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Stoners are everywhere whether you like it or not. They are some of you neighbors, co-workers, politicians and friends. They could be at the cubical next to you or on the factory line after you. Regardless where you work, they are stoners working with you. Even if it is a top in the business or medical field. They are among you.

Although, not all jobs are smoker friendly. Most jobs try to stop you from getting the job with a drug test. But there’s ways around that as many of you know. But then there are those jobs that never ask you about a drug test and some times support marijuana smoking. In the words of BaseGod, “Very Rare.”

The fact is that we all need jobs to survive in life. No money, no weed. If you’re a stoner and want a job that is stoner friendly. We’ve compiled a list of the best stoner jobs.

1. Musician



2. Artist


3. Dispensary Worker/Bud Tender

despensery worker

4. Marijuana Grower

weed grower

5. Blogger


6. Smoke Shop Owner

smoke shop

7. Stay At Home Parent

stay at home parent

After you take the kids to school. It’s time to smoke and clean.

8. Restaurant Worker

restaurant worker

9. Food Critic

Food Critic

Best stoner job ever.

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