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When a group of high school students in Marin County, CA chose 4:20 as their meeting time after school to get high, they couldn’t have known that they were unwittingly creating the highest of weed holidays, 4/20. More than forty years later, April 20 is now the biggest highest revenue-generating day of the year in the legal industry expected to generate 33.5 billion in revenue in 2023. 

Many events celebrate this cannabis holiday, including classic stoner movie watch parties, community smoke-outs, and some great concerts (this year has a really special 90th birthday event for Willie Nelson). Dispensaries pull out all the stops to get people into their stores on 4/20, and this year is no exception. We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting things happening at dispensaries this April 20, from artist appearances to Rick and Morty themed popups. 

Dispensaries are offering their customers more than ever, with strategic partnerships, exquisite entertainment, smoking deals and giveaways, and free food. We took a look at three examples from across the country, but the list could go on and on. If you want to elevate your holiday festivities, look for an event in your local area!

Hippie Sabotage Pre-Save Album

An Orange County Cannabis Celebration

Tech enabled cannabis delivery service Eaze is offering a couple of options for their customers to celebrate the day with a pre-concert meet-n-greet and social media raffle. Hippie Sabotage will be meeting fans & sharing unreleased music with everyone who stops by Eaze Dispensary Santa Ana 4/19 from 2pm – 3pm. The event will be kicked up with  pop-up activations from some popular brands, including Rove, Claybourne, Aster Farms, Ember Valley, and Yummi Karma. No 4/20 celebration is complete without food, so of course there will be a Taco Truck! 

It’s not too late to enter the 420 Surfboard Giveaway! In partnership with Timeless Refinery and local artist, Wyatt Pender, Eaze’s giveaway is open for new entries until 4/21. 

Live near L.A. and want to go to a Hippie Sabatoge show? You can enter the Eaze 420 Giveaway here!

Mile High 420 Festival

Going a Mile High on 420

Colorado is famous for it’s early adoption of cannabis culture and became a destination for canna-tourism. This year, 420 features a revival of that spirit. The Mile High 420 Festival is a collection of  music, food, and other cannabis-adjacent arts in Denver. Hosted by Tommy Chong and sponsored by  a handful of local dispensaries, there will be no shortage of high vibes.

Best part of this event…. it’s FREE! Of course there are VIP tickets available, but there’s something available for anyone who wants to celebrate 4/20 with their Colorado cannabis community.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'KrispyLife Kidd 4/20/23 3-6 PM gig performance, meet & greet, raffle, prizes & food at BACCO FARMS!'

Homegrown Celebrity Partnership in Michigan

Not all 4/20 events need to include nationally-recognized names. One dispensary in Flint, Michigan is partnering with a local musician to create some hype and entertain customers. Bacco Farms is hosting Krispy Life Kidd for gig performances, meet-n-greet opportunity for fans, raffle prizes, and, of course, food.

Door busters for the first 50 customers add one more reason to celebrate the holiday with a visit to Bacco Farms.


4/20 Events Across the Country

There are events in just about every legal cannabis market, so don’t celebrate alone! Check out your local listings on Eventbrite or your chamber of commerce as well as looking at cannabis sites like Leafly to find the best 4/20 events in your area.

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