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Cannabis is expensive, no denying it. If you live in a state that has yet to legalize it, or are trying to save money, then the abundance of free pot samples online gives you access to a comprehensive medical marijuana menu all its own. This is the best way to get free pot of any quality, unless you have a friend or two with green fingers. If not, the sheer number of online samples should keep you busy enough.

There are potent Sativas, Indicas, and hybrids galore. You can find buds, concentrates, and edibles, whatever you prefer. Pre-rolls, vaping cartridges, you name it, even Thai sticks. There is no shortage of samples on offer. You could collect them all. Experiment yourself. Share with friends. Invite guests over for buzzing dinners. Most of all, you can still treat most health problems, even if you cannot afford it.

Free Marijuana Sample

Giving out free product samples is an old, highly effective marketing tactic. People naturally want to know what they are buying and like to try it before spending their hard-earned cash. In the cannabis industry, as in other commodity sectors, companies offer free marijuana samples to prospective customers. The goal is to promote their strains, oils, and other products, ultimately tempting folks to buy more.

When companies introduce new products into the market, they have to get the word out or nobody will know. This is where advertising comes into play, of which free samples are but one tactic of many. Since strict laws govern cannabis marketing, companies have few ways to promote their brand and products. There are so many rules to comply with that marketing becomes an almighty challenge for them.

For example, according to California Legislature, all cannabis advertising must clearly and accurately identify the licensee responsible for the content with his or her license number. One cannot advertise on radio, billboards, TV, broadcast, or digital platforms unless more than 70 percent of the audience is 21-years or older. These laws are similar in other legal states, if not identical. What is a company to do?

free samples thc oil

Are Free Weed Samples Legal?

Free legal weed samples are a bit of a myth. They are not legal. Not really anyway. As the California Cannabis Portal explains, companies cannot give weed, related products, or related accessories away to anyone, especially if doing so to promote their business, event or other commercial activity. This, of course, comes with a few exceptions, but the law strictly prohibits marijuana freebies. Period.

In the recent past, consumers could sniff and inspect products at a dispensary, only under the watchful gaze of an employee. Now, with the latest regulations, dispensaries must throw all cannabis away that is not in its original, tamper evident, child-resistant packaging. They certainly cannot give it away to others, let alone as free pot samples. Despite this, it is still possible to get samples if you go online instead.

How to Get Free Weed Samples by Mail

The Internet offers a myriad of opportunities to get free legal weed samples, but not all of them are actually legal. For example, it is illegal to send cannabis across state lines, even if weed delivery is legal in the state you order it and you pay top dollar. Despite this, some regulatory loopholes exist that enable companies to send samples to those who want them, if they are brave enough, that is.

Mailing weed is increasing in popularity particularly in the cannabis industry, and especially in states that have yet to legalize. Canada, which opened its legal market in October 2018, expressly uses a system of mail delivery. The United States, when it finally legalizes at the national level, will likely adopt a similar model. Certainly, many companies are happy to send free weed samples by mail already, as risky as it is.

Some websites offer legal free weed samples in the way of coupons. Coupons for Weed is very popular, despite still being very new to the cannabis scene. It provides coupons from the best dispensaries and collectives in all legalized states. There are 10 categories to choose from, including free shatter, free weed, free joints, free edibles, free oil, and others. There are many more coupon sites like it.

If you choose coupons to get your free cannabis samples, then you will have to read the fine print on the coupon itself. It may have an expiry date, specific terms and conditions, or validity for a certain product or supplier exclusively. Simply click on the coupons you want, copy the codes into a safe file, and then paste them into the relevant box on the websites of companies that accept them. It really is as easy that.

Weed Freebies is another favorite. This large 420 network gives away free cannabis to all and sundry, provided they reside in California. This website gives a new product away every day, uploading them at exactly 11:20am and 4:20pm like clockwork. You have to register and play to win. You get five chances to win, but you must be the 420th person to tap the button for every morning and afternoon game.

You could also request free marijuana samples from some companies directly. Marijuana Stocks allows you to do this, sending free samples via ground shipping to those who ask for them. Your sample will arrive in the mail within its specified timeframe. All you need to do is snap a picture or two of yourself with the sample when you get it and review its taste, effects, potency, aesthetic appeal, and more.

And what about those who live in a state where cannabis is still illegal? How to get free weed samples in that case? The best way to do it is going to cannabis events. Cannabis events are another place to find free samples, but keep in mind that not all of them give away weed. Event organizers need to acquire permission from authorities beforehand to pass samples around the place, usually granted with ease if the event caters to adults 21-years or older and not children. This is a very good way to acquire several samples at one time, since coupons, games, and direct sample requests limit freebies to one.

Free THC Oil Samples

Let’s recap: weed can’t be given away, dispensaries aren’t allowed to give freebies and you can’t either receive marijuana by email. So, what’s the deal to get free thc oil samples? 

Well, as we said before, you have some options like looking for free thc oil coupons, visit Weed Freebies and Marijuana Stocks or go to every event near you to try and get those free thc oils. But, if none of those options is viable for you, we have some other for medical marijuana consumers.

For example, if you live in Berkeley (California) and you’re a medical marijuana patient with no resources to get your dose, you’ll be able to receive free weed. Going to a dispensary as a low-income resident, you will be able to get high-quality medical marijuana for free.

If you aren’t a Berkeley resident but you live in California you can also request cannabis in Weed For Good website. This organization works with hospitals, NGOs and health facilities to provide weed for those suffering.

Although, these are not the only free weed programs where you can get free thc oil samples. You can also visit: Rainy Day Foundation (Florida), Oregon Health Authority, Sanctuary Alternative Treatment Center (New Hampshire), Cheers to Goodness Foundation or Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program.

Free CBD Samples

Truly free legal weed samples can prove difficult to find in some states, but this is not true of cannabidiol, or CBD, products like CBD muscle rubs.

Free CBD samples are abundantly available since CBD is now legal across the United States. All of us have seen multiple times those pop-ups claiming that you can get free CBD oil samples directly to your home, however, this is on condition that the product itself is a CBN isolate, or does not contain more than .03 percent tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive compound that makes consumers “high.”

free samples cbd

However, there are many regulations involved. To be legal, CBD samples must derive from hemp, since hemp contains less than .03 percent THC and cannot possibly make anybody stoned. If it derives from marijuana, then it must go through an extraction process that eliminates THC from the concentrate, and it must have independent laboratory results to prove it.

In some cases, acquiring free CBD samples is as easy as requesting them directly from companies supplying it. CBD products mostly sell in cannabis dispensaries, so if you live in a state that does not have any, you will need to find a local supplier, request samples directly, visit coupon sites, or get friends to pick up samples for you in legal states and send them to your home address in the mail.

Free Samples: CBD Oil Free Shipping and Handling

Most companies ship CBD products free across the country, provided you spend a certain amount or more. If you search hard enough, no need to look too far, you will find companies willing to ship to you without charge, even if you do not buy anything and only request a sample. There are free CBD giveaways galore online that will not cost you anything. You only need look in the right place.

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  1. Ray Trahan

    Oklahoma just passed medical marijuana!!!! Great day to be alive!!!!

  2. robert cagiva

    still illegal in Indonesia until end of the day…

  3. robert cagiva

    still illegal in Indonesia until end of the day…

  4. Dinho

    Weed is the best

  5. Dinho

    Legal in Massachusetts feels so great to be alive

  6. Arianna

    Hello I’m from Texas and I have a hard time getting product so I’m looking for a good website I can use as an alternate way. I love smoking! It’s definitely a life savor if your suffer from something life throws at you.

    Thanks Arianna

  7. Barbara Mills

    I,m 80 yr.old ,have my FL med.card but can,t afford to buy my weed ,790 a mo. to live on.My rent alone is 750 .How can I get free samples ,????

  8. Kb

    North carolina still illegal :(

  9. Carrie

    What about in Maine???…

  10. Riley

    Id really love to test your product in a every day user in country there isnt these kinda places we just got legal with marijauna

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    I need it

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    Your stuff looks beautiful really would like to try it very very bad

  13. Brian Willson

    Im on SSI and make $740.00 a month and my rent is $740.00 a month ,so how can I get free marijuana samples by mail ?

  14. Emmanuel

    If everybody smokes they cant take us all to prison the more the merrier

  15. Allen

    Ever since I was a little kid my grandfather used to grow me a couple plants in his garden he told me it’s a hell of a lot better than drinking and he would prefer me to smoke weed then drink alcohol and getting a crash and kill somebody or cause problems with the family and alcohol is it’s nothing but problems marijuana there is nothing wrong with it it calms you down it keeps you down to earth and the people who despises it all they have to do is just try it just a little bit just one Puff don’t start real heavy and I guarantee they would say hey I’m not drinking that wine no more

  16. Vivian Maclean

    I am 65 and just started this for pain. Dont know which kind to take want to try samples

  17. rikki Wallace

    Yes hi my name is Rikki Wallace. In a 39 white female with MS and I was wanting to get a free gram of Flower if I could please? Thank you

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