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Ok, so earlier this week a made a post about children’s show characters who were probably stoners. The article got mixed reviews but I had a couple of people on twitter questioning of all people, Shaggy and Scooby. I had a few others who got questioned in the comments and on Twitter but that one definitely stood out to me because I thought EVERYONE knew they were stoners even though anybody has ever seen Shaggy and Scooby smoking weed.

Apparently not so in honor of that fact I decided to put together this short list of reasons (based on our list of ‘how to tell if someone is a stoner‘) why I am sure these guys are not only stoners but super stoners. These guys might even be comparable to Snoop Dogg, we can even start to call him Shaggy stoner and Scooby could scream “Scooby Doo WEED Doo” instead.

You be the judge.

  1. Scooby and Shaggy laughed and acted giddy all the time.
  2. Scooby and Shaggy always had the munchies.
  3. They were up at 2:00 AM searching for ghosts and monsters in a painted van called the Mystery Machine.
  4. I’m pretty sure they just lived in that van, I never saw them go home.
  5. The Mystery Machine is a stoners van if I ever saw one.
  6. They wore the same clothes every day of their lives.
  7. They were always up all night catching all these bad guys so you know they didn’t wake up until after 12.
  8. Shaggy always had a messed up goatee & hair.
  9. None of them were in college or had jobs. So what did they do all day?
  10. Scooby and Shaggy were always in the back of the van, and we never knew what they were doing.
  11. Shaggy always said “like” to the extreme, e.g., “like ZOIKS, Scoob, let’s get outta here!!” (WTF is a zoik exactly?)

12. And what about Shaggy’s hallucinations? Scooby is a dog, Scoob and Shag talk ALL THE TIME, and they aren’t supposed to be able to talk but Shaggy was the only one who could hear and understand him. We know that we don’t see Shaggy smoking, EVER. But, as we said before, it’s a children’s TV show. They can’t show Shaggy stoned or Scooby and Shaggy smoking weed, you know, marijuana is still illegal. But, based on what we see, is shaggy a stoner? Definitely. If not, what about Scooby and Shaggy always being freaked out by ghosts and ghouls, when no one else saw the ghosts before them?

13. On the other hand, they could never figure out the culprit until the end when they ripped off his mask but usually, that was the only other character in that episode.

14. His name is Shaggy??? I mean come on.

15. And what about the “Scoobie ‘Doobie’ Doo” expression? A dog who talks, whose best friend has all those ‘characteristics’ if it’s not and hallucinations Scoobie Doo stoner too! As Shaggy, the cartoonists can’t draw Scooby Doo smocking weed, but you can conclude that Shaggy and Scooby Doo smoke a lot of weed on the back of that van.

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking, “Damn houroc, how you gonna just snitch on them like this.” Don’t worry we’ve got that covered. In America, you can’t get charged for the same crime twice if you were already found innocent. In this bonus video that I’m providing to you guys thanks to my buddies over at spiked humor, we see where these guys were brought to trial but beat the case thanks to their great attorney Harvey Birdman. Take notes, people.

But, if we think about the evolution of cannabis products, nowadays, Shaggy and Scooby would probably smoke pot with other devices like vape pens or vaporizers instead of joints, bongs or blunts, so it wouldn’t be so easy to catch them up getting high af… Their van wouldn’t smell like weed, the police wouldn’t find any paraphernalia in there and they’d seem as two idiots laughing and smoking with e-cigarettes.

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