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1. Roll a joint of only kief

kief joint

2. Put that joint of kief in the middle of a bigger joint/blunt of weed

kief blunt

3. Roll Up!

For those who want to get crazier do these 3 things below.

A. Get more kief

kief on a joint

B. Roll your kief blunt/joint in more kief

kief joint 1

C. Roll that up.

kief joint 2

4. Inspect the joint/blunt

pure kief joint

keef joint

5. Get higher

get higher

I’ve always shied away from putting kief in joints and pure kief joints. They never seem to burn very well. That is until now. I have to try this as soon as I get my kief up. A special thanks to Loughery219 for the pictures and Reddit.

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