How to make a bong? 25 Homemade Bongs Ideas

how to make a bong

It’s happened to everyone:

You’re about to start a sesh soon or you’re already in the middle of one, and someone commits the ultimate party foul:

Bong breakage!

And you don’t have a backup.

What do you do? Especially in the middle of the night and you don’t live in a big city?

That’s right…

You build a makeshift bong.

But how to make a bong?

It’s not difficult, actually – you just need a few basic things and follow a few steps and VOILA! The sesh continues…

The Basics of How to Make a Homemade Bong

If you’re already an expert maker of makeshift bongs, you may want to skip down to our list of Top 25 Homemade Bongs.

Otherwise, here’s the basic breakdown of how to make a bong.

You’ll need materials to make the following pieces of the homemade bong:

  • Chamber
  • Downstem
  • Bowl
  • Mouthpiece (sometimes)

Each piece of the DIY bong is best constructed of certain materials while other materials should be completely avoided. It’s likely that you’ll need a handful or more of things lying around the house, not just one or two.

Let’s take a more detailed look:

  1. The Chamber

This is the main part of the makeshift bong, and there are many different things you can use to construct it, especially the following:

  • Plastic bottle
  • Aluminum can
  • Apple
  • Pumpkin
  • Cucumber
  • Carrot
  • Any type of canister, carton, or tube-like object
  1. Hole for Downstem Hole

Make a hole near the bottom of the chamber you’ve chosen from above. Ideally, it should be around 2 inches (5cm) away. The hole itself should be between 1/8 inch (3mm) and ¼ inch (6mm) in diameter.

The hole is where the smoke will enter the chamber from the bowl and stem. So, it needs to be sealed tightly with sealant or tape.
The tighter the hole is around the stem, the better, so this will be the first real test of your skills!

  1. Tube for Downstem

Whichever material you use, place it in the hole from above that you’ve just created. Common materials include:

  • Small metal pipe
  • Pen tube (that you might have hollow out yourself
  • A true stem

Regardless of your choice, insert it in at a positive angle so that you won’t wet your weed and ruin the sesh.

  1. Make It Air Tight!

To get the effect you want from your homemade bong, this is crucial. Smoke will exit the bong in the wrong place and ruin the effect if the hole for the tube isn’t sealed tightly enough. If your sealant isn’t effective, or you don’t have any, use gum or tape or even glue.

So, how do you know if it’s sufficiently airtight? Put it to the test: put your hand near or over the seal and blow through the mouthpiece. Do you feel air? If yes, it’s not tight. You may need to attach a rubber grommet to seal it better.

  1. Add the Bowl

At the end/top of the tube, add the bowl. If you have an extra glass bowl, that will definitely work.

If not, a homemade bowl will be necessary. Attach rolling papers or even tin foil, though we don’t recommend it because of the toxic fumes that are given off. So choose a safe material for your bowl before inhaling.

  1. Add Water

Fill your makeshift bong chamber with water until the tube is underwater by at least an inch. It’s a delicate balance, though, as too much water suffocates the weed. Also, if you fill it up more than one inch, it reduces the amount of smoke in the chamber when you inhale.

Either way, you don’t get the effects you’re looking for.

  1. Don’t Forget the Carb

This is also called the clearing hole, and it should be bored with a pen or paper clip about halfway (or slightly lower) down the chamber of your homemade bong. However, don’t make it too low or water will spill out whenever you take a hit.

This hole prevents too much smoke in the chamber, as, without the carb, there’s not enough oxygen for the toke to be effective. However, if it’s too high, too much oxygen gets in and dilutes the effects you’re looking for.

  1. Take It for a Test Toke

The best part of homemade bong construction: the toke test.

So, load up your favorite strain in the bowl, cover the carb with your finger – and let ‘er rip!

  1. Enjoy the Effects

Need more be said? Uncover the carb during your long, hard toke – and then exhale

Concerns and Worries

Tokers are known for their sense of adventure and carefree spirit, but if you’re a medical patient or if you’re concerned about the welfare of your smoke buddies, nearby pets, and more – heed some of the following cautions:

  • A plastic straw is not a good replacement for a pipe – it’s too weak and the plastic gives off harmful fumes
  • Aluminum foil is not a good idea for a bowl – as with plastic, aluminum gives off harmful vapors when being burned – it’s known to hurt your throat and damage lungs and sometimes worse
  • Avoid fruits that are juicy or mushy, except in a dire pinch.
    • Oranges and kiwis may be too juicy to get the proper toking efficiency
    • Bananas are too mushy in consistency and don’t always react well to flame
  • Avoid tape and similar types of adhesives when possible because of the harmful vapors they can put out when heated

If You Seem to Find Yourself

Frequently Making DIY Bongs,

Here Are Some Basics

To Keep around the House

To prevent stress from a bong mishap, especially if you it seems to happen frequently during your seshes, why not keep a few basics around the house? You’ll always be prepared and be ready for anything.

For example, once you finish a ballpoint pen (or it gets low on ink), keep it around. This will ensure you always have enough tube materials lying around. You can even share with your BFFs.

Aluminum foil, despite the risks, is handy for connecting pieces of the homemade device. However, as we mentioned above, do your best not to use foil as a bowl.

Toothpicks are great for constructing a screen, especially on a fruit bong.

Seasonal fruit – watermelons, cantaloupes, and melons in the summer and pumpkin or large Asian pears in fall and winter – are always good to carry in the fridge, just in case. Year-round staples include carrots, bell peppers, and apples – keep all three handy for makeshift bongs in addition to their health benefits.

While recycling is the best thing for plastic bottles, it’s hard to beat a different version recycling plastic bottles and going “green”: save the bottles for those “no-bong” emergencies.

Even if you don’t have this type of sweet tooth, keeping some sticky, chewy candy such as gum or soft sour candies is strongly suggested. In addition to being chewed while you concentrate on constructing your marijuana masterpiece, a piece of gum or Starburst is also an excellent adhesive for a makeshift bong.

Finally, peanut butter is also great as a sealant.

Now, let’s take a look at some homemade bongs that will have you shaking your head in either wonder or concern.

The 25 Most Innovative Homemade Bongs EVER!!!

That is not hyperbole. We dare you to submit a photo of a makeshift bong that you think is more genius and innovative than the following 25 bongs.

No, makeshift bongs are no replacement for a professionally designed and constructed one. However, you sometimes won’t have access to one, and those times call for innovation.

If you’re bad at it, then it’s probably just a one-time thing. If you’re a better engineer and/or architect, you might be able to build one you can toke on multiple times.

However, now that you’ve been given the basics of how to make a bong, it’s time to check out what your fellow tokers have been up to.

Here are 25 innovative bongs – some are wildly so – that could inspire you to create your own masterpiece sometime.

1. The Enterprise Bong

how to make a bong

Looks like a certain starship brings new meaning to warp speed – if you hit it too fast, that’s exactly how your high will be…

2. A Healthy High

homemade bong

Creative enough that one nutritious fruit wasn’t enough. Who said getting high wasn’t healthy?

3. A Water Bottle Bong of Weed

home made bong

Not only does this enterprising innovator recycle the weed bottle, he double-bottles the chamber for an impressive two-story water bottle bong.

4. Homemade Bong Curls

how to make a bong1

We’re not really sure about this DIY bong, but it looks like elbow grease is a necessary component in hitting it for full effect.

5. Sore Throat Bong

diy bong

Some people see a bottle of sweet syrup fit for a cough – others see the basis of their next smoke sesh.

We say kudos for thinking outside the box.

6. Valentine Bong

how to make a homemade bong

No, it’s not shaped like a heart nor is it red. However, it’s a twist on the old adage “dinner for two”: toking for two.

7. Breath Bong

how to make bong

If the mints are saved, then this sesh will kill two birds with one stone – achieve the high and keep minty-fresh breath after your smoke.

8. Don’t Stop Gaming Bong

make bong

This has all the makings of a double sesh that won’t end until week’s end. Hope he’s stocked up on water and snacks!

9. Bong-O’-Lantern

making a bong

A perfect example of why Halloween has become such an adult day of fun. Trick or treating has come a long way since childhood.

10. Mix n’ Match Versatility

best homemade bong

Plastic containers are usually good for keeping food fresh or prolonging the life of your leftovers. Who knew you could mix n’ match for a stackable DIY bong?

11. Finally a Good Use for “Enhanced” Water

homemade water bong

Since most of these fancy water companies are usually putting nothing more than ordinary tap water and giving it a fancy name all in the name of capitalism, we applaud the use of this bottle – in the name of peace and good vibes.

12. A Gravi-Tea Bong

bong diy

An innovator readies for a sesh with a unique spin on the gravity bong phenomenon. It doesn’t even look like a homemade bong.

13. Salt Shaker Bong

cool homemade bong

A perfect makeshift bong for those nights when you get the munchies for French fries.

14. The Poke Bong

homemade bowl

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the chamber is actually fashioned from a character in everyone’s favorite Japanese favorite video game.

15. Merry Bong-mas

creative bong

If all ornaments were really homemade bongs, more people would believe in Santa Claus. He might even take a hit off your DIY bong or bring you a homemade pipe.

16. Bong-le’s Potato Chips

how to make a diy bong

Salt and vinegar chips bring a new taste and smell to your dank flower – better have water handy because that’s going to cause some serious cottonmouth.

17. Fe-Bong Is a Breeze

fancy gravity bong

We’re not sure how safe this really is – make sure to clean out the bottle so there’s no cleaning residue or chemicals remaining. But looks like using it would be a breeze…!

18. We Said Water Bong, Not Water Gun

diy water bong

A water gun is naturally constructed to be easily modified into a water bong. All you need is the weed and someone to pass it to.

19. Honey Bear Bong

easy homemade bong

And you thought honey was only good on bagels and in tea? The leftover aroma adds a natural sweetness to the dank flavor of your favorite weed.

20. 007’s PPK Has Nothing On This Bong

home made bong gun

James Bong always had cool gadgets and killer weapons. But even Q never created a gun that was also a homemade bong.

21. Playing with Fire Bong

makeshift bong

This is literally true. Again, not a makeshift bong we’d recommend, but in a pinch and once thoroughly cleaned…?

Well, they say life’s an adventure – and there’s only one way to prove it.

22. Joy Stick Bong

best diy bong

Playing “Breakout” with a bong-y joy stick would make eliminating those bricks so much more fun!

23. Lego My Bong

lego bong

Another part of childhood that seems more enjoyable as an adult. Though this homemade bong is probably not safe due to the toxic fumes from being heated, we don’t care – hitting this while building a city would be one incredible sesh.

24. The Epitome Bong

water bong

Whenever the phrase “homemade bong” is uttered, if you first think of a plastic water bottle bong (instead of an apple), this is exactly what you envision, isn’t it?

25. The Not-So-Dumb Bong

diy homemade water bong

As with the earlier homemade water bottle bong made with a bottle of pretentious, overpriced tap water, this is a much “smart”er use of the bottle.

If a homemade bong isn’t enough for you, check our best bongs guide!

How to make a bong? 25 Homemade Bongs Ideas
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