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If you are looking for high quality glass bongs without having to pay an arm and a leg for them then let us introduce to you, Nothing’s Impossible Glass.

They pride themselves on creating quality glass out of materials like borosilicate glass that is going to last over for the long haul while also providing it to their customers at a price their competitors cannot beat. This San Diego, California based company has caught our attention and we are excited to share more details with you on them below.

What Is Borosilicate Glass?

Like previously stated, Nothing’s Impossible prides themselves on creating a durable product that will last a long time. They do this by using materials like borosilicate glass. This is a type of non-toxic glass that is considered safe material for heat resistant glassware. 

The components that makeup borosilicate glass are boron trioxide and silica. Their properties are important because they help create a product that is resistant to thermal shock and expansion. 

This is important to note because glass bongs will get to very high temperatures to create the smoke a customer needs for a good experience. It is important for the glass not to crack or expend when reaching these high temperatures. Changes in temperature, going from cold to hot or hot to cold does not usually have any effect on this material. 

One last thing to note with this type of glass is that it is immune to allowing things to seep  into the glass. By Nothing’s Impossible using borosilicate glass, they are insuring that your glass bong can change quickly to other temperatures without cracking and no unwanted chemicals are going to contaminate your product. These two things alone are a major win in our book.

straight tube bong with shower head perculator

How Do Glass Bongs Work?

A bong allows for cannabis smoke to be cooled and filtered. A glass bong will usually have a bowl that contains the cannabis herbs and then also a place to hold water. After heating the cannabis with a lighter, the customer will inhale and the water will start to bubble. Smoke will then come through the bong and to the user. The water in the bong is important because it cools the smoke down before you inhale it into your body. 

Bongs can be made from a variety of products like glass, plastic, and different types of wood. We prefer glass though, due to the above reasons.

Are Glass Bongs Better To Use?

Glass bongs are better in the sense that you can feel confident in the materials used to create the bong, which gives us peace of mind when inhaling smoke from one. 

It is also said that hits from glass bongs are more times than not better than from bongs made from other materials. They basically bring as much smoke to your body as fast as possible. And glass bongs are also great for customizing the experience. 

Glass bongs are healthier than using a spoon pipe too because the water filtration cools down the smoke.

What Do We Love About Nothings Impossible High Quality Glass Bongs?

Whether you are looking for a beaker, percolator or mini bong, Nothing’s Impossible has it all and makes you look cool while using their  product. They mix art with their smoking glassware. They have different colors, patterns and shapes that allow you to truly have a customizable experience specific to your liking. 

We love that they are made from high quality materials, which gives us confidence that the product will not easily break. And we love that they offer these unique glass bongs at a great price. We have seen some of their bongs be only 45 dollars and their most expensive bong coming in at 200 dollars. 

One of our favorite high quality glass bongs from them is their Straight Tube Gold Fumed Bong W/ Showerhead Perc – 16.” It’s height is at 16 inches tall, the glass is designed to look like their is gold fumes coming from it, it has a flared moouthpiece in multiple colors, matching clear bold, a showerhead perc, a 90 degree fixed downstream and a super thick base for stability and durability. Another really cool feature is that the more you use the bong, the more the gold fumed glass will change in its color appearance.

Other Products By Nothings Impossible

They also sell dab rigs, herb grinders and other accessories like terp pearls, quartz banger’s, pipes, carb caps, bong bowls, and more. 

These accessories can further customize your device by adding some color and design to a bong or replacing a bong bowl. They give you so many options in their accessories section of their online store that it allow you to change up your already purchased bong to your liking overtime.

One product we think is really a must is the ash catchers that they offer on their website. These collect the ash before it enters your rig or bong, which prevents you from having to clean your device as often and helps filter the smoke before entering your lungs. Who doesn’t want a more pure and flavorful hit?

Another product of theirs that we love is their variety of dab rigs. Dab rigs are pretty straight forward and allow you to smoke concentrates. This helps you to get higher faster. 

A really cool design that we like that they offer in dab rigs is their Pineapple Percolator Dab Rig. This Dab Rig is only 55 dollars, its neck is bent, it has a very thick bottom to it that helps with stability and it just looks really cool.

percolator bong

Shipping And Return Policy

A few last things to note is that they offer free shipping over 75 dollars and all orders are sent out for shipping within 2 to 3 business days. 

They have a 30 day return policy window when shopping on their website. Please note that none of the products can be used when returning them and has to be in the original packaging. If a product has been broken, they allow you two days from the delivery date to contact them about it. The email you would have to contact in this case would be info@no-imp.com.

You really cannot go wrong with any of their products, but specifically their high quality, low cost glass bongs. They come in cool and unique colors and designs, they are customizable with their accessories section and they are easy to use. And most importantly, they offer a quality rip.

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