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We’re all very familiar with edibles. Baked goods, candies, drinks – all of these are great products from a variety of excellent producers.

But sometimes, deviating from the norm – albeit risky – can really lead to something great. This is the case with Tasty Buds, a unique company who offers what is arguably one of the most original cannabis-related products on the market.

What is Tasty Buds?

Established in 2018, Tasty Buds is a small business based in British Columbia, Canada. According to their story, the company was founded by “[two] best buds from Vancouver, B.C.”

As the cannabis industry grew and eventually became legal in October of 2018, Tasty Buds set out to offer a new type of product.

Rather than create edibles infused with THC and CBD, Tasty Buds sells products made from top quality chocolate and other “gourmet ingredients,” creating a variety of amazing flavors.

tasty buds what is it

But perhaps the most creative and unique part is that the edibles are designed to look exactly like authentic marijuana buds. Rather than satisfy the need to get high, customers can use Tasty Buds to address the munchies.

Despite the lack of THC or CBD, Tasty Buds is phenomenally successful and is available in hundreds of Canadian niche retail stores, along with many online outlets.

Do you live outside of Canada and still want to get your hands on some Tasty Buds? No problem. The business ships their products worldwide.

Who Makes Tasty Buds Edibles?

Tasty Buds isn’t fond of dealing with a middle-man. Instead, they directly produce their snacks in their own large kitchen. Experts cook, prepare and package the items before sending them out for sale.

Gourmet Chocolate Buds

Tasty Buds chocolate buds are use white chocolate as a base, along with other ingredients to give the products a cannabis-like appearance and consistency.

The products have a cannabis-like aesthetic, coming in clear bags available in half-pound, one pound, 2.5 pound and five pound options.

Canadian Maple Crunch

canadian maple crunch tasty buds

As its name implies, Canadian Maple Crunch takes a classic Canadian flavor based on one of Canada’s most famous commodities. Flavored with maple syrup, maple flakes, maple drops and molasses, these white chocolate treats add hemp hearts and rice crisps for a delightful, crunchy imitation cannabis snack. If you want an option that screams “Canada,” Canadian Maple Crunch is the perfect choice.

Blueberry Yum Yum

tasty buds blueberry yum yum

Blueberry Yum Yum’s name says it all. Sourced right at home from B.C. blueberries, this variety carries a delicious, fruity flavor infused into quality white chocolate. Along with hemp hearts, matcha, rice crisps and a splash of organic lemon oil, Blueberry Yum Yum hooks you in with its blueberry flavor and hammers it home with a crunch. A highly popular flavor, Blueberry Yum Yum is a great option for sharing or giving out as a party favor.

Mint Cookies

min cookies tasty buds

Mint Cookies takes a classic flavor and adapts it perfectly for the Tasty Buds line of products. The mix of white and dark chocolates with Oreo pieces makes for an authentic cookies and cream experience. Organic peppermint oil gives Mint Cookies its nice, minty bite. Combined with rice crisps and hemp hearts to give it a crunchy texture, Mint Cookies is a refreshingly sweet choice for Tasty Buds fans everywhere.

Raspberry Haze

raspberry haze tasty buds

Raspberry Haze combines the tartness of raspberry with an assortment of subtle flavors. Made from white chocolate, dark chocolate and natural freeze-dried raspberries, Raspberry Haze reigns in the sweetness a bit. However, it’s not all tartness. The addition of hazelnut praline and maple flakes helps offset the strong raspberry flavor to give it a subtle sweetness that provides an excellent balance.

Seasonal Specials

Tasty Buds has a great line of products year-round, but they also love to bring out some real gems for the holidays.

Tasty Buds’ Seasonal Specials are available for a limited time, with products and flavors that give their snacks a festive vibe.

Smoking Good S’Mores

smoking good smores tasty buds

A Tasty Buds take on an old classic treat, Smoking Good S’Mores has all the ingredients you’ll find in the staple campfire snack – and more. Each bite brings forth the flavor of white chocolate, rice crisps, toasted marshmallows, chocolate chips, hemp hearts and graham cracker bits.

Holiday Ornaments

tasty buds holiday ornament

Add some life to someone’s stocking or tree with Tasty Buds Holiday Ornaments. These handy, clear plastic balls come with a small amount of their Candy Cane Crunch flavor. Inexpensive and decorated with a shiny ribbon, Tasty Buds Holiday Ornaments will definitely bring attention to your tree – even if it raises a few eyebrows. But don’t worry. As always, their products contain no marijuana, CBD or THC.

Candy Cane Crunch

candy cane tasty buds

Tasty Buds loves to bring out some holiday cheer, but nothing is more festive than their Candy Cane Crunch flavor. Made with quality white chocolate, crunchy rice crisps, hemp hearts and real crushed candy canes, Candy Can Crunch is the perfect finger food for a party or the munchies.

Where To Buy Tasty Buds?

Thankfully, Tasty Buds products are available in 420 stores. Although based in B.C., the company’s snacks are sold in retail outlets in every province, including major cities like Ottawa and Montreal. A complete list of the stores is available on the Tasty Buds website here. You can even enter your address or postal code to quickly locate a store near you.

For those not fortunate enough to be near a store, customers can also buy online directly from the Tasty Buds website.

Alternately, Tasty Buds products are available at several online retailers. Keep in mind, all of these sources are Canadian, so prices will be in Canadian dollars. However, some stores, like Head Candy Smoke Shop, deliver to the U.S.

Some of Tasty Buds’ products are also available on Amazon Canada

Tasty Buds Review: What people think about Tasty Buds?

Innovation is always a gamble, especially when going out on a limb with something as inventive as Tasty Buds. In most cases, such experiments end very well or very badly.

But based on what customers say, Tasty Buds appears to have enjoyed the former outcome. Obviously we can’t speak for every person who tried these snacks, but there’s no doubt they were well-received.

For instance, one Amazon reviewer called them “fun and so good!” They go on to say:

These are so fun to have around with friends and family. They taste amazing too! Blueberry yum yum and Maple Crunch are my fav!

Similarly, the Tasty Buds Facebook page contains almost universally positive reviews, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars (the only complaint being unrelated to the product itself).

For instance, a retailer wrote:

Fantastically whimsical chocolates! Excited to carry them in our store. All flavours are equally delicious, and the price point is ON point! If you havent tried them yet, WHATCHA WAITING FOR!?

Final Thoughts: What We Think About Tasty Buds CBD Products

Initially, it felt odd looking at what appeared to be marijuana, knowing full well that hemp hearts were the snacks’ only connection to cannabis.

The snacks didn’t disappoint. The crunchy consistency was perfect, as was the distinct blueberry and white chocolate flavor. We also can’t help but marvel at the creative way in which they used these ingredients to create the cannabis aesthetic.

Overall, we can’t recommend these enough, either as a casual snack or a solution to the munchies.

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