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Sleep disorders are an incredibly common problem around the world, with 40-60 million people in the United States alone suffering from some sort of chronic or short-term sleep disorder. Sleep problems like insomnia or chronic drowsiness can come on as a result of depression, anxiety, a stressful lifestyle, or as a symptom of a larger illness that causes excessive strain on the body.

In many cases it can be a challenge to pinpoint the exact cause of someone’s sleep problems, which can make it difficult to properly diagnose and properly treat with medication. Even if a sleep disorder is treatable with medication, many people dislike the side effects. Ambien is a great example of this. For this reason, natural remedies like CBD oil are becoming a popular option for people desperate for a good night of sleep without worrying they will sleep walk or drive and wake up in the hospital.

How CBD Oil Helps You Sleep

There are many ways that CBD is reported to help the body, from pain and inflammation relief to help with depression and anxiety and, as a result, helping you get a better night of sleep. While the research on CBD oil and its many effects on the body is still in its early stages, what we do know so far is promising in terms of wellness from a preventive and natural standpoint. When CBD oil is ingested, it is absorbed both sublingually through the delicate vessels of the mouth, and through the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Unlike its partner-in-crime THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects so it will not get you high. Instead, CBD acts on different receptors in the endocannabinoid system that help with calming pain and inflammation throughout the body, relieving stress and anxiety, and thus helping you relax and drift off into a restful night of sleep. CBD acts as a modulator on CB2 receptors, which are often weakened or depleted as a result of many kinds of human diseases and conditions. Boosting the effects of these receptors is helpful in mitigating the painful or stressful symptoms of disease that can affect your quality of life. This study found potential in CBD as a wake-inducing agent and viable management for several health conditions, particularly psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders that can affect sleep quality. If you suffer from other conditions that make falling or staying asleep a struggle, CBD may help you achieve a fuller sense of calm and stability that takes away the distractions of other symptoms and lets you fall asleep with ease.

8 Best CBD Oils For Sleep And Insomnia

Finding a quality CBD oil for sleep can be a challenge in an unregulated market that has no FDA or regulation requirements. Unfortunately it’s easy for money-hungry entrepreneurs to cut corners and market their oils as pure and organic when they’re really made with plants sprayed with pesticides or have not been lab-tested for potency and purity. Through our research and experience in the cannabis industry, we recommend and trust these brands if you’re looking for a quality CBD oil for sleep and insomnia.


$ 69
  • 15% OFF: HailMJ
  • 300, 1000, 2000 and 4000mg Of CBD

Hemp Bombs is a leading brand in the CBD edibles game, and their bottled CBD oil contains the highest dosage of CBD out of any of their products. They use a solvent-free CO2 extraction process to produce a quality oil from organic European hemp, which is then put through lab testing to verify cannabinoid levels and ensure it’s free of THC.

Hemp Bomb CBD oil is available in 300, 1000, 2000, and 4000 mg bottles, so you can start with a smaller amount to see how the brand works for you. Each serving contains about 5 mg of CBD and is THC-free, so you don’t have to worry about failing a drug test. If you hate the earthy taste of cannabis leaves, Hemp Bombs understands and has crafted their oils in delicious watermelon and peppermint natural flavors.

Curious to hear what their customers think? Hemp Bombs has plenty of customer reviews right on their website so you can see what others have to say about their products.


$ 69
  • 15% OFF: HailMJ
  • Full-Spectrum CBD
  • Sublingual Use

CBD FX’s hemp oil tinctures are blended with a potent dose of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil extracted from organically grown cannabis along with wholesome MCT oil for a healthy dose of cannabinoids. All of their products are lab tested for potency, purity, and quality – you can view their hemp oil lab tests here. What’s nice about CBD FX is that their website is filled with reviews by new and loyal customers, so you can read through to see what kind of relief they’ve found with what products. Customers love the hemp oil tincture for joint pain, relaxation, and to help get a good night of sleep. If pain is one of the problems that keeps you up at night, this oil is a great place to start.


$ 69
  • 15% OFF: HailMJ
  • 500mg of CBD per Bottle

The American brand CBDmd has just released a new product made as a sleep-aid for those who suffer from insomnia, anxiety or any sleeping disorder. This CBD product is a powerful combination of 500mg of Broad Spectrum CBD oil, melatonin (a hormone produced by the pineal gland which regulates your sleeping time telling your body when it’s time to sleep and wake up) and other herbal remedies. Besides, and like every CBDmd product, it’s made with organic CBD grown in the US with non-GMO, gluten-free and THC-Free.

Based on the CBDmd reviews of this product, the only thing you have to do to feel its effects is to take the product 30 minutes before bed and make sure that you have at least 6 hours to sleep because it’s a potent blend! As a piece of advice, if you don’t know your CBD doses, start with 10-15mg and adjust it if you feel more or fewer effects.

As a tincture, you can take it mixing it with food or drinks or as a sublingual oil (it has a mint flavor.)


$ 69
Starting at
  • 15% OFF: HailMJ
  • 300 to 5000mg of CBD per Bottle

CBDmd Oil Tincture is a full-spectrum hemp oil extracted with a method called “hybrid broad-spectrum”. With this method, the tincture preserves all the terpenes, amino acids, molecules and essential oils of the plant, making it a complete hemp product with high-purity levels.

Like every product of this American brand, the CBDmd Oil Tincture is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and 100% organic with only 0,3% of THC. It comes in a variety of flavors, sizes, and potencies to fit every customer looking for the ‘perfect product’.

The recommended dose is, to begin with, 10-15mg of CBD mixed with food or under the tongue and adjust it if you feel more or fewer effects.


$ 69
  • 30 Capsules
  • 50mg Of CBD Per Capsule

Select CBD and Lenitiv– the brand founded by the wellness advocate Montel Williams- have launched a new line of CBD products to help you sleep tight.

Even though this product isn’t CBD oil as we all think it is, cannabis capsules are made with infused oil, so it’s only another way to consume it. Lenitiv gel capsules are produced with only natural ingredients,  containing: Hemp Extract, Coconut Oil, Terpenes, Gelatin, Glycerin, and Water.

Relax Lenitiv are 100% hemp-derived capsules with no THC, they come in a 30-days package with 50mg of CBD each capsule. But, what makes them different from the others? Its main difference is that they are formulated with terpenes as Limonene which help you to manage anxiety, mood, and insomnia. It’s recommended to take one capsule every day before sleep.


$ 69
  • 1000mg of CBD
  • 3 Flavors Available

Another Select CBD product that worths it is its Select Drops: a line of CBD tincture to help you go through the day.

These 30ml bottles come with 1000mg of CBD and an easy drop applicator for ensuring an exact dosing. There are 3 flavors available: lavender, lemon ginger, and peppermint; but if you want to mix it with food or drink, you can purchase the unflavored version.

All of them are perfect to relax, but if you want to de-stress yourself with a calming solution, the best tincture of this line is the CBD oil blended with Lavender essential oil. It contains lavender, chamomile and passion flower which have antiseptic and relaxation properties.

As a tincture, you can consume it orally or topically on your skin, but if you have any doubt about these products or the brand, you can find all the info in our select CBD review.


$ 69
  • Full-Spectrum CBD-Rich
  • D-Limonene and Linalool

CBD Drip’s Ecodrops Dream is a full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil that contains all of the plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, lipids, and compounds for full CBD and plant power in every drop. Their supercritical CO2 extraction method requires no solvents and each product is lab tested for quality assurance so you know you’re getting a trustworthy product with every purchase.

What sets this product apart from others is that this product does not end at extraction. Once the raw extract is derived from the plant, the oil is mixed with a proprietary blend of terpenes, including D-Limonene and Linalool, that have been engineered and combined for maximum relaxation and sleep-inducing effects. This is what sets the Ecodrops dream product apart from a standard oil and turns it into a product designed specifically for sleep (you can learn more about it in our CBD Drip reviews). The recommended dose is 3-10 drops on or under the tongue, as needed.


$ 69
  • Vanilla Flavor
  • 500, 1000 and 1500mg Of CBD

If you dislike the raw, earthy taste of most CBD and plant-based oils, this is a great option for you. PureKana Vanilla CBD Oil has a subtle vanilla flavor made with natural vanilla beans, ideal for those who find the most relief from oil but dislike the taste. The organic, non-GMO, pesticide and solvent-free oil is made with less than .02% THC and is lab tested to ensure safety and potency in every bottle. Available in 500 mg, 1000 mg, or 1500 mg bottles so you can stock up as needed or try a small amount before investing in a large quantity. If you really like to medicate and add it to your food, use a couple drops of Pure Kana vanilla oil along with your vanilla extract next time you’re baking something. There is also a plain option if you prefer to stick to the classics, and a mint option if you prefer a flavor that is more awakening.


$ 69
  • Spectrum CBD Oil
  • 100, 250, 350, 1000 and 1500mg Of CBD

Green Roads 550mg CBD oil was developed by a pharmacist of 20+ years and is made with a vegetable glycerin base that is infused with pharmaceutical-grade broad spectrum CBD oil.

Each serving contains 18 mg of CBD, so it’s a higher concentration than your average oil. This high concentration makes Green Roads CBD oil a great option if you deal with chronic pain that affects your sleep, and (based on the Green Roads reviews we found online) it’s also very effective if you’re experienced with CBD oil but want to kick your dose up another notch . Also available in 100, 250, 350, 1000, and 1500 mg bottles.

CBD Oil Dosage For Sleep And Insomnia

As with every cannabis product, the exact dose you will need in order to relieve insomnia and get a good night of sleep will vary depending on multiple factors like your experience with cannabis and CBD, your tolerance level, weight, metabolism, when you last ate, and your existing endocannabinoid deficiencies.

What’s interesting about CBD oil is that it works as a modulator on CB2 receptors within the endocannabinoid system by boosting their signals and improving the quality of messages running throughout your brain and nervous system. If your endocannabinoid system has any deficiencies, cannabinoids can help to rebuild and strengthen it, which is what leads to health benefits like relief from pain and insomnia. Changes in the endocannabinoid system and receptor levels has been reported in nearly all diseases affecting humans including heart, gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, psychiatric, bone, and skin disorders. Needless to say, it’s important to take your endocannabinoid levels seriously and a quality CBD oil product can help with that.

Each product on this list comes with dosing suggestions, but these are still only suggestions and it will likely take some trial and error to figure out the perfect amount for you that’s not wasting precious oil. Check out the reviews of each product where customers often share their dose and what they use it for. The standard dose for an oil is typically somewhere between 2 and 20 drops depending on the potency of the product and what you’re looking to achieve.

We hope this helps you on your quest to find a quality CBD oil that will help you get a good night of rest, regardless of what’s keeping you up at night. We’re sure that once you find the right product, your quality of life will improve and you will wake up feeling properly restored and energized.

What kind of cannabis products do you use to fall asleep?

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