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The use of cannabis vape pens is continuing to become one of the most popular methods of THC consumption. It is more discreet and more convenient than smoking marijuana from a joint.

But are you getting a “good high” from the THC in a vape pen? How can you know?

This guide explains:

  • How much THC is in a vape pen
  • The different and best vape pen options on the market
  • How THC in a cannabis cartridge can be affected; and
  • What dose of THC might be best for you.

What Is a Cannabis Vape Pen?

A cannabis vape pen is a device used to inhale cannabis concentrate instead of smoking. The vape pen is more discreet because of its sleekness and size, and because there is no smoke blown around.

Interested in a cannabis vape pen? Hail Mary Jane tests and reviews hundreds of cannabis products and can help you find the perfect vape pen.

How Does a Cannabis Vape Pen Work?

A cannabis vape pen consists of four main parts:

  1. The cartridge holds the cannabis oil that is heated until vaporized.
  2. The atomizer is the heating element that vaporizes the oil.
  3. A battery powers the vape pen.
  4. The mouthpiece is where the vapor is inhaled.

A cannabis vape pen heats cannabis concentration to 350-375℉, below the point of combustion. This turns the active cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapor that can be inhaled through your vape pen.

When compared to smoking marijuana, using a cannabis vape pen is more discreet. Smoking a joint requires burning the cannabis flower to 433℉ to burn off the cannabinoids and terpenes to spark and inhale which results in the blowing of smoke that leaves a distinct odor.

how much thc do you get from a vaporizer

How Much THC Do You Get From a Vaporizer Pen?

You’re probably curious, “How much THC do you get from a vaporizer?”, but there is no definitive answer.

Different variables like …

  • Cartridge potency
  • Individual dosage; and
  • THC content percentage

… play a role in how much THC you might be consuming when using a cannabis vape pen.

You can attempt to calculate your THC intake by starting with a full cartridge and taking consistent pulls until the cartridge is empty, keeping track of how many pulls it took for you to finish.

Your calculations would depend on the tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) level of your cartridge. 

For example:

  • 75% distilled cartridge = 750 mg
  • 20% distilled cartridge = 200 mg

By smoking marijuana, you lose a higher amount of THC. It burns off into the air and is lost as side smoke that is not being inhaled. You could end up inhaling about 25% of the total THC from your cannabis.

With a cannabis vape pen, you can increase the amount of THC you inhale by 20

Check Out the Video Below to See How to Calculate
Your THC Dosage With a Vape Pen

4 Factors That Affect the THC Content in a Vape Cartridge

Different factors can play a role in the effects of the THC content in a vape cartridge and how they are consumed. 

Consider the following factors related to the productions of vape cartridges and how they might affect THC:

  1. Different chemicals can be added to the vape cartridges to dilute the cannabis oil.
  2. Different cutting agents can have various effects when heated to specific temperatures.
  3. Concentrated terpenes and flavorings can be added to vape cartridges.
  4. The effects of the metals and hardware used inside the cartridges to vaporize the oils.

#1: Cutting Agents

A cutting agent is usually a chemical that is used to dilute drugs, or in this case, cannabis, and they can sometimes be very harmful to consumers. This means that the full cannabis cartridge can sell at a higher volume, even though it contains smaller levels of THC because the THC has been cut by other chemicals.

Some states do not regulate cutting agents, and others have banned specific types of cutting agents, but it can still be difficult for a cannabis consumer to tell if their cartridge has been altered.

#2: Temperature

Research has shown that the standard temperature range to vape a cannabis oil or concentrate is between 212-482℉

Ideally, you want to aim for the middle-higher end of that range, around 390-420℉. You can produce vapor with flavor over 300℉, but anything out of the ideal range will result in a loss of flavor.

When certain cutting agents are introduced into cannabis vape pen cartridges and then heated to these high temperatures, the result can be harmful. When heated over 446℉, some cutting agents can produce:

This dangerous combination can have strong effects on the THC of a cannabis cartridge and ultimately harm the consumer.

#3: Flavoring

Terpenes are flavoring compounds that are naturally produced from cannabis. To flavor the oil inside of a vape cartridge, the terpenes must be:

  1. Extracted from the cannabis plant,
  2. Concentrated; and
  3. Added to the THC oil by the cartridge manufacturer.

Terpenes can also be made synthetically.

Flavoring the THC can:

  1. Be used to entice customers
  2. Mask cutting agents
  3. Lead to possible addiction
  4. Alter lung function

#4: Hardware and Heavy Metals

Currently, the hardware and heavy metals used to design cannabis vape cartridges are not regulated. 

Traces of the metals and batteries can likely be found in the THC oil and need to be considered further to identify how they can affect the THC content of a vape pen.

Keep a Cannabis Journal

For beginners, journaling your first cannabis cartridge can help keep track of the amount of THC per consumption and teach you what your desired amount is.

For example, an experienced recreational user may consume 30mg per sitting to reach their desired result, whereas a medical patient may feel that 5-10mg per sitting is enough to ease the discomforts of their ailment.

Journaling can help a cannabis cartridge user determine their sweet spot, and once they do that, they’ll be able to comfortably and accurately vape THC without worry.

how much thc is in a vape pen

4 Popular Vape Pen Cartridges and the THC Content in Each

Many different vape pen cartridges are on the market today, and the THC content in each can vary depending on which type you purchase and where you get it from.

Some popular vape pen cartridge options include:

  1. Select Elite Cannabis Oil Cartridges
  2. G Pen Gio Pods Caliva
  3. Jetty Cartridges
  4. Kingpen Cartridges

Be aware that fake THC cartridges do exist, so doing your research and buying well-known brands from a reliable source, like Hail Mary Jane, is important.

#1: Select Elite Cartridge Oils

If you love the full flavors from the terpenes, Select Elite cartridge oils are a great option. The THC content is 75-95% and the organic cotton wicks used on these cartridges help to preserve the flavor.

Select Elite cartridges use a ceramic core to help keep the temperature balanced, allowing for smooth puffs with every inhale.

#2: G Pen Gio Pods Caliva

The G Pen Gop Pods Caliva is designed to be used specifically with the G Pen Gio device vape pen with a higher THC concentration of 80%.

The G Pen Gio Pods Caliva has no temperature control, but it allows for a strong flavor and smooth hits.

#3: Jetty Cartridges

Jetty cartridges allow for a strong and potent flavor because they are made with top-quality cannabis plants. The oil inside of the cartridges goes through an all-natural extraction, filtration, and polishing process which leaves an oil that is free of additives or solvents.

The potent and flavorful THC concentration of Jetty cartridges is 80% or more, providing a maximum high for the consumer.

#4: Kingpen Cartridges

The Kingpen cartridges are very potent and have a full THC concentration of 80-90%

With Kingpen, there are 12 different flavor cartridges.

Because of the high THC levels and the variety of flavorful strains, Kingpen cartridges are one of the most popular cartridges used with both recreational and medical cannabis consumers.

Can I Make My Own THC Oil Cartridges?

If you’re a regular THC oil consumer, you might have realized that it can become an expensive habit.

With the right supplies and the time, it is possible to make your own THC oil cartridges, but it might take a while before you concoct the perfect strain and potency that you prefer to use.

How Much THC Should I Consume?

If you’re thinking about how much THC do you get from a vaporizer, you might also be wondering how much THC you should consume.

The answer will vary from person to person:

  • Are you a new user?
  • Are you using it for medicinal reasons?
  • Are you using it recreationally?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • Are you male or female?
  • What consumption method are you using?
  • Are you in good or poor health?

Using a cannabis vape pen as opposed to smoking a joint can help you find your “sweet spot” of THC consumption in a more accurate and controlled way.

For example:

If a vape pen contains 0.5g of THC oil at 80% concentration (400mg THC) and you can pull 100 puffs from the vape pen, 1 puff = 4mg THC.

Different consumption methods will produce different results of how much THC you can consume with that method, but your specific statistics will be the final determining factor on how much you should consume and how different doses might affect you.

How Much THC Is Too Much THC?

Determining how much THC is too much is dependent on some factors:

  • How is it being consumed?
  • What is your tolerance level like?
  • How often do you use cannabis products?

Frequent use of cannabis can result in a tolerance to THC, so if you’re a beginner compared to someone more experienced, you might think consuming THC through a vape pen is too strong whereas they might still consider it to be weak.

There is no such thing as “too much” THC, but only you can determine your THC threshold. THC is not fatal, but you might experience queasiness or just feeling “off” if you consume more than you can handle.

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“Which THC oil cartridge is right for me?”

“Is there another product I might want to know about?”

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