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Nerds Rope Edibles

I’ve been a nerds aficionado since the tender age of about 8 (when the sugar rush helped me to survive the boredom of my brothers’

VRB Labs: CBD for Sleep

Sleep is, by far, the highest leverage behavior a person can affect to improve performance and well-being. Trouble solving complex problems at work? Get some

is indica a upper or downer

Is Indica an Upper or Downer?

Perhaps you’re looking for a cannabis experience that alleviates your anxiety and helps you sleep better. Or, maybe you are looking for a type of

migraine cbd

Does CBD Help Migraines?

Migraines are the worst.  Whether it’s a pulsing, throbbing pain accompanied with dizziness and nausea or a sharp, shooting pain that has you stopped dead

what is dabbing

The Ins and Outs of Dabbing

The terminology surrounding cannabis use is vast and can be overwhelming.  It seems like someone is always coming up with a new and innovative way

does cbd oil lower blood pressure

Can CBD Lower Blood Pressure?

Do you have high blood pressure or know someone who does? Chances are the answer to that question is yes, since hypertension is a pervasive

thc for pain

THC For Pain: Effects, Benefits and Uses

THC is the primary intoxicant found in the cannabis plant. Its long name is tetrahydrocannabinol, and it’s the molecule responsible for the plant’s psychoactive “high.”


13 Best Stoner Gifts For 420

April 20th is just around the corner, which means it’s about time for the ultimate stoner celebration: 420. We would never want you to get

Weed Tea

Weed Tea: Recipes and Best Brands

Tea leaves and cannabis are two herbs that have been used both medicinally and spiritually for thousands of years, so it’s probably no surprise that

Top 50 Cannabis Websites

Best Marijuana Websites

Top 50 Cannabis Websites 1. LEAFLY Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource. They make the process of finding the right strains and products

Gas Mask Bong

Gas Mask Bong: A Way To Get High

Image source Gas mask bongs, also known as gas mask steamroller or oxygen mask bong, are popular around festivals and among serious cannabis fans (not

Grow Organic Weed

The Ultimate Guide To Growing Organic Weed

While individual states have created mandatory testing requirements for cannabis products, many home growers and cultivators in regions without regulation still rely on pesticides, miticides, herbicides, and chemical nutrients to get the most out of their cannabis crops. We’re going to go through some organic marijuana growing tips to avoid contamination in our plants.

Things To Do If You Overdose on Edibles

What To Do If You Overdose On Edibles

Edibles are amazing. But, if you eat too many of them, you may find yourself in the middle of a very bad time. To help you avoid a miserable experience, here’s what you should do if you overdose on edibles

how to clean a bong

How To Clean A Bong Like a Pro

Image Source You come home after a long, stressful day. You’ve got pain in your back and a major headache. And you’d like nothing more


The Best Cannabis Edibles for 2020

Over the past decade, communities across the globe have changed their minds about cannabis. Though the herb was once unanimously prohibited, more people have access to the psychoactive herb…

Brew marijuana Tea

How To Brew Marijuana Tea

After the announcement of the bill that will stop people from being able to smoke out of flavored cigars, we are going to have be

Make your own pipe

Want to Make Your Own Glass Pipe?

As cannabis slowly approaches full re-legalization, more and more glass blowers keep popping up, but how many of them will actually teach you how to

jetty extracts review

Jetty Extracts Review

We all love our Mary Jane, and we love to take it with us. In this review we will cover Jetty Extracts, a California company

jobs for a stoner

The Top 9 Jobs For A Stoner

Stoners are everywhere whether you like it or not. They are some of you neighbors, co-workers, politicians and friends. They could be at the cubical

HempVAP CBD Oil Vaporizer Pen Review

NAME: HempVAP Brain Dart Vaporizer Pen WEBSITE: http://hempvap.com RATING: A OVERVIEW: If you’re looking for a legal way to ingest CBD (cannabidiol) oil, for medical


How to Make CannaMilk [W/ Pics]

Yesterday I decided to experiment with a whole new thing, CannaMilk. I’ve already cooked up some butter for cupcakes, cookies or brownies, but milk also

water curing your weed

Water Curing Your Weed

This week we’re going to discuss how to cure weed and our favorite way to cure fresh buds in only 7 days using water. And

weed flower

Weed Site Review: LeafedIn.Org

There’s no shortage of new business ventures popping up in the cannabis industry, especially lately with such a promising election coming up, it seems the