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Gas mask bongs, also known as gas mask steamroller or oxygen mask bong, are popular around festivals and among serious cannabis fans (not to be confused with a glass face mask bong).

Known for their one-and-done hits, they have a reputation for providing quick and powerful highs. Yet, are they all their made out to be?

For the ultimate scoop on them, here’s a quick guide on how to use them, the risks involved, and even how to make your own homemade gas mask water bong at home.

How To Use A Gas Mask Bong

how to use gas mask bong

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Marijuana Gas Masks are surprisingly simple to use. In fact, they’re exactly like a regular bong.

But, does a gas mask get you higher?  Actually, they don’t. The only difference is that it is much more difficult to exhale. Besides, you can get just as high more safely with a regular water bong.

Still, they look cool and are fun experiments.

To get the most out of your gas mask water bong, here’s how to use it:

Step 1:

Put on the gas mask bong. It should be secure but still easy to take off in case you start coughing.

Step 2:

Pack and light your bowl, placing your finger on the carb.

Step 3:

Remove your finger from the carb and inhale to clear the piece. If your bong has no carb, remove the bowl.

Step 4:

Close your eyes (to minimize eye irritation from the smoke) and exhale. The stale smoke will hang around for a while, though it will slowly start to trickle out from the carb.

Step 5:

To speed up the clearing process so stale smoke doesn’t linger, remove the bowl or remove the gas mask entirely (or check out our guide about how to clean a bong, it’s the same process.) If you begin coughing, feel light-headed, or are struggling to get air, remove the weed gas mask immediately.

Safety first!

How To Make A Weed Gas Mask Easily

homemade gas mask bong

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Are you reading this post and you’re craving for a gas mask vaporizer? Do you want to learn how to make your own gas mask bong and how to hit a gas mask bong? Well, you’re very lucky because we’re going to explain how to make a gas mask.

Making a homemade bong mask is surprisingly easy. With a trip or two to the hardware store or some online shopping, it’s simple to find all of what you need to make your own DIY gas mask water bong at home.


  • Gas mask
  • Rubber sealant
  • Electrical tape
  • Heat-safe plastic tubing cut to your desired size (some people prefer soft plastics)
  • Bowl w rubber stopper
  • Small tubing for downstem
  • Drill


Step 1:

Using the drill, cut a small hole three-quarters of the way down the plastic tube. The hole should be big enough for the bowl and the downstem to fit snugly into the pipe. Once cut, place the bowl and the downstem into the pipe.

Step 2:

Seal the bottom of the pipe with a bathtub plug or secure rubber sealant to the bottom with electrical tape. You should use enough stopper material to prevent water leaking out of your gas mask for smoking weed. To fill the bong of your smocking gas mask, remove the bowl and add water.

Step 3:

Use a drill to carve out a sizable carb for increased airflow and safety of the weed smoke mask. A carb will prevent choking and give you the ability to exhale the smoke should you start coughing with the gas mask attached.

For further safety, leave the bowl out of the pipe as you exhale.

Step 4:

Prepare the cannabis gas mask by removing any external filters. Seal off excess holes with electrical tape and rubber sealant. Remove any seals or barriers from what will become the mouthpiece of your new gas mask water bong.

The goal is to have only one vent that will eventually attach to the water bong pipe. Air will need to easily move in and out of this vent, so some adjustments to the gas mask may be necessary.

Step 5:

Attach your newly homemade gas mask water bong to the actual gas mask.

While you traditionally inhale through a side filter in a gas mask, you will be inhaling from the bottom opening in the gas masks for weed.

When you’re ready to exhale, simply pull out the plastic tubing from the actual gas mask. When purchasing tubing, make sure that the tubing can easily fit into the gas mask.

Seal with electrical tape so the bong stays attached.

Step 6:

Stay safe! Make sure you can easily pull off it in the event that you begin coughing and need fresh air. While a carb helps provide some additional airflow, making sure the mask is easily removable is vital.

How To Pick Out The Best Gas Mask Bong

best gas mask bong

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Not all them are made equal. When trying to find the best one, investing in a quality product makes all the difference.

Here are a few tips and tricks for trying to find the best one:

  1. Pick one with a snorkel

The best ones have snorkels or vents. This allows you to breathe in real air while you’re using the gas mask water bong.

This is a huge safety bonus, as it can save you from passing out from inhaling carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide for too long in case there’s an accident.

  1. Pick one with a splash guard

The best ones will also have some sort of splash guard or filter where the bong meets the mask.

This bong is attached to your face, meaning that you potentially splash water on yourself if you move around too aggressively or happen to be clumsy.

Further, water can also come pouring out of the bowl with a gas mask water bong. This means that you can irritatingly spill water everywhere when you have it attached to your face.

The best one will have splash protection.

  1. The best glass mask bongs will feature heat-safe materials

If you plan on using frequently, doing some research ahead of time is a good idea. Many of them are made with cheap materials and flimsy plastics.

If you’re concerned about this, it may be worthwhile to email the distributor and manufacturer to find out whether or not their products are made with heat-safe plastics.

  1. Think about comfort

There are a few other things that people often appreciate about them available. A comfortable and close fit is often preferred.

A strong head strap to prevent slippage is also a popular feature.

Trying on one of these contraptions at a smoke shop to see how it fits before purchasing is probably a good idea.

Risks Of Using A Gas Mask Bong

risk mask gas bong

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Out of all the ways to consume cannabis, are among the least safe. Why? Some are made from simple plastic soda bottles.

By their nature, they increase your exposure to carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide long-term.

They also can easily overwhelm the consumer with coughing fits that are made worse by a lack of accessible oxygen if you cannot detach the bong or remove the mask.

  1. Choking

There’s a reason why people tell you not to place plastic bags over your head.

They sold in the store often feature vents or snorkels that prevent you from suffocating. Yet, when making your own one at home, many people rely on plastic jugs and other non-breathable materials.

This creates a few problems. One of these problems includes the fact you may be exposed to large quantities of smoke for long periods of time when your body is really in need of oxygen.

No one has ever died from one.

Yet, they do increase the risk for choking and passing out if for some reason you keep the mask on too long and continue to inhale smoke.

Make sure you either buy a gas mask water bong with a snorkel or make sure can easily be taken off or the bong removed.

Cannabis is not a dangerous substance. No need to make it dangerous by choking yourself out.

  1. Irritation

Both homemade one and ones you buy at the store can cause irritation to the eyes, mouth, and tissues of the lungs.


They increase your exposure to hot and irritating smoke because you breathe it in longer.

Further, since many of them cover the eyes, you may find your eyes and skin more irritated than normal.

  1. Breathing in cancerous materials

The plastic used in many of them was not designed to withstand heat. By using water jugs and soda bottles to make one, you increase your exposure to carcinogenic compounds and compounds that disrupt the endocrine system, like Bisphenol A (BPA).

  1. Excess exposure to carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide

While many cannabis consumers often suggest that you need to hold in your hits for long periods of time, this is actually a myth.

A simple long inhalation and slow exhalation will work plenty fine. In fact, your full inhalation does not need to take any longer than three seconds.

A gas mask bong may look cool, but you can also get just as high with a regular bong without breathing in the stale air. In reality, they are more about appearance and style than efficiency and safety.

Although it might seem fun and very edgy to have one of these, regarding the backwards and the difficulty to have (and find) a safe gas mask bong, maybe it’s not that cool. But, remember you can also try to make a homemade bong by your own with a pineapple or a water bottle.

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  1. Street Dog

    Thanks for info. I love wearing gas masks, so this is a natural interest for me. Good points of risk. How about links to safe products please? Thanks!

  2. Street Dog

    Thanks for info. I love wearing gas masks, so this is a natural interest for me. Good points of risk. How about links to safe products please? Thanks!

  3. Billie

    Smoking a bong is a common item used among dedicated cannabis fans. Using a gas mask bong to get high is another avenue that people are starting to take. Gas Mask Bong: The Highlights Smoking weed

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