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jobs for a stoner

The Top 9 Jobs For A Stoner

Stoners are everywhere whether you like it or not. They are some of you neighbors, co-workers, politicians and friends. They could be at the cubical

HempVAP CBD Oil Vaporizer Pen Review

NAME: HempVAP Brain Dart Vaporizer Pen WEBSITE: http://hempvap.com RATING: A OVERVIEW: If you’re looking for a legal way to ingest CBD (cannabidiol) oil, for medical


How to Make CannaMilk [W/ Pics]

Yesterday I decided to experiment with a whole new thing, CannaMilk. I’ve already cooked up some butter for cupcakes, cookies or brownies, but milk also

water curing your weed

Water Curing Your Weed

This week we’re going to discuss how to cure weed and our favorite way to cure fresh buds in only 7 days using water. And

weed flower

Weed Site Review: LeafedIn.Org

There’s no shortage of new business ventures popping up in the cannabis industry, especially lately with such a promising election coming up, it seems the

seed to weed

From Seed To Weed [58 Pics]

Growing weed pictures Here is a completely awesome set of weed seed pictures I found over at Hemp City that follows an outdoor grow setup

best joint figures

12 Cool Joints and Crazy Blunts

Image Source Rolling a joint is so much more than licking a couple of papers and sticking them together. It’s art. It’s a ritual and

Smoking gamens

5 Smoking Games To Get You Lit

Image Source Ahh, remember the days when smoking was enough fun on its own? But of course, there’s always one mega stoner who wants to

How To Save Your Weed

Best Ways To Conserve Your Weed

Let’s face it, times are tough right now. Budgets are getting cut everywhere, the economy is still in shambles, natural disasters are going down everywhere.


20 Traits Of A Good Weed Dealer

Image Source If you’re lucky enough to live in a weed legal state (or other weed legal part of the world), then you don’t really