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The Puff Pack Review

The Puff Pack it the market for stoner subscription boxes a little later than the rest but offer some pretty good deals. The Puff Pack definitely stands out for the brand names that are hosted in their packs that basically every stoner likes to use. Let’s see what they have on offer.

The Puff Pack Box Review

The packaging that the Puff Pack arrives in is perfectly discrete. Simple, plain brown boxes arrive marked with a very simple “P”. There’s no suspicion with this pack – unless you’re familiar with the brand, of course.

The Puff Pack is packed with spanish moss rather than the traditional bubble wrap that usually comes inside of packages. It did the job (to stop everything clinking around inside the box) and it looks natural and professional.

These guys feature a lot of RAW products, which most weed lovers can get down with. Definitely one of the most popular and most famous brand of papers – and not without reason!

Different Subscription Options

We can choose in between 4 different different packs:

The Economist – $1

This pack is pretty basic, featuring the bare essential items for blazing up. Although it’s just bare necessities, this box is pretty awesome value.

For a dollar, you get:

  • 1 pack of RAW filter tips (50 in the pack)
  • 1 pack RAW 1 ¼ papers (50 in the pack)
  • A lighter

It’s everything you need to smoke, without burning up your bank account either. All of those items in a store would definitely cost more than $1. It’s ideal for those who don’t really smoke all that often and can make a packet of papers last a month.

To have the box delivered costs $2, making it a total of $3 monthly. Even including the shipping and handling, it’s still worth the price, especially to be stocking up with RAW. If you’re having the Economist Puff Pack shipped outside of the USA, you’ll be paying $15 for postage!

The Mediator – $12

This package is more appropriate for those who smoke a little too much for the Economist to be enough. Things are a little more interesting with the Mediator, because every month features a different mystery glass one hitter piece. This is for those who like consistency but also get a little bit excited by small surprises.

The Mediator Puff Pack includes:

  • 1 pack RAW filter tips (50 in a pack)
  • 1 pack RAW 1 ¼ papers (50 in a pack)
  • 1 Bic lighter
  • 1 doob tube
  • 1 pack High Hemp wraps
  • Hemp wick
  • 1 mystery glass one-hitter

At $12, this pack isn’t screaming value. But it’s still convenient if you like to use all of the items on a monthly basis without actually having to shop for them. Getting a different glass one-hitter every week definitely keeps things interesting. Oh, and shipping is free on the Mediator Puff Pack and any level above.

There’s probably more value to be had from the Economist or the Artisan (one level above the Mediator), but it’s still a nice medium level for those who are just in the middle somewhere.

The Artisan – $24

The Artisan Puff Pack covers just about all of the material you could need for a month of smoking. It should keep you well stocked from month to month, and it’s pretty good value. In the Artisan pack you get:

  • 1 pack RAW filter tips (50 in a pack)
  • 1 pack RAW 1 ¼ papers (50 in a pack)
  • 1 bick lighter
  • Hemp wick
  • High Hemp wraps
  • Cyclones Hemp Pre-rolled cones
  • A doob tube
  • 1 glass pipe
  • Screens
  • Pipe cleaners

The glass pipe that comes with the Artisan is definitely not your small, one-hitter. It’s a full blown glass pipe. It’s cool that they include screens and pipe cleaners, too. It’s nice to see that they keep cleanliness in mind.

To be honest, this pack doesn’t scream value either. It’s probably on point with how much you get, and everything in there probably does add up to $24. Plus, it gets delivered right to your door, so there’s no losing money here.

The contents of the Artisan Puff Pack are basic and not really all that exciting – with the exception of the mystery glass piece you get every month. Fancy having a new glassie every month! However, Puff Pack definitely don’t stinge out on the quality of the products that they send you.

The Mystery Pack – $28

For the stoner who actually loves surprises. And I mean it. This pack is a complete mystery to everybody who subscribes for it. Puff Pack promises that the Mystery Pack always comes with at east $35 worth of value inside, but you never know what it’s going to be. It’s like Christmas every month.

The Cool thing about this subscription box is that every month, you get 5-7 mystery items that change. You still get your mystery glass piece, of course.

It’s hard to talk about the value of the Mystery Pack because you never know what’s going to be in it until you receive it. But if you really do like to be surprised every month, then this is a great way to keep things interesting. also it is a really good way to try new things that you never expected you’ll use.

Final thoughts – Should you subscribe to the Puff Pack

It’s cool that Puff Pack wants to keep things a little bit fun and exciting with the Mystery Pack. That’s definitely well appreciated.

Overall, Puff Pack is a very basic monthly subscription. No messing around really. Just good products at an affordable price. Nothing of extreme value here, except for the Economist, which we think has the best value for money. But they stock the best products and keep it simple for their stoners. It’s convenient – you don’t have to go out shopping for your smoking needs. And you definitely aren’t left out of pocket. That’s for sure.

Puff Pack is for the stoner who just likes good products and doesn’t have time to go to head shops to stock up all the time.

The Puff Pack Discount Code

You can get discounts on your Puff Pack subscription by prepaying for your boxes in advance! Get a 10% discount by paying up front rather than paying monthly!
Stay tuned  and we’ll be posting every discount code that we find out there.

If you’re already high, and want some creative Puff Pack Review, by Erasmus Jones. Then keep reading.


Let me tell you something, joe — out here on the frontier, only thing keeping a man out of a six-foot hole is his box o’ tools. And these ain’t any of them hero six-shootin’ tools I’m talkin’ about. Coyote might come sniffing around a man’s camp some midnight, but don’t mean you gotta blow its head off. Gotta be smart. She’ll move on long as you stored your grub right.

I’m talkin’ about the everyday tools — hammer and nails to patch up that loose board, pot and pan to boil your water, flint and tinder to get the fire going — savin’ your life every single night. And don’t go cheap on this stuff, because you’re trying to avoid the six-foot hole, remember; pinchin’ nickels don’t mean a hell of a lot when it comes to the long sleep.

Course, every man’s gotta relax, even out here. It’s lonely and it’s quiet, and you get wound too tight, you might start lookin’ at that six-shooter the wrong way. That’s why I reckon the Puff Pack is one of the best deals goin’.

I been sending off for the Puff Pack by US Postal Service since 1871, and I can tell you right now, they look after the customer. Every time I open that box, I know what I’m gettin’. Got it configured the way I like: pack o’ papers, little grinder, eye drops (Mrs. Jones don’t like it much when I get the Devil’s Stare), and most especially, a little glass gift. I’m talkin’ an honest-to-god baby bong. Now before you go to thinkin’ I spent one too many days in the Mojave sun — what kind o’ operation can be trusted to ship glass over terrain like we got in the continental United States? — I’ll tell you again: since 1871, I never picked out one shard broken from out that Puff box.

These are just the essentials, mind. Designed for a citizen of the wild, for simple folk. If you one o’ them city-slickin’, motor-car-drivin’ gentlefellas, maybe you should get yourself on the first train to New York City so’s you can spend half last year’s harvest on some gonzo contraption carved from a bull elephant’s tusk. But if you wake up every mornin’ with the first light of dawn, put coffee on the stove, and make due with what Mother Nature’ll grant, take a hard look at the Puff Pack. As for me — I’ll stay on Puffin’ ’til these lungs go cold and gray.


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