Pro, released a new and completely different product, the G Pen Gio, a liquid concentrate oil vaporizer that uses custom pods unique to the device rather than traditional 510 threaded battery cartridges.

The Gio oil vaporizer is often compared to the Pax Era because both products use proprietary cartridges unique to the device, but what really sets Gio and Era apar compared to tradicional 510 oil vaporizerst is the fully enclosed system that leaves no exposed glass when the device is in use, so you don’t have to worry about shattering a tube of liquid gold. In terms of portability and discretion, the style of the Gio is hard to beat.

As of right now, Gio pods are only made by concentrate manufacturers who have partnered with G Pen to fill empty pods with their premium oil blends. If you’re located in California, Colorado, Nevada, or Oregon, you’re in luck. If you’re outside of these states and really want a Gio and some pods, some travel may be in your future as they’ve been slow to roll out products in other states. However, as more states begin to legalize cannabis and more connoisseurs discover the quality of a G Pen Gio, it’s likely that your state will have them available soon.

6 Best G Pen Gio Cartridges 2019

Here is our full G Pen Gio review (spoiler alert: we really liked this little guy). If you’ve finally got your hands on one and need to figure out what’s the best pod for your buck, here’s our breakdown of the top Gio pod brands and where to find them:

Caliva is a California-based concentrates company that uses cutting-edge extraction and refinement technology to produce pure, high-quality cannabis oils, topicals, edibles, and tinctures to patients and connoisseurs across the state.

Their products are available for ordering through the Eaze delivery app. Their current selection of pods for the Gio includes Classic Jack, a heady Sativa with 80% THC, Cali OG, a sleep-inducing indica with 80% THC, Day Dream, a 80% THC mellow hybrid, and Lavender, a CBD-dominant strain perfect for calming aches, pains, and bodily tension with very mild (20% THC) psychoactive effects.

  • Availability: California dispensaries and delivery via Eaze
  • THC percentage: 20% – 80%
  • Types: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid
  • Strains: Classic Jack, Cali OG, Day Dream, Lavender (flavor)

Herbology has truly pioneered the path to testing and analysing cannabinoids for medical and recreational-grade products. The company is currently working with researchers and hospitals to develop pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid medications, and their analytics lab played a significant role in ensuring every component of the Gio vape was safe for sale and public use. It’s safe to say they know a lot about the Gio, so it’s only natural they would produce their own pods for sale.

Herbology’s selection of Gio pods includes strains like Forbidden Fruit, a smooth and tasty indica inspired by the many fruit-flavored terpenes found in California cannabis strains. Their Lemon blend is an uplifting sativa featuring the terpene profiles of Lemon Haze and Lemon Skunk. Grapefruit is a mellow hybrid with a sweet citrus flavor, and the Strawberry Mint 1:1 and 15:1 pods contain 36-65% CBD with low THC quantities, so you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD without the strong psychoactive effects.

  • Availability: California delivery via Eaze
  • THC percentage: 4% – 70%
  • Types: Sativa, Hybrid, CBD
  • Strains: Forbidden Fruit, Strawberry Mint 1:1 CBD, Strawberry Mint 15:1 CBD, Purple Grapefruit

Evolabs is an award-winning Colorado-based cannabis company known for their flavorful, potent concentrates known as Alchemy blends. The proprietary formulas are blended with a cannabinoid content of 70% THC and 10% CBD, plus 25% of their signature FreshTerps formula. This combination allows for the full “entourage effect” of cannabinoids and terpenes, plus an unbeatable, all-natural flavor that stays as close to the plant’s natural state as possible.

  • Availability: Colorado
  • THC percentage: 32%
  • Types: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid
  • Strains: Ghost Train Haze

Humboldt Farms is a brand committed to sustainable farming practices as well as strong genetics and happy, sun grown plants. Their G Pen Gio Pods contain the full terpene profile of the plant, resulting in a flavorful and smooth draw. The availability of some strains depends on the season, but you can expect a solid selection of classic favorites like OG Wreck. Their commitment to bringing only the best cannabis products to the market means that you inhale a premium product. Pricing depends on the retailer and strain but a solid jumping off point is $35 a cartridge.

  • Availability: Dispensaries throughout California or online in select states through Eaze, Goddess Delivers, and Luv Brite.
  • THC percentage: Most strains are above 70%, up to 80%
  • Types: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid
  • Strains: Venom OG, OG Wreck, Super Lemon Jack, Banana Pie

With its single-source, high quality cannabis products, Raw Garden is a perennial favorite. Since they grow the flowers themselves, they can control the quality all throughout the process and they set a high bar for excellence. Their pod concentrates are strain-specific so if you have one you love for creative afternoons or a deep relaxed sleep, give their selection a look. The strains, and the THC:CBD ratio available, vary with the season and retailer but expect signature strains like the heavy hitting Indica Kosher Chem. A cartridge will set you back around $35 — more than reasonable considering their high brand standards and one-hundred percent organic farming practices.

  • Availability: Select California dispensaries or online with Eaze
  • THC percentage: 80-90%
  • Types: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid
  • Strains: Kosher Chem, Sleeroy, Banana Funk

Old Pal’s brand harks back to the bygone days of weed, when weed was simply a joint passed around between friends, but that doesn’t mean they don’t keep up with the trends. Their G Pen Gio pods come in classic Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid blends or thier new specialty flavor formulations including the citrus blend “Clemintine”. Cartridges retail for around $25, depending on the strain.

  • Availability: Dispensaries throughout California, Nevada, and Washington. Online in select states through Eaze.
  • THC percentage: Most strains available are around 82%
  • Types: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid
  • Strains: Clemintine, Purple Punch, Strawberry Banana

Fillers (G Pen Gio Pods Companies) By State

Not all states with medical or recreational cannabis have pods available for the G Pen Gio, and so far they can be found only in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Colorado. If you live in or plan on traveling to one of these states, contact a local licensed dispensary to find out if they carry G Pen Gio pods.





Where To Buy G Pen Gio Pods Online?

As with any THC product, G Pen Gio Pods cannot be mailed or shipped across state lines, so online ordering and delivery are restricted to what is available to you locally.

In California, G Pen Gio Pods can be ordered online via the Eaze app for delivery across the state.

In Oregon, you can skip the line and order your Gio Pods from the Cannabliss dispensary online. Oregon’s Finest, another popular dispensary, will soon offer online ordering so you can place an order and pick it up right in store.

In Nevada, Black Jack Collective is located minutes from the strip and express pickup ordering is available online. Essence Vegas accommodates both online and text-to-order purchases. You can also order online for pickup in Nevada from Thrive in downtown Las Vegas.

In Colorado, you can order online for pickup via Native Roots and Silver Stem Cannabis.

How Much Are G Pen Gio Pods?

As with any cannabis product, the price largely depends on the brand, their extraction methods, and the concentration of the product. For a G Pen Gio Pod, expect to pay $30 on the low end for brands like Herbology to upwards of $70 for a premium blend from Evolabs. Most dispensaries offer deals on multiple cartridges, so if you’re in California, Oregon, Nevada, or Colorado, it can’t hurt to call around to a few different dispensaries to see what kind of sales or packages they have to offer.

How Long Do G Pen Gio Pods Last?

The amount of time your G Pen Gio Pods last will depend on the frequency you consume. For vapers who take a puff semi-regularly, expect the pods to last about a week with consistent use. If you save it for special occasions or only use it when you need to be discreet, it’s possible for a pod to last several months.

G Pen Gio Cartridges Can Be Refilled?

Like the Pax Era vaporizer, G Pen Gio pods can only be filled by licensed manufacturers that have partnered with G Pen for use with their product. We advise against trying to hack your own pod if only for the risk of damaging your device (and voiding any warranty you have on it). Instead, enjoy the pre-filled pods while supporting your local dispensary and the farmers who tended to those plants.

G Pen Gio Pods: FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Like with any consumable product, how long a Gio cartridge will last depends on how often you use it. If you only take a pull or two in the evenings, it could last a month or more, but if you’re the wake-and-bake and smoke all day type, a week, maybe less.

The G Pen Gio was designed to be the easiest vaporizer system on the market so removal of the cartridge is simple — just click it out!

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but there isn’t a way to fix a cartridge once it’s broken. If there is something wrong with the battery itself, it may be under warranty so check with your local authorized retailer, or Grenco Science customer service. If you tamper with the unit, it may void the warranty, and that makes for an even bigger bummer!

If your G Pen Gio won’t draw it could be the mouthpiece or it could be a connection issue. If it’s the mouthpiece, Grenco Science sells handy cleaning tools and recommends a quick dip in isopropyl alcohol. If it’s a connection issue, try wiping where the cartridge clicks into the unit with a dry, lint free cloth.

Keep in mind that G Pen Gio Pods are only available from licensed retailers and within states that have legalized cannabis. Eaze, the cannabis delivery site, is currently only available within select cities in California.

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