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Dabbing is fast becoming the go-to method for consuming cannabis concentrates. It promises the most potent effects of all smoking methods and is incredibly effective. Unless you have a complicated dab rig setup with an e-nail and the works, you definitely need a torch to dab properly. Although there is still some hesitancy among people to smoke concentrates with a torch, there are safe and reliable options.

Having a trustworthy butane torch is, without a doubt, the most important tool to have when it comes to dabbing. You need one, and not just any one, but one that suits all of your heating needs, from dabbing to soldering or making crème brulée and flaming cocktails. No need to scour the Internet for one, since we took the initiative and did the research for you. Here we review the best dabbing torches around.

What Is a Butane Torch?

As its name implies, a butane torch is a tool that uses butane, a flammable gas, to create an intensely hot flame. Hot enough to melt most common metals, including copper and aluminum, and more than sufficiently hot enough to vaporize most organic compounds too. They are necessary in many professions, and many people use them almost daily for a variety of tasks.

Besides dabbing, butane torches are ideal for use in home improvement. They are capable of solving most problems with brazing, soldering, or plumbing. Most of the time, people use butane torches to smelt copper, silver, and other metals needed to repair tubes and other house fittings. They also make popular kitchen gadgets, bartender tools, and pocket torches to light cigars.

How to Use a Dab Torch

Once you have your rig set up with your dab ready on the dabber, take a seat so that the THC rush does not physically overwhelm you. The first thing to do is to switch your torch on and aim the flame at the nail directly. You want it to get red-hot. Then, switch off your torch and cover the nail with your glass dome until the nail cools sufficiently to use it.

If you are using a titanium nail, then let it cool for roughly 10 seconds. If your rig has a quartz nail, then wait about 45 seconds, or until the surface temperature is not burning hot. Then, using your dabber, apply the dab directly onto the nail and slowly inhale the vapors. To prevent wasting any oil that may stick to the dabber, rotate the tip on the nail. Exhale and wait a while before standing up again. The best thing About using a torch for dabbing is that it will rise the temperature so quickly and will produce an even heat

Best Dab Torches

A simple online search will return hundreds, if not thousands, of butane torches for dabbing. However, not all are equal, especially when it comes to dabbing. As a dabber, you want a torch that meets specific criteria, such as having a decent tank size. You do not want to run out of fuel regularly, usually mid-dab. You need a torch that holds sufficient butane to avoid having to refill it all the time.

Additionally, the heat of your nail is of vital importance when dabbing. You need a torch that will get it hot enough, upwards of several hundred degrees. The best dab torch have a powerful flame capable of heating the entire nail. Too cold and you waste dabs. Temperature is unquestionably the single most important factor to consider when buying a dab torch.

You also want a durable torch. Since they do not come cheap, they are an investment, one that you should expect to use for a very long time, enough time to make it worth the money spent. Think thousands of times, repetitively, without the dabbing torch failing in any way. Make sure it has a reliable nozzle, a safety catch that will never break, and a head that consistently produces big, vibrant flames.

Lastly, you should aim for a dabbing torch that looks good. A sleek design that appeals to you and looks great even when just sitting on your dab mat. One that matches your furniture, perhaps. When it comes to butane torches, they come in all types of patterns and varieties. Manufacturers really spoil you with choice. After considering these factors, you will agree that these are the best dab torches around:


$ 60
  • Trigger Style Ignition

For just $60, the Triple Jet Flame Torch is a really good option for dabbing, it offers real value for money. It has truly great features, including an ergonomic design, trigger style ignition, an adjustable flame, and a flame lock. You can use it with ceramic, quartz, and titanium nails. At just 5.75 inches, this butane-powered torch is extremely portable. You can take it with you wherever you go. It comes unfilled and you will need to buy butane separately.


$ 59
  • Limited-Edition Prints

Torch Art offers a line of butane torches by ErrlyBird for $60. They feature high quality, limited-edition prints of original artworks, so every purchase supports an artist. You also get a torch that comes with a lifetime warranty. Every torch features a “Quik-Fire” ignition system, which allows you to lock the flame and adjust its size. This butane-powered handheld device is portable and made with quality materials.


$ 49
  • Larger Fuel Tank

Dubbed “This Thing Rips,” the SToK R Series Mega Butane Torch is the latest line from the company that brought us the SToK FYR and Mega butane torches. It is hugely popular. Green and black, they look mean. They also have a larger fuel tank than the FYR model, so you do not need to refill it too often. It comes unfilled and with a lifetime warranty for just $49. It is also portable and fits snugly into one hand.

What Is the Temperature of a Butane Dab Torch?


Butane torches produce intense heat. Unlike ordinary butane lighters, they are torches for a reason. Those available to consumers typically develop flame temperatures as high as 1,430 degrees Celsius, or 2,610 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the maximum adiabatic flame temperature of butane air torches is 1,970 degrees Celsius, or 3,578 degrees Fahrenheit, so handle with caution and do not burn yourself.

How to Dab Without a Torch

Dabbing critics usually blame torches for not wanting to try it. Since torches are very capable of starting fires or injuring those using them, this is understandable. There are other ways to smoke dabs, which may come in handy if you ever run out of fuel or lose your torch. In fact, torchless dabbing is more discreet and gives you less to carry around with you.

You have options if you do not have torch. Healthstones are popular and consist of 100 percent inert ceramic stone. You simply heat the vapor stone with a small cigar lighter and apply your dabs directly to it. Vaporizers are another popular choice. They fit into any pocket. However, since they need frequent replacement, they are an expensive option. Put your dabs in the chamber and use a lighter to heat it.

You could also top a bowl. This method involves melting your dabs into your greens. Since dabs liquefy easily, they melt into the weed and smoke well with dry materials. Because bowls can be big, you end up using a lot more of your dabs. E-nails are specifically for use without a torch, since they power a coil wrapped around a nail and have the benefit of consistent temperature. Just add your dab and hit it.

Without a doubt, coating a joint with dab wax is the most convenient and popular way to dab without a torch. All you do is coat the outside of a joint with the concentrate and smoke the joint as you always do. It adds to the taste, burn, and potency of typical joints, since the combined high is exceptionally powerful. A torch makes life easier and prevents wastage, but you can still dab easily without one.

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