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CBD wax is as beneficial as any other CBD product, of course, but the wax itself is even more advantageous. Full disclosure: you need a whole setup to use the wax because you have to dab it. We’ll get into the specifics of dabbing in just a second. Suffice it to say that it describes a method, not a product. You dab the wax, you see. Though it requires a dabbing pen, using CBD via wax is a safer, more efficient way to feel the effects.

Before we continue, let’s put some confusion to rest. People dab medical marijuana, as well. Dabbing CBD wax is not the same as dabbing concentrated cannabis, so don’t worry. CBD contains only trace amounts of THC, which is the compound responsible for getting you high. In other words, don’t worry—dabbing the CBD wax is entirely legal. You’re good to go, once you know what you’re about to try.

What Are CBD Dabs And How Are They Made?

Naturally, the CBD portion of the wax is the most important. To extract the CBD from the cannabis plant, the CO2 method is most often used. Removing the CBD using carbon dioxide gets rid of all the compounds and substances that you don’t want, including chlorophyll. As a result, you enjoy the purest possible CBD. You don’t even have to contend with spent resin as there really isn’t anything to combust. To get the CBD, rather than any THC, budtenders pull it from hemp plants, as opposed to marijuana plants. That further reduces the amount of THC traceable in the wax. From that point, it’s easy to inject the CBD isolate, usually an oil, into a small dab of wax.

Best CBD Dabs, Wax And Crystals

With CBD FX, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a concentrated, and thereby strong, wax. They filter their CBD oil, which they extract from organic hemp plants. The result is made to dab. Each bit of wax overflows not just with cannabinoids, but also the amino acids and terpenes necessary for the full effect. Buy a container of this dab wax, and you get a gram of 30 percent oil, as well as 300mg of pure, organic CBD. Because it’s potent, you can easily get about 20 dabs from the container. 

If you want more info about this brand and its products, you can also check our CBDFx review.

One of the newest products of The CBDistillery is this 80% broad spectrum CBD Wax. It’s a delightful mix of CBD, the well-known cannabinoid, and CBG, a non-psychoactive marijuana compound considered as ‘the primary cannabinoid’ which has a lot of medical effects (antidepressant, painkiller, antibaterial, etc.).

It comes in a tiny container with 1 gram of wax extracted from industrial hemp oil with non-GMO, non-THC and pesticide free. Besides, it has an excellent flavor and a quick effect for those who are looking for a quick natural remedy.

Shatter is a specific kind of CBD wax. Don’t worry; we’ll go through all of them in a sec. For now, let’s talk about the Green Roads brand of shatter, which is not only affordable but which is also unbelievably pure—it’s a 90 percent CBD. It contains nothing but natural flavoring, and it’s so on the level that you can even use it in edibles. Other than that, take your pick between a rig and a vaporizer. You can also check our Green Roads CBD reviews to learn more about the brand.

Green Roads is a favorite because of the potency of the company’s products. On its own, the wax dabs have a strong smell, along with a goopy consistency and a yellow color. It, too, can be used in edibles, but realize that it takes longer to feel the effects when you consume the wax that way—unless you brew yourself a cup of hot, strong tea. The heat helps.

Types of CBD Wax

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One of the main reasons CBD wax is becoming the go-to method is that you instantly experience the effects of the cannabidiol. You use an oil dabbing pen to “smoke” the wax. Dabbing involves applying a small bit of wax to the pen’s coil, which heats up the wax to such an extent that it vaporizes. That’s when you inhale it through the mouthpiece of the dabbing pen.

There are several types of CBD wax that you can use in your vaporizer or rig: shatter; budder; live resin; and crumble. The names are a bit self-explanatory—shatter and crumble, mainly—but it’s worth it to know the finer details of each type so that you can tell your budtender precisely what you want.

All of the following dab options are concentrates. Let’s start there.

CBD Shatter

Shatter, as its name implies, the product appears broken and shattered in its container. To get shatter, you have to extract the CBD oil with chemicals or heat. Doing it in either way causes the oil to harden. It takes on the appearance of clear, amber glass. When you dab it, the shatter turns into a thick liquid. It’s viscous, and more than anything, it resembles a hard honey product.

CBD Budder

Budder requires a special extraction process, as well. The folks who make this type of CBD oil purge the hemp at raging temperatures. They also use air pressure. This method results in a fluffy, waxy substance—a lot like butter, in fact. That’s where the product gets its name, of course. It’s worth mentioning that no matter whether your CBD wax is buttery or broken into bits, the consistency doesn’t have any effect on its strength or potency.

CBD Live Resin

To get live resin, the CBD oil is pulled straight from fresh hemp flowers. The difference is that the plant is freeze-dried, whereas usually, the plans are first air dried, and then cured. The freeze-drying process results in a decidedly different taste. Live resin has its own flavor. It’s distinctly aromatic and has definite floral notes. As for its consistency, it’s pretty gooey, but you generally expect that from a resin.

CBD Crumble

At first glance, CBD crumble resembles shatter, but the two substances aren’t exactly the same. For one thing, it’s not unheard of for a crumble to be up to 99 percent pure CBD. Once again, that comes down to the extraction process. In this case, after a traditional extraction, the budtender leaves the CBD isolate to its own devices, allowing it to set in its own good time. Some tenders use the oven the help along the process, however. In either case, it ultimate attains a waxy consistency that appears to crumble.

Where To Buy CBD Wax?

As the popularity of dabbing CBD grows, so do the number of retailers that shelf the CBD wax it takes to do so. A number of CBD brands have expanded their product lines to include concentrates or wax goods. Which are available for purchase online on their direct web sites, or via online retailers that carry a number of brands. In areas with medical or recreational marijuana legalization, you can often find CBD wax for purchase at dispensaries or compassion centers. Also growing in popularity are specific CBD ‘shops’ or storefronts that have begun to carry CBD wax products, as well.

CBD Wax Effects

As mentioned, the effects of CBD dabs are instantaneous. You can figure out exactly what dosage helps you the most. The ability to fine-tune how much wax you dab also ensures that you can effectively treat yourself at a moment’s notice. Even better, you can dab even if you use additional CBD products. That being said, novices out to get used to the wax before including other products in their regimen. Furthermore, begin with the teeniest bit of wax until you become accustomed to your dabbing pen. From that point, you can up your dosage as much as you need.

With the first hit—and you may only need one—your pain will fade. Expect a mood boost so sudden that it seems magical. Your muscles will relax, your tension will release, and users who have issues related to anxiety will calm down immediately. It’s like a fast-acting, high-grade pharmaceutical, but there are no debilitating side-effects or risks of chemical addiction.

How To Use CBD Wax?

CBD wax is almost as versatile as the benefits you’ll receive from the concentrated product. It has a number of methods for use not just including dabs.

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For a more convenient on-the-go type option, CBD wax can be used in a variety of vape or wax pens. These portable concentrate rigs typically have a chamber or coil to place the CBD wax in. From there, you’ll power up the heating mechanism with either a push of a button or sometimes with the draw of your inhale. You’ll be treated to puffs of highly concentrated CBD at pure levels. Just the same as using THC in the same fashion.

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To add a dab of CBD relief to any smoke session, you can also use CBD wax in your joints or on top of your bowls. Doing so adds an extra boost of CBD in its most potent form to the cannabis you’ve already chosen to smoke. If you plan on amplifying your joint or bowls effects by adding CBD wax - be sure to choose a wax with a proper consistency for sprinkling or distributing to avoid a big sticky mess.

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Lastly, for a blast of CBD benefits, a dab will always do ya. By using your dab concentrate, with the best dab torch, rig, or e-nail, you’ll simply ‘dab’ the CBD wax like you would any THC product. The sudden rush of the potent concentrate provides quick relief and beneficial CBD effects.

Benefits Of Dabbing Wax

Dabbing wax is intense. It’s possible to fit up to five grams of concentrate in a single dab. With CBD wax, that intensity is healing and healthy. It’s more about the medicinal aspect. The immediate relief is unquestionably one of its most significant benefits.

In a world obsessed with vaping, you can also dab your CBD wax on the sly. It’s unlikely that anyone will notice, but bear in mind that some waxes do have an odor. The taste is another point in its favor. Frequent users swear that CBD wax has a taste like red cherries—candied ones, at that.

Like say, you can use CBD wax with other CBD products. You can also use it in conjunction with other forms of medical marijuana. In those cases, dabbing is a perfect alternative to achieve daytime relief. You may not want to experience a THC high while you’re at school or work, or at any other time when you have no desire for grogginess.

Another advantage is, again, your ability to relegate your dosage. As you experiment, you'll discover exactly what works best for your pain or problems. You can dab accordingly without worrying that you've smoked too much—or not enough.

It’s up to you to decide what type of CBD product is most effective at treating your pain, but dabbing the wax is a universal favorite. You can’t beat the convenience of using a dab rig. If you vape, you might even be more accustomed to using a rig. Even if you don’t, a dab pen is worth a try. You also can’t top the streamlined hits you get. Knowing that you don’t have to wait for relief is priceless. No one wants to wait for the pain or anxiety to fade when they’re in the middle of an attack. Play around with the different types of CBD dabs available to see how they affect you and what works best for your lifestyle. You may find that one type hits just right, or that you get stronger effects from another. As with everything related to cannabis, your mileage may vary and everyone is different, so do your homework and create a CBD dabbing experience that works for you. What’s your preferred way to dab?

How To Make CBD Wax?

CBD wax is no different than THC wax, and most products like CBD shatter or budders, take extraction or processing machines to curate the quality goods. But luckily, there are a few simple methods to make a type of CBD wax at home sufficient for dabbing or using in a pen rig. And, that’s rosin. Rosin is a wax form that is 100% solventless. Which means your wax will taste more natural, and also be less risky to make yourself.

To make rosin, you will need CBD in flower form. This could be trim or buds of cannabis with high levels of CBD. Here are the remaining supplies you’ll need and the steps to follow to do so –

  1. Plug in your hair straightener and set to the low or medium heat setting. If your straightener has the ability to choose which temperature it’s set at, select between 250 – 300°F. Let it come fully to heat.
  2. While the straightener is heating, place the CBD flower onto your parchment paper. Don’t exceed the size of the width of your straightener – since you’ll be using the device to ‘press’ the parchment paper next. Also, leave enough paper on both sides of the flower for rosin to collect.
  3. Fold the paper in half, so the top of the parchment paper is covering the flower. Place your straightener over the area of CBD flower and hold down until you hear a sizzle. After 5-10 seconds, remove the straightener from the paper.
  4. Upon opening the paper, you’ll see light green/yellow rosin next to the now crushed weed. With your dabber tool, scrape the rosin off the paper and store it in a container. You can continue these steps until all the oils/rosin are extracted from the flower.

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