tasty buds review

Tasty Buds Review

We’re all very familiar with edibles. Baked goods, candies, drinks – all of these are great products from a variety of excellent producers. But sometimes,

Best Carb Cap Dabbers

5 Best Carb Cap Dabbers

Wax concentrates are exploding in popularity as more cannabis consumers discover dabbing, the art of delicately burning your wax into a thick, flavor-filled vapor. Many

Best Dab Torches

Best Dab Torches

Dabbing is fast becoming the go-to method for consuming cannabis concentrates. It promises the most potent effects of all smoking methods and is incredibly effective.

Weed Scales

Weed Scales

Weed scales are an important part of any grower or cannabis connoisseur’s collection. They are designed to measure out your cannabis products quickly and precisely

Rosin Press all you need to know

Rosin Press: All You Need To Know

In terms of cannabis products, rosin is one of the newest revelations in the concentrates world. Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that does not require

magical butter review

Magical Butter Machine Review

Not everybody enjoys smoking, vaping even less. More and more, people are ditching the toke and turning to edibles instead, both medically and recreationally. Eating


LEVO Oil Infuser Review

The LEVO Oil Infuser is taking the pot world by storm. This popular appliance infuses flavors of all kinds of healthy food, including a variety

our list of favoirte bongs and waterpipes

Best Bongs and Waterpipes 2022

Best Bongs 2022   There is nothing better than getting a fresh new bong or bubbler. Filling it with water for the first time, stuffing