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The holidays are just around the corner! Between shopping for loved ones and also bringing the host gifts, it can all become overwhelming. Luckily though, we have got you covered. Below is our guide to creating the perfect weed gift basket for your friend or family member who is a lover of cannabis, or maybe just needs a little something to relax after the chaos of the holidays. This guide can also just help you put together a weed gift basket anytime of year!

Step One: Decide Your Budget

It is always important to start out your shopping by keeping in mind how much you want to spend. With all of the cannabis products and accessories out there, you can easily overspend. Budget’s also allow for you to be super thoughtful about the products you are putting in the cannabis gift basket as well. 

In this first step, you will also want to decide what size basket you would like to fill up. This will allow you to stick to a budget because if you buy a big basket, you will have to fill it. Try to pick something out that is just the right size and will allow you to fill it while staying in your budget.

Step Two: Start With The Classic Favorites

Every cannabis lover has their favorite items for when they are indulging. Stock the basket up with lighters, eye drops, some of their favorite snacks and drinks, etc. These items will act as good filler too if you want to add to the basket without breaking the bank. Putting some of their must have items will let them know that you were really thinking of them too.

Step Three: Pick A Few Holiday Strains

There’s nothing like getting into the holiday spirit than a couple of holiday strains. Here are a couple of our favorites to add to your cannabis gift basket:

Jack Frost Strain – This strain was created by putting White Widow with Northern Lights #5. The name alone adds to the festive vibe and then the feeling of energy and creativity will get you in the mood for gearing up for the holidays. This marijuana strain might just help you get through the holiday stress and the winter blues. 

Candyland – Add this strain of cannabis to your weed gift basket for a relaxing effect. This is a strain that is made of 25 percent indica and 75 percent sativa. And what is even better is that it has a sweet smell, like you guessed it, candy. 

SnowDawg – If you are looking to give an euphoric experience this holiday season, then look on further. SnowDawg is a sativa dominant hybrid that allows for its consumer to feel positive and alive.

Step Four: Don't Forget The Edibles

There’s nothing quite like adding a home baked item to a gift basket, it just adds a nice personal touch. When making our edibles, we always use our Levo Machine to infuse our cookies, gummies, brownies, sauces and more. Not only is it fun to use but it also is a fraction of the cost to make your own and so easy to use. What is also so helpful is that the company offers so many different recipes to try out.

Step Five: Add CBD

Revitalizing CBD Soaking Salts– With 300 MG CBD, these soaking salts from Vena smell like eucalyptus and are perfect for anyone who needs to relax their muscles and calm their skin. 

Full Spectrum CBD + THC Oil– Choose between Citrus or Mint Chocolate for this high quality CBD + THC oil from the company, Five. This product is filled with all the good stuff – CBD, THC, CBN, and more helpful cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s been known to give pain relief and calm the senses. 

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules – Nuleaf Naturals CBD capsules are another great option for your weed gift basket. These capsules are made with organic cannabinoids to ensure a safe and regulated product, which are created in the USA. The soft gels make it easy to consume and the results have been shown to improve aches and pains.

Step Six: Accessorize Your Weed Gift Basket

Add a new stash bag or glass stash jar to the basket, both items that are sure to please your friend or family member. Or maybe throw in a new bong or glass bowl!

No Hassle Weed Gift Basket

If you would much rather just order a marijuana themed gift basket rather than put one together, there are awesome subscription companies that will ship out baskets to your family or friends. 

Our favorite would have to be from Daily High Club. They offer three different options at three different price points so there is an option for any budget. These boxes include things like rolling papers, lighters, bong mats, glass bowls, assorted stickers and more. 

If you followed the steps, this guide should help you to create the perfect weed gift basket! Just throw in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Let us know in the comments how yours turned out and how your loved ones reacted.

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