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Is the dawn of a new vaporizing era upon us with the new Pax Era? With their newly released vaporizer, Pax Vapor are revolutionizing the way we vaporize liquid cannabis concentrates with their PAX Era Pods. Unlike the PAX 1, PAX  2 and PAX 3, the Pax Era can only vaporize already preloaded THC cartridges. It might seem strange upon first impressions, so let’s jump right in and see what it’s all about.

Main Characteristics

  • Brand: Pax
  • Model: Era
  • Size & Weight: 3.3” x .72” x .4”, weighing about nothing
  • Temperature Range: 520 – 790 ℉
  • Heating time: Instant
  • Battery (duration and average charging time): ~200 puffs battery duration, charging from empty to full in about 45 minutes
  • Colors: Black with engraving options
  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

What’s in the box?

PAX Era unboxing

Unwrapping the Pax Era can be a bit of a disappointment if you’re used to buying full vaping kits. The only things you get in the box are the Pax Era battery and the USB charging cable. It’s not much to unwrap, really. But that’s because of the extremely simple design.

The PAX Era pods are sold separately, they come preloaded with liquid cannabis concentrates. The mouthpiece is attached to the cartridges that are sold individually.

Size and design

PAX Era Review

Sometimes, Pax Vapors is referred to as the Apple of vaporizers, and it’s no wonder why. The designs get more elegant, refined and chic with every release. The release of the Pax Era reminds me of the time when the Apple iPod nano was released. Who could believe that all those awesome features were compacted into a device so small and nifty? That’s kind of what the Pax Era is like.

It is tiny. And it looks nothing like a vaporizer. It’s even smaller than the PAX 3, which is praised for being so small in comparison to others on the market. For discreteness and portability, the Pax Era is probably the most comprehensive vaporizer on the market.

The design of the Pax Era is pretty interesting. It is designed solely for use with THC Cartridges, which come prepacked, named Pax Era Pods. The only two parts of the vaporizer are the battery and the liquid-filled cartridges. There isn’t even a button on the Pax Era, making the design extremely minimalistic.

The quality of this very simple build is great when you consider the size of it. It’s durable, effective and extremely nice to look at.

Heating, temperature and vapor quality

PAX Era heating and vapor production

The Pax Era features conduction style technology to heat up the preloaded concentrates. This allows the user a full, thick vapor experience. Oh, and the Pax Era can be used basically instantly. There’s no need to wait for it to heat up.

There are four temperature settings built into the Pax Era, which can be further customised using the Pax Era smartphone application. The four settings are low, medium, medium-high and high. The temperatures are 520, 610, 700 and 790℉ respectively. Just like all other vaporizers, the lower setting gives more flavor from your  vape while the higher settings produce thicker, harsher vapor draws.

The vapor quality of this vape is great. Especially because it has temperatures that actually accomodate for vaping liquids. There’s no weird flavors that come through from the Pax Era while you are vaporizing. No sense of burning concentrate or burning wick. Which is great. On the other hand, while the vape quality of the Pax Era might be fantastic, the quality of what you are actually vaping might not be. And that’s because you don’t have the option of loading it up yourself.

The first fillers that worked toguether with PAX creating the Era pods were Bloom Farms. They are well respected in California in a family owned growing co-op. This is a very cool collaboration by two brands that have a good recognition within the cannabis industry here in CaliforniaThere are currently a lot of fillers coming out to the market so there will be an immense variety of Era pods to choose.

The cartridges come preloaded with cannabis oil inside. The products themselves are manufactured by a bunch of companies in association with Pax Vapors, but the jury is out when it comes to how good these oils are. This is the only real downfall when it comes to the Pax Era is that you don’t really get to choose what you vape. Having said that, the vape quality of the unit itself is exceptional. Especially because it’s ready to vape as soon as you put the cartridge inside.

PAX Era Pods

Here we find the magic of the PAX Era. As we’ve said previously, this vaporizer can only be used with the PAX pre-filled cartridges. There is huge variety of fillers that offer the Era Pods and you can choose between different percentages of THC and CBD, depending your preferences.
The PAX Era Pods can only be bought in the states where medical marijuana is legalized. In California, right now you can even order them online.

How to use it

The user almost doesn’t have to do anything except vape to use the Pax Era. So 10 points for ease of use for this vape. There’s no on/off button, either. The Pax Era will literally just wake up as soon as you pick it up and put it to your mouth to start vaping. That’s about as difficult as it gets.

To change the temperature settings on the Pax Era, give the vape a shake, connectet it to your smartphone via bluetooth and then remove the simple-click preloaded pod. It will cycle through the 4 included temperature settings. When it is displaying the temperature setting you wish to use, click the pod back in. Now you’re ready to vape.

To check the battery, simply shake the Pax Era. It will display the battery life remaining using the four petals on the Pax LED display.

Smartphone app

PAX Era Smartphone App

The Pax Era can be used with a smartphone app that is downloadable on any iPhone or Android device. While the main functionality of the Pax Era does not require the app, there are some extra goodies on the application that aren’t available simply by using the vaporizer.

Full temperature control is accessible via the smartphone app. Instead of using the four preset temperatures, you can select a specific temperature anywhere between 520 and 790℉.

From the smartphone app you can also increase and decrease the brightness of the LED display. Interestingly, a child lock is also available from the smartphone app – for all those puffing parents out there whose kids might get their hands on the Pax Era.

Finally there are fun mini-games you can set up from the smartphone app to play with the Pax Era. One example is a game similar to spin the bottle, where you can place the Pax Era in the middle of you and all of your friends. The petals will spin around until they land on one. The closest one to the illuminated petal gets to take a draw.

Battery life

PAX era Battery

Most concentrate vape pens have a battery of at least 600 mAh, but the Pax Era features a 240mAh li-ion battery only. This is a bit disappointing because it means battery life isn’t as long as you might like it to be. After getting high with it quite a few times we’ve reached an average of 180 puffs. Having said that, the Pax Era recharges pretty quickly, taking only 45 minutes to go from empty to full charge.


Was there ever a vaporizer this easy to clean? Remove the empty pod. Put it in the bin. Put in a new pod. Cleaning finished.

Pax Vapors has included some technology in their simple-click pods that prevent leakage and mess – which is important when it comes to vaporizers. So you basically never have to worry about cleaning the Pax Era. Even the mouthpiece comes attached to the pod every time you put in a new one.

Final thoughts – Should we buy the PAX Era

PAX Era should we buy

We’ve come to love the PAX Era and now we’ll probably find it hard to go back to any dry herb vaporizer.

It costs only $20 and the vape quality is extremely good in comparison to other vape pens. It is a pitty The fact that the pods can only be purchased in specific locations but we all know it’s because  because cannabis is not legal all over the US yet.

The Era pods can be pretty expensive though finding some of them at $60 but taking into account the vapor quality, flavor and ease of use, they’re totally worth it.

PAX Era Review
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