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24K Gold Rolling Papers
$ 12
Starting at
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  • 24k Edible Gold Papers
  • Premium Gold Material
  • Multiple different options from blunts to joints

Name/Type: 24K Gold Blunt Wraps & 24K Gold Rolling Papers by Shine Papers

Rating: 4/5


So we got this cool quality gift package from Shine Papers sent to us a few weeks ago. It included a few different versions of their papers. This review is specifically about the 24K Gold Blunt Wraps & 24K Gold Rolling Papers but I would highly encourage you to check out other stuff like their cones and “The Benjamins” tattooed blunts.

So let’s get down to it. These are quality papers and blunts made of edible gold. When I first heard about these I wondered if this was something that it is safe to smoke but I’ve been assured that it has been tested.

Why are Shine Gold Papers Unique?

At first glance, Shine Gold Rolling Papers are an exceptional quality piece of paper. This paper is edible with gold hemp. This sheet has a gold-plated surface and is much lighter than its competitors’ sheets. The appearance of cannabis can only attract attention from everyone. The gold sheets are beautiful and they truly reflect the high-gloss appearance of the Shine products. It’s also good for smokers because the paper has a unique paper structure with slow-burning inside. Shine paper stays lit longer than standard roll paper.

What are Shine Rolling Papers?

Shine rolling paper features 24k gold sheets on the exterior. Shine papers are among the earliest joint papers that feature 24k gold wrappers and have become popular papers by celebrities who want to look nice when they smoke the joint. The gold paper burns quicker than other joint paper and offers a softer texture that makes them an enjoyable smoking experience.

Best if you don’t know how to roll a joint: Shine Gold Cone with 24K Gold

This Shine Queen-sized 24K gold prerolled cone stands out because they are similar to the gold rolling sheet mentioned above but you do not even need to roll joints. So even novice joint rollers are allowed to enjoy a luxurious gold-colored joint — or pose for a beautiful Instagram picture. Can you do this without throwing the bones? I don’t have any problems. It’s essentially error-proof. Use a grinder and mix the cannabis together to get the best results. This cone is an ice cream cone. You cannot skip if you packed cones. Fill the cup then twist the ends.

Shine Papers: About the Company

Shine Papers headquarters are in Charleston, South Carolina, and has another branch in Las Vegas. Shine is known worldwide for its celebrity endorsements, social media advertising, and lucrative partnerships. Shine Paper was founded by Shine Paper in March 2013. His current owner is Dave Brown. Several of them were friends who were smoking a Black Tie Cigar wrapped in gold.

Celebrities and Shine Papers

Rapper Tyga, Creative Director for Shine products 24 KT gold roll papers is a renowned hip hop artist devoted to using Shine Papers to promote ballers. It’s logical if one considers how prevalent smoking weed is among the specific music communities as is the expensive bottle of champagne. These items represent a symbol of prestige. In a recent episode of GQ titled Most Expensive Shit 2 Chainz used Shines 24k gold roll paper for a cannabis session. In November 2014 rap artist Tyga invested in Shine 24K Gold brands and subsequently became Creative Director for Rolling Papers.

Where to Buy:

You can purchase Shine Gold Rolling Papers and blunts online from a variety of retailers, including Smoke Cartel.

Overall Thoughts

The Papers were awesome. Very smooth. If you can roll a joint, you can roll these.

I didn’t really like the gold blunts so much. Felt like they just took a wrap and places gold on it. I would say the papers felt more like they were made with the gold itself.


Shine 24k gold rolling papers I would recommend these for special occasions, parties or for someone who wants to impress for a one-time meeting or something along those lines. I couldn’t see myself smoking these every day and with a bit of a hefty price tag for papers, they are definitely geared towards luxury life smokers. Have a sesh with a high-profile rapper? These are for you! There is a time and a place for everything so use these when you want to impress.

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