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According to U.S. News & World Report, from October 2015 to October 2016, the number of packages containing weed or weed products rose by over 18 percent over the previous two time periods (October 2014-15 and October 2013-14).

Shipping weed and the punishment! through the mail is a federal crime – even though half the states in the country have legalized marijuana in some form.

Although data is still being collected and analyzed, two of the reasons for this increase are thought to be the following:

This rise comes despite the 4% decrease in the number of arrests for mailing controlled substances overall.

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The Risks of Mailing Weed - Can You Mail Weed?

send marijuana

Although shipping marijuana is a great way to share and distribute weed, and people do it every day without consequence, it is very stressful because you’re playing with fire.

The only way to completely avoid trouble is not shipping weed at all – and if you do, don’t mail more than 28 grams (one ounce) because any punishment rises significantly at that point.

Under the Controlled Substances Act, cannabis marijuana is still mysteriously considered a Schedule I drug, which, according to the United States government, means it has great potential for being abused; it also means that it’s not accepted as medicine. Trafficking a Schedule I drug can result in prison time if more than 28 grams is shipped. Shipping weed of more than 50 grams means any sentence will worsen dramatically.

If you do insist on shipping marijuana, it’s good to possess a valid medical marijuana card that allows for the possession, transport, and consumption of medical marijuana. However, be aware that this is not always bulletproof.

Let’s take a look at some of the risks:

Mailing Marijuana – Does It Matter Where I Ship Marijuana?

Yes and no. So let’s take a look at specifics:

Mailing Weed Over State Lines

If marijuana is shipped over state lines, it is ruled to be interstate commerce, which means it falls under the jurisdiction of the DEA and the feds. This magnifies the seriousness of any charges you’re subject to.

We strongly recommend not shipping marijuana over state lines.

Mailing Marijuana From One Legal State to Another

The answer is: DON’T DO IT. It’s illegal, although half of the remaining states had legalized weed, it’s considered ‘to be interstate trafficking.’

Sending marijuana is always under the Controlled Substances Act (law signed into law in 1970 by the former president Richard Nixon) marijuana is considered as a Schedule 1 drug ‘those with currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.’ So, yes, even sending a small amount from one legal state to another, it’s not worth breaking a federal law!

Mailing Instate - The Best Way To Mail Weed

If you want to increase your chances of mailing weed safely, keep it in state. This is, by far, the best way to mail weed.

Still, ship it properly to avoid unwanted detection and hassle.

In fact, many law enforcement officials are on record saying that they don’t want to waste time on trivial marijuana cases, so if you do ship weed, wrap it and package it well.

Mailing Weed Internationally

If we have problems sending marijuana between legal states, imagine shipping it internationally… First of all: it has to go through customs. Your weed will be a lot of x-rayed when it arrives at the country and if you get caught, the law is even worse when you send drugs internationally. So, we don’t recommend this, AT ALL.

The Real World

As you know, however, this is the real world, not a fantasy. That means mailing weed safely is not guaranteed despite any precautions you take.

It also means that the Feds don’t always abide by the Constitution or respect states’ laws and/or individual rights when it comes to shipping weed. Raids still happen and having packages seized is still common, which could result in various types of trouble, such as arrest at gunpoint or the freezing of bank accounts.

Furthermore, feds and other law enforcement have upgraded their drug detection systems, such as x-ray scanners, to detect marijuana or pick up images that can get you in trouble.

They also use drug-sniffing dogs to detect odors permeating from packages, containers, and even plastic bags. To increase your chances of avoiding trouble from shipping weed, use airtight bags that zip tight and keep the skunky smell out; remember, a dog’s sense of smell is as much as 100 times more sensitive than yours. If you can smell something, you know the dogs will; and even if you don’t, the dogs still might.

One thing to always keep in mind: though shipping marijuana within your state might be less risky, it’s still subject to the strict interpretation of the overzealous Feds, who might do anything to capture or arrest you, regardless of the law.

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And another safe and great way to ship marijuana is to get a weed subscription box. The vast majority of those products only send paraphernalia, but some other (as The Club M) send weed products directly to your house.

How To Mail Weed: What Makes a Package Suspicious?

how to mail weed

There are a variety of things that can raise suspicion from shipping employees and postal inspectors.

Because these methods can’t be opened without a warrant, allow for tracking, provide specific delivery times, and have a high shipping weight limit (up to 70 pounds) – which make them more reliable, secure, and discrete – they raise a lot of red flags.

Other red flags include the following:

Basic DON’Ts of Shipping Marijuana

To increase your chances of successfully shipping weed, here are a few things to avoid:

Which Shippers Should You Use To Ship Marijuana (And Avoid)?

shippers to ship weed

Believe it or not, the carrier you use is important, as not all of them treat the act of shipping weed the same.

Mailing Cannabis Through USPS (U.S. Postal Service)

The USPS is an agency of the federal government, so it must obey federal guidelines to the letter. Under U.S. Code 1716, it’s a felony to use the U.S. Postal Service as a method for mailing marijuana, even within the territorial limits of pot-legal states such Washington, Colorado, and California.

Thus, you might be surprised to learn that many veteran shippers prefer the USPS to UPS, DHL, and/or FEDEX because it has clear requirements restricting the number of random package inspections. This protection falls under the Fourth Amendment, which states that postal inspectors can only get a search warrant when it’s based on probable cause.

Otherwise, employees are not allowed to open and inspect mail and parcels.

However, you can be busted and subject to punishment such as fines and/or jail time if the following applies:

According to the USPS itself, the Fourth Amendment protects first class letters and parcels from being searched and seized.

Don’t forget a crucial tidbit, though – federal law trumps all other laws of the land, including state laws. Thus, mailing marijuana is illegal regardless of method of transport.

Shipping weed via the USPS offers a modicum of protection against search and seizure, which understandably seems to make it the safest way to ship marijuana. Yet, as a Federal entity, the US postal service complies and works with the DEA to enforce anti-trafficking laws. And once a package containing marijuana crosses state lines, it’s instantly a federal crime, which exacerbates the issue considerably.

The consequences? It comes in the form of punishment of up to a year in federal prison and/or a fine as high as $250,000.

Sending Weed Through UPS, FEDEX, and DHL

These private entities have the right to open and inspect any package at their own discretion and without any cause for suspicion. They are not federal agencies, so if they come across a suspicious package, they don’t have to obtain a warrant to open, search, and seize it.

In fact, it’s been ruled by the Supreme Court that the act of allowing a private third-party entity to handle your package means you forfeit the right to any expectation of privacy.

Even worse, these large private carriers have shown time and again that they are willing to comply with federal regulations and cooperate with federal law enforcement to crack down on mailing marijuana and other illegal drug trafficking offenses via courier. Here are two of the more famous recent examples of this:

Although neither case involved shipping marijuana, it’s proof that private carriers such as UPS, DHL, and FEDEX will comply with the Feds and monitor packages for illegal drugs.

Do These to Limit Your Risks

You’ve already read about what not to do should you insist on mailing marijuana. But here are several things you can do to limit your risks of getting in major trouble:

  • a-  Layer the marijuana with several bags – the first bag contains the weed and should be sealed tightly. Then put that bag inside several other ones to keep the odor at bay
  • b-  To further prevent any trace of weed odor, each of the additional bags should be washed with soap and water after each bag is added
  • a-  Scents do not cover up other scents
  • b-  Besides, dogs smell all scents
  • a-  Instead, use a business name
  • a-  Send priority mail
  • b-  Pay with cash

These things are the difference between the recipient enjoying their weed or both of you ending up in court.


Legalization of marijuana continues to sweep the country, and the legal medical and recreational marijuana marketplace continues to grow. 

So, too, does the lure of shipping weed through the mail, which makes it easy to get complacent.

Don’t be fooled. Be diligent about shipping marijuana through the mail.

Although half the states in the country plus the District of Columbia have legalized weed, shipping marijuana through the postal system or via courier remains illegal. And because of this increase in the number of states legalizing weed, the DEA is keeping a close eye of packages being shipped now more than ever.

Federal law still considers marijuana illegal, and despite being legal in 25 states, mailing vape cartridges, edibles, indica or sativa, or any type of weed products (or even transporting it across state lines) is still illegal.

The bottom line is this – Can you mail weed? Well, you can, but you’re still committing a crime anytime you’re mailing marijuana.

If you leave in some of the medical states, you should check these weed delivery services as an alternative to mailing THC edibles or weed.

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  1. David

    I sure like your article, well done, I so wish I could share my stories and experiences which are innumerable since I started my rebellious adventure in 2005. My wife worked for the USPS for 11 years and I was like a mole in the system. I am highly impressed and regard Fedex UPS and the USPS as the most reliable companies in the country. Because of their strict standards and ethics I have learned how by Trial and Error to exploit my benefit. You are right about it being an ART. I wish I could teach classes on that ART.
    I would do it for free. One of my favorite words that are so satisfying to read. Touch Down SeaHawks.

  2. Des

    Hey David,

    Im willing to learn if your willing to teach!
    A good article.

  3. Poo

    This is super helpful! I’ve always heard that USPS is the way to go, but never knew why people say that. Thanks!

  4. Remy

    I wonder if his wife working for USPS was his “key” to success?

  5. G3YKUME

    Hey guys! I´m in Canada right now and stay here for 4 more months and I wanted to send some weed to germany like one week before I return cause its hard to get dab pens and concentrates at all in germany. Do you think I should still do it or not?

  6. Return to Sender

    I like how sending USPS Priority “raises a red flag,” but sending USPS Priority also “limits your risk.”

    Which is it??????

  7. Aaron

    I’ve heard low and slow Fedex Express is the way to go since there’s the least security on the slow ones – does anyone have any comment on that?

  8. m

    I highly recommend against doing the part about using a businesses address. That is not cool to do that. You want to send weed in the mail then use your own fucking address or leave it blank, and if you get caught then Deal with it. I just had a package return delivered to my business that was marked as suspicious and it wasn’t something I sent. I investigated it and found a bunch of THC packets hidden in magazines, You know what I did? I took it to the post office and then made a formal complaint with the USPS investigator. They now have the name and address of who the package was going to. You know why I did this? Because I’m not going to get in trouble for sending weed/THC products through the mail if it came back on me.

  9. WeedWarIsOver

    The war is over. Unless you’re sending large amounts, only some do-gooder, Barney Fife cares. I’ve sent edibles multiple times, via USPS and private shipper, using my own name and return address and picking a return address from google. They’ve all made it.

  10. Dukes

    USPS is not federally funded. That’s your best bet. Trust me.

  11. Flyy Hustla

    There is no perfect risk-free way to do it. You have to accept that you are taking a risk and do your best to minimize it. If you don’t have experience preparing packages and mailing them then you should find someone with experience to teach you or do it for you. Some veterans say USPS. Some say FEDEX.

  12. Barnaby

    It seems like throwing a few dollar store items in there would help disguise immensely. Why is this never reccomended?

  13. Bubba

    So ‘M’, you’re a snivelling, pathetic grass then, little to no morals or ethics- just their stupid fault for it coming to your address eh? What an a**hole.

  14. bill collinc

    somebody Help! I need some microdosing mints and such and live in Idaho.
    where can I turn? Iam 64 years old and willing to bend some laws

  15. Bob

    My stepbrother had an ounce of pot sent from San Diego in 8” x 12” Manila envelope standard brown 30 years ago through USPS before it was legal. It made it without a hitch . Wrapped in layer of bubble wrap. Went all the way to Fla.

  16. Lori

    Mailman opened my box. Took out my presents and taped box back up

  17. Brian

    Great article. Really informative and logical.

  18. Ava Gardner's prettier sister

    Honestly I have sent a bunch of things many different ways. Wear medical gloves when touching the weed then take them off. Never touch anything that is going to be used to be shipped with hands that have touched cannabis. The dogs can smell this. Ziplock within a ziplock at least 4 times then packed inside a Tupperware with other food inside ziplocks. I usually send cookies. This way the ziplocks when scanned inside the Tupperware look normal. All the items inside the Tupperware are fairly amorphous in shape and there’s many. I have other methods for things that aren’t flower but… Ya. People have sent things to me but the most that happened was they kept it. Literally no one talked to either of us. Too small to matter. Keep them small And infrequent and imho I wouldn’t use USPS only because of the increased felony. They downplayed it but it’s a crime called soliciting a federal agency for the purposes of drug trafficking. It can get you way more than just one year in jail too. The drug trafficking charge is from federal charges placed on you for it coming to you or you sending it across any state border or if they think you are a dealer and you are delivering a large amount within a state like driving or sending within but it’s a big amount. If I’m not mistaken its like 10-20 years but I know he said it’s infrequent and like I said when someone sent me stuff thru USPS once they took it and sent me a message saying so but I never heard anything else about it and neither did the sender. Make sure whatever your sending that the contents you surround it with contain similar elements… I.e. metal for cartridges, food or dried herbs and plants for flower and edibles.

  19. randy

    There is no perfect risk-free way to do it. You have to accept that you are taking a risk and do your best to minimize it. If you don’t have experience preparing packages and mailing them then you should find someone with experience to teach you or do it for you. Some veterans say USPS. Some say FEDEX.for good stuff email sevenleaves7l@gmail.com

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