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It’s widely known that sometimes, smoking weed or consuming THC can make you sleepy. In fact, the sedating and mellowing qualities of the plant are the main reason; many consumers even use it. As we learn more about the benefits of THC effects, the findings are being put to good use, like harnessing THC’s powers for sleep, more holistically and medically. Especially considering the National Sleep Foundation estimates, 50 to 70 million US adults suffer from symptoms of a sleep disorder.

How does THC work for sleeping issues, and what is the best CBD THC ratio for sleep, overall? Keep reading for our in-depth guide on everything you need to know about cannabis for sleeping soundly.

THC For Sleep: How Does It Work?

Any study on cannabis typically involves two of the essential cannabinoids. CBD and THC. Because they each have their unique effects, one can be more beneficial for certain symptoms than others. From early research, it’s showing that THC for sleep, reigns supreme. This, for one, comes from the fact that THC is a natural sleep inducer at varying doses.

Many sleep issues stem from the simple act of falling asleep, which sleep-inducing qualities would obviously help. A 2011 study showed positive results for THC proving its sleep-promoting effect. Not only did the results show THC helped participants with sleep issues fall asleep faster, but also helped those who don’t have issues falling asleep usually, too. But, how quickly can THC work? Whether strong sleepers, or light sleepers, those who participated fell asleep under 30 minutes, and even in less than 15 minutes.

thc for sleep how does it work
thc for sleep ratio

Beyond THC, research is showing that a number of terpenes found in cannabis can promote restful sleep, too. Terpenes are the aromatic centers of the plant that provide each strain’s unique scent. They also deliver their effects, which are amplified when combined with THC or other cannabinoids. The most common terpenes in cannabis that promote sleep include –

Best THC For Sleep

With the abundance of products available on the market today, it can be hard to decipher, which is best for sleeping purposes. To help, we’ve compiled our top list of specially formulated THC goods that are best for inducing sleep.

THC Insomnia Edibles

THC candy or THC infused edibles are a popular choice for bedtime routines. Edibles are typically much more potent and provide stronger effects to knock out insomnia symptoms that are usually quite strong themselves. Whether you choose to drink or eat your THC for sleep, here are our favorite goods to turn to when turning down.

atlas instant tea thc for sleep

ATLAS EDIBLES Sleep Instant Tea

Atlas Edibles is an up and coming brand that promotes optimal health and wellness through carefully crafted cannabis-infused edibles. So it's no surprise, their Sleep Instant Tea is one of our fav's. Besides, who doesn't love a cup of hot tea before hitting the pillow? The tea combines THC with CBN, and CBD, two additional cannabinoids that add to relaxing effects. To add, the brand also infuses its blend with the natural herbs chamomile and mint.

plus cannabis infused thc for sleep gummies

Unwind Concord Grape PLUS Gummies

Like a hot cup of tea...there's nothing like a sweet treat before hitting the sheets, too. Unwind Concord Grape PLUS gummies deliver just that. Their robust concord grape flavor comes with relaxing and tranquil vibes, ideal for pre-bedtime routines. The gummies boast a perfect ratio of 4.5 MG of THC to 1.5 MG of CBD each, ultimately promoting a comforting and mellowing effect that may help fall asleep.

THC Oil For Sleep

THC vape pen products are increasingly growing in popularity now that safety concerns over the products have been dispelled. From THC Juul pods to individual and disposable pens, brands are formulating specific blends to deliver the utmost in relaxation for nighttime use. After reviewing the plethora of vape products now available on the market today, the following goods were the best-reviewed for effectiveness and taste, too.

thc for sleep dosist

Sleep 100 doses

The Dosist sleep 100 doses disposable vape pen is as handy as it is effective in providing relaxation. The THC oil contains an 8:1 ratio of THC: CBD recommended through studies to help promote falling asleep faster. The product is also said to help you stay asleep more naturally. The pen is appropriately named '100' due to the number of doses it delivers and requires no battery or charger adding to its convenience. Altogether, the 100 doses Sleep pen contains 69% THC and 9% CBD lending to abundantly satisfactory Dosist sleep reviews.

heavyhitters thc for sleep vape pen

Cherry Lime Heavy Hitters THC Vape Pen

You know, with a brand name like 'Heavy Hitters,' you're getting a high potency product, which is ideal for the high levels of THC that are helpful in mellow and calm vibes at night. You'll crave the cherry lime flavor of this vape pen cart packed with beneficial terpenes for relaxing and unwinding. The Heavy Hitters Vape Pen also packs a punch in THC, with 85% of the cannabinoid.

goldrop thc for sleep vape pen

Gold Drop 24K THC Vape Pen

The Gold Drop vape pen is 24K magic for unwinding as you'd expect from anything' gold.' The sleek all-in-one battery and vape cart duo is convenient to use and delivers potency levels needed for ultimate relaxation. The .25 g pen may be small but is mighty with nearly 85% THC. The hybrid strain is slightly Indica dominant, meaning it can provide mellowing effects for unwinding, pre-bedtime, and helps relieve stress.

Sol Berry

You may find yourself dreaming about the Leune Sol Berry all-in-one vaporizer and its pungently delicious flavor. The well-balanced hybrid THC oil is sweet with strawberry aroma and hints of tart rhubarb for a refreshing and crave-worthy taste. Leune produces one of the most popular disposable vape pens on the market today and is found highly effective with its potency. The pen contains around 83% THC and delivers smooth and consistent hits with its premium-made product.

THC Tincture For Sleep

Last, but not least is our top THC tincture for sleep. THC tinctures are a unique consumption method used by those who want to avoid traditional methods like smoking or vaping. In addition, to avoiding long durations of effects from edibles. The Sublingual method mixes the best of both worlds, with quick onset times, yet lengthened periods of relief that could be ideal for sleeping rituals.

ritual nighttime thc for sleep

Ritual Nighttime

Speaking of rituals...our top THC tincture for sleep is none other than Ritual Nighttime from Elite Extracts. The Elite brand is award-winning for its THC goods, and after trying their tincture, you can quickly understand why. The tincture boasts an ideal ratio of CBD: THC at 240 MG of THC and 60 MG of CBD. The blend was specifically formulated to promote ultra-relaxing benefits for the body and mind, perfect for nighttime use. Hence, its name and additional ingredients like lavender that adds to the tincture's mellowing effects.

THC For Insomnia: How To Use It?

Consumption method and timing for using THC for insomnia are key, due to meeting targeted bedtimes and avoiding grogginess in the AM. So learning how to use THC and knowing the varying method’s onset effect times, is essential. Next, we’ll cover the best CBD: THC ratio for sleep and when to consume to get the most out of THC’s sedating effects.

When To Take THC For Insomnia?

Generally, it’s recommended to consume THC just 1 hour before your standard or set bedtime. But due to the varying effect onset times of different consumption methods, and personal tolerance, you may want to adjust to your own experience. Keep in mind the following times and durations, when using THC for insomnia or other sleeping issues –

THC Edibles (swallowed/digested)

  • Takes 45 minutes – 2 hours for effects to be felt.
  • Effects last anywhere from 4-8 hours, depending on the dose.

THC Oil (inhaled)

  • Effects are usually felt immediately but may take a few minutes to set in fully.
  • The effects last for 1-3 hours.

THC Tinctures (sublingually)

  • Takes 15-30 minutes for effects to be felt.
  • The effects last for 2-3 hours.

Best CBD THC Ratio For Sleep

To know what the best THC products or strains are for sleep, you must understand the best CBD THC ratio for sleep promotion. Because THC is much higher in sedating effects, any high THC low CBD ratio will generally do the trick. The most recommended ratio is 5:1, but some products produce success at 3:1, 10:1, etc. As long as THC levels are higher than CBD, feeling sedated is typically inevitable.

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