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There’s no shortage of new business ventures popping up in the cannabis industry, especially lately with such a promising election coming up, it seems the industry’s potential is limitless. That’s why it’s usually good to approach new products and companies cautiously to find out if they’re a legit business or just another domain-name hack. One company that keeps coming up, mostly because at first it seems too good to be true, is LeafedIn.org.


LeafedIn is a person-to-person cannabis network that connects those in the industry and community in real-time with its map-based app, accessed by going to www.leafedin.org on any browser on any device, mobile or desktop. So to find out if it’s legit, we decided to give it a try for ourselves and write a review, once and for all.

The homepage actually has the ability to use your current location based on your location settings, however for many people who don’t allow location services the page starts by asking for your location based on city, state, zip code, whatever you want to use, they make it clear they just need a starting point to show the map from, which we easily typed in. In no time at all, scores of pins popped up on our map, color-coded to show who was a buyer, vendor, worker or employer. In our area, the highest quantity of pins was for vendors — something extremely helpful for those living in areas like Washington D.C. when finding a legitimate, peer-reviewed vendor can be very difficult. Also the fact that this is the only weed app out there that actually will update your current location if you allow it to, it really allows you to connect in a much more effective way, something all of us were impressed by (we ran this by 5 people total in some regard or another for this article)

After browsing some user profiles, most of which featured reviews from other users (kind of like an eBay score or even Yelp), we clicked the “Sign Up” button on the toolbar. It asked for a username, password, email address, then had us identify which group we fell into: Worker, Vendor, Buyer, Employer. The app then asks you general questions based on your group, for instance if you’re a worker, it asks for skills and experience; vendors list a minimum order, products offered and specials; if you’re a buyer, it asks for “meds desired”; employers describe their company and what types of workers they’re looking for. It then asks you for a location, which can be as general as your city or as specific as your cross streets. Without so much as a confirmation email, our account was up and running and we could instantly locate and message the closest vendor, employer, etc., about what we both were looking for.

Like any anonymous web-based market (Craigslist comes to mind), you have to be careful about who you agree to meet with. We suggest scrolling through user ratings and messaging whomever you’re going to meet a good amount to get a feel for who’s on the other end. But with that in mind, this thing seems like a boon to the cannabis community.

We mentioned Washington D.C. before, and really, LeafedIn seems like the most legit option for a market where recreational weed is legal, but there’s nowhere regulated to buy it. (Thanks, Congress.) A lot of people are currently turning to Craigslist to try to find good ganja, but in such a massive, well-known site frequented equally by cops and crazies, a specialized, cannabis-centric marketplace is obviously more appealing.

As of now, signing up for LeafedIn is free; it seems like the kind of company that’s really in it to keep the cannabis industry on an even keel for its participants — especially those being screwed by their regulations. (*Cough*, D.C.) After our experience, we think it’s a much needed resource in the marijuana community that is the most effective tool out there for finding or vending marijuana products and the same goes in terms of marijuana employment, so long as you keep your head on straight and use caution like with any Internet interaction. Go ahead and give it a free try, and we’ll see you on the map!

Editors Note : LeafedIn is only affiliated with the .org extension of it’s company name

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