Build a Stealth Grow Box For Less Than $150


Dresser untouched

Howdy fellow HMJane-ers! Welcome to your FIRST stealth grow installment with ME, ThisBuds4You!!! I will show you how I made a STEALTH chest of drawers (dresser) for less than $150 and YOU CAN TOO. In 3 months you will be puffin’ on your own homegrown for less than the cost of a half ounce of herb. A little know how, a couple tools and a few items from your neighborhood hardware supplier and you’ll be growing in no time! This box should produce 5-6 ounces of A-Quality bud every grow cycle (60 days). This box also uses only 300 watts of power, about the same amount as a standard desktop computer.

Details about this dresser

It took 2 -8 hour days to complete this grow box. This dresser is comprised of 2 growing chambers, 1 for flowering your buds and the other for keeping your mother plant and young clones. The mother plant and clones are kept under 24-18 hours of light and your flowering plants are under 12 hours of light. I used 250 actual watts of power in the flowering chamber. This should give us around 5-6 ounces of bud every grow cycle (60 days) depending on the strain, nutrients, grow medium, etc. Make sure you have good, Dutch quality cannabis seeds to use in this grow as well.I will get into nutrients, caring for your plants, etc in future articles. Alright, enough talk, lets get growing!!!


Here are a few tools you will need:

Tools Needed for the job
Tools Needed for the job

Drill & Drill bits (standard sizes)
2″ hole saw drill bit
Phillips Screwdriver
Rubber mallet or hammer
Staple Gun & Staples
Tape Measure
Sharpie Marker
Carpenter’s Knife
White caulk, NOT CLEAR
Wood Glue (not necessary, but nice to have)

If you don’t have all the tools, BORROW THEM FROM YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY! If they ask you why you need them, make up some bullshit! I didn’t want to spend $20 on a hole saw drill bit so I borrowed it, just ask!

Supplies you will need to complete your box:
Dresser – $30
6’x10′ of Panda film – $10
1 – 4’x2′ 0.25″ MDF or Hardboard (I prefer MDF) – $4.50
9 Ceramic light fixtures – $11.43
About 8 ft of lamp cord – FREE
3 standard plugs (for lamp cord) – FREE
Duct fan (I used a 6″ but a 4″ is also sufficient) – $16.00
3 – 120mm computer fans – $13.50
2 – 80mm (standard) computer fans – FREE
1 standard computer power supply & tester – Power supply FREE, Tester – $12.00
9 CFL bulbs (I used a mix of 42 and 23 watt bulbs) – $35.00
2 Hinges – $2.00
2 Magnetic Closures – $3.00
1 power strip – $2.47
1 piece of plexi glass 3mm thick – FREE

1 thermometer – $10.00

2 timers – $8.00

Misc items (not necessary but nice to have)

8 door/cabinet pulls (not necessary but a very nice touch) – $10

1 carbon scrubber (i got the smallest one CAN FILTER makes) – $39.00 if you are concerned about odor, this is a MUST

Money Saving Tips

1. Re-purpose the wood from inside the dresser! I got an old ass dresser that was probably hand-built by some old pioneer and I was able to reuse a lot of the wood. I only had to purchase 1 new piece of wood (the MDF) for the back door.

2. Get an old junked computer and use the fans and power supply from that, you can probably find one for free, I did.

3. Check the free section of craiglist for dressers, computers, etc. If you can’t find free ones, pretty sure you can find cheap ones. I got my dresser for $30.

4. Don’t pay for lamp cords! Find some old ass lamps in the garbage, free section of craigslist or whatever and use those. Just cut them off from the lamp and wa la!

Disassembling the dresser
Take great care in taking the dresser apart. We took time taking it apart and ended up being able to reuse most of the wood from the dresser. We took apart the drawers and used the bottoms to make the front face that the drawer fronts attached to. We also used the bottom of the drawers for the floors of our new grow box.

Now, I’m not going to get into too much detail from here on out; the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to fire away!

The Beginning
Here’s the dresser untouched

Dresser untouched
Dresser untouched

First, we took all the drawers out and began to take those apart with a rubber mallet

Drawer disassembly
Drawer dis-assembly

Drawer disassembly
Drawer dis-assembly

Here’s the dresser completely gutted (except for the top shelf, I left that in so we could mount the exhaust fans and run the power through there)

Dresser Gutted
Dresser gutted

Then we attached one of the drawer bottoms to the front of the dresser, so we would have something to screw the drawer fronts to

Dresser w/ support board
Dresser with support board

Then we attached the drawer fronts with the new drawer handles/pulls

Dresser w/ drawers attached
Dresser with drawers attached

Once that was completed we cut a 6″ hole on the inside top shelf we left in and we also added a partition wall in the middle with a hole cut out for a 120 mm fan. We also cut holes in the top of our flowering chamber for the 2-120mm fans we will mount there. Be sure to run caulk around the edges on the inside of the dresser so we don’t have an issue with light leaks. I also cut 4 pieces of wood the same depth as the dresser and screwed them into the bottom. These are going to support our new floors.

Boards mounted, holes cut
Boards mounted, holes cut

Partition wall w/hole cut
Partition wall with hole cut

Next, make your floors from the scrap drawer bottoms. I drilled holes in them with a 2″ hole saw bit for air flow. Air is your best friend in these small spaces! I lined the floor of the veg room with panda film, I’m making a separate tray to place the plants in the flowering area so I did not line that floor with panda film

Vegetative chamber floor
Vegetative chamber floor

Flowering chamber floor
Flowering chamber floor

Next, line the entire interior of the dresser with panda film and install the floors

Dresser lined w/ Panda film
Dresser lined with Panda film

Now, time for the lights. I daisy-chained all the lights together and mounted them to some scrap 1/2″ board I had laying around. You can use pieces of the dresser drawers for this also.

Ceramic fixtures
Ceramic fixtures

Lamp cord plug
Lamp cord plug

Break time with Sweetwater 420 and Mandala Hashberry

Break Time
Break Time

Now for the fans, I used 3-120 mm fans. I’m using 2 in the ceiling to exhaust hot air out of the flowering chamber (the lights will be sealed off by a piece of plexi glass), and 1 fan will be blowing air from the flowering chamber into the veg chamber. I powered these fans with a PC power supply. I got a power supply tester so the power supply would power the fans.

120mm fans
120mm fans

Power supply w/tester
Power supply with tester

Now, mount the fans and the lights. I mounted 2-80 mm computer fans in the corners of the flowering box, air flow is our best friend in these small spaces!

Lights and fans mounted
Lights and fans mounted

Exhaust fans for lights in flowering chamber

PC fans mounted, exhaust fans for flowering chamber lights
PC fans mounted, exhaust fans for flowering chamber lights

Hinges attached to door

Hinges attached
Hinges attached

Magnetic closures attached
Magnetic closures attached

Vegetative chamber up and running!!!

Vegetative chamber, lights on
Flowering chamber with plexi glass installed
Lights on!

Flowering chamber w/plexi glass installed
Flowering chamber with plexi glass installed

Door installed on back of dresser, still need to get a piece of hardboard to attach across the top of the back…

Back of dresser
Back of dresser

Grow box is done!
Grow box is done!

Front of dresser, DONE!
Front of dresser, DONE!

Any questions, feel free to fire away. Overgrow the world!!!


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Author: HMJ Staff

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  • This is awesome. Makes me wonder how many of my friends dressers are actually dressers.

    • ZombicidalGalloway

      make me wonder how many of my friends are getting rid of dressers, light bulbs and power tools…lol

    • mike

      do i have to use panda film or can i use alumminum foil

  • UberAnon

    I bet y ran outa space when growing, lol, I did the same thing in my wardrobe and i ran outa space, Carbon Filter should be on the outside of the grow box, I made a hyrdroponics system for mine too, harvesting in 2 weeks, already trimmed a bud and had a smoke my Lemon skunk knocks you on ur back 😀

    • ThisBuds4You

      I have built SEVERAL grow boxes out of various pieces of furniture. The key to not running out of spaces is flowering when the clones are SMALL (3 inches or so). This is a STEALTH grow box, it would be pointless to mount the carbon filter on the outside, how is that stealth??? It works great being INSIDE the room. Stay tuned, there is much more to come 🙂

    • Anthony Taurus

      Nah, he wouldn't run out of space with that. There are so many methods to pulling a few ounces out of that box – top or fim, lst, scrog, short veg.

      • ThisBuds4You

        Exactly. I'm also going to write up an article on training methods, low stress and high stress 🙂 As he stated, there are several methods to keep your plants short. Thanks for the input Mr. Taurus.

  • Bob-0

    Fucking brilliant. Kudos for the fantastic article.

    • ThisBuds4You

      Thanks Bob-0! Stay tuned, many more growing tips coming soon!

  • Does the scrubber filter to the outside? I assume it exhausts through the top if it does. Nice article.

    • ThisBuds4You

      What's up Dude!

      The air flows from inside of the box through the carbon filter and then exits though the 6" fan. The 6" fan is actually attached to the carbon filter and exits out through the top. So in short, yes, you are correct! Thanks for stoppin' by 🙂

    • ThisBuds4You

      What's up Dude!

      I posted a response earlier, not sure what happened to it, oh well…

      Yessir, you are correct. The scrubber is connected to the 6" exhaust fan which exhausts through the top and back of the dresser. Thanks for checking in!

      • ThisBuds4You

        Whoops, there's my other post. My bad…

  • user

    This is great, fantastic!
    Nice job.

    Where did you get this idea?

    • ThisBuds4You

      Thanks User,

      There are a lot of resources on the net and I have a vivid imagination 🙂

  • sloppy

    Is it safe to leave the PSU tester running 24/7? Usually these things generate a lot of heat and can ruin PSU, fans, and the switcher. Just asking, don’t want anything unexpected to happen, like a structure fire.

    Very good set-up, I will probably be creating a similar set-up very soon.

    • ThisBuds4You

      Hi there,

      Been running a PSU tester for over a year now with no issues, as long as the airflow is good around the power supply & tester, you should be good! Thanks for checkin in Sloppy, great question bud!

      • To start up the PSU, I think you could do it more cheaply with a piece of wire, you just have to know which pins to short on the PSU 20 or 24 pin cable. Here's a wiki on it:
        Some of you already know you don't have to have a constant circuit, just a quick contact and you're off and running. You could make a more permanent solution by scavenging a pc power switch.
        Momentarily short the green wire with a black one to turn on the PSU

  • Anthony Taurus

    How are you handling what looks like a huge light leak in the wall between the veg and flower cab?

    Also, you've got 2-120mm exhaust fans in the flower side for the light. But, there's no intake for the light. The pressure would be minimal at best, pulling through the little silver of space between the plexiglass and the door when closed, making the fans at the top near useless.

    I would rather have seen the fans intake and exhaust on opposite sides of the light space, still at the topcreating a constant airflow with this design.

    • ThisBuds4You

      There is a space between the plexi and the door allowing air to move freely past the lights and exit through the top cooling the lights. I've tested this setup and it runs at a perfect 78 degrees…

      Great question about the light leak between the veg chamber and flowering chamber. I didn't really pay attention to it until I turned the box on and started to load it up. I had to build an "awning" out of hardboard lined with panda film (black side OUT), light leak fixed. I'll have to see if I can get a pic of this up here…thanks for chiming in Mr. Taurus.

      • ThisBuds4You

        Also, in a small space like this you want to use PASSIVE air intakes and no fans for intakes. Creating pressure so the fans can suck the air out, pulling air in via a fan would make the exhaust fans useless.

      • John Youknow

        I'd like to see this picture, I am facing a very similar problem. Does the fan in question blow 24/7?

  • Piff Huxtable

    Thank You I Will Be Looking Into Starting This Project Tomorrow.

    • ThisBuds4You

      AWESOME!!! Post if you have questions, good luck Piff!

  • Slim Pickens

    I didnt see instructions on the filter install. Also how well does it mask the smell?

    • ThisBuds4You

      Filter install was very simple. I connected the filter to a 4" to 6" reducer. Hooked up the reducer to the 6" exhaust fan and that was it. It does an EXCELLENT job of eliminating the smell. It's a must if you need odor control. Also check out Ona Gel, I would use this in addition to the carbon filter. Ona gel sits outside of the box, it eliminates odors. Google it! 🙂

  • Nwo82

    Great Article!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 question ? About how plants will fit?(i know it depends on veg. time and strain but on avg. how many? thanx for the great article again!

    • ThisBuds4You

      It really depends on the strain, size of your container, veg time, etc. I'm using 20 – 32oz Gatorade containers. I wrapped the containers w/ black tape; they're the perfect size for a 3" clone.

  • Bowce

    ditto slim pickens. filter instructions? also, will this work for growing from scratch, or do you already need a partially grown plant? thanks man

    • ThisBuds4You

      Hi there, the answer for your filter question is above. This setup will work growing from seed or clones, doesn't matter. Just be sure to pick out a good mother plant when you can so you can start your perpetual garden w/ clones.

    • ThisBuds4You

      Hey Bowce,

      This works growing from seed or clone 🙂

  • roman

    fuck this shit

  • roman

    fuck this shit im bout to shit my pants that mandala hashberry ccould be my girl

  • Hackzor

    Growing from seeds, wouldn't your plants outgrow the box? I've not grown before but was just interested in the post. Seems like it's not a big enough space

    • ThisBuds4You

      There are several ways to train your plants to keep them low. They can be tied down, topped, FIMed or you can flower when they're short. There are several options, from seed or clone.

    • Budtastic

      Actually no.
      The one i built was a little bigger and I altered the design to fit my needs but the plant will normally not out grow the space as long as the lights are not directly above the plant.
      If they are, then yes. But on the side and above, not so much.

      You can also train the plant so it does not grow too tall if you are aiming for Sativa.
      If you are aiming for Indica, it should do fine without training.

  • blueprint

    First off I must say that this is a great post and that your work on here and thcfarmer are well awe inspiring almost.
    So just curious which grow method would you recommend for this setup? (or when will more of your awesome guides be coming our way?)
    and I am a very novice grower (still just reading and learning) but would it be possible or a good idea to get UV lights from comp cases and use the power supply from the comp to power them? I really don't know much if anything when it comes to UV lights and growing though so yeah but just an idea. Thanks again ThisBuds4You =]

    • ThisBuds4You

      Thanks Blueprint 🙂
      For this setup I don't recommend a hydro system that uses moving parts/pumps, etc. I think passive hydro or soil is the way to go (for this particular setup). I am using 32 oz Gatorade containers w/ CocoGro as my medium. I can fit 20 of these in the area. Not sure about these UV lights you're referring to…You can use a UVB bulb; it looks like a compact fluorescent bulb and can be purchased at the pet store. I use one in my HighKEA Growdrobe and it works fantastic, I will add one to the Stealth Dresser as soon as funds allow. The UVB bulb makes the plants produce more resin, at least it has in my tests and studies. The only thing that will be powered by a computer power supply are your fans, not the lights. Hope this info helps. Stat tuned as I am currently writing my next article on grow mediums, soil vs. hydro 🙂

    • JamesNseattle

      SOG (sea of green) SCROG (screen of green) or you could use a short auto flower variety!

  • Homosoup

    My husband says you are the MacGuyver of weed!! I love this post. Thank you.

  • Matt

    how tall should the veg plants be before transplanting? cause I've read SeeMoreBuds book on how to "Grow Up to 8 oz." the flowering chamber doesn't seem tall enough? i'm all confused ha cause i got a dresser just like this and its my dream to turn it into one of these. excelent work though by the way.

    • Matt

      and i'm also guessing this one is mainly for indica strain plants, correct? and could some sativa plants go in this?

      • ThisBuds4You

        Indicas would be suited best for a setup such as this, but the right sativa could work as well. Check out Joey Weed's Apollo 11, awesome sativa that stays short and finishes flowering in 55-60 days. Easy to clone, easy to grow and has great bag appeal. The best high I've ever had, no bullshit 🙂

  • ThisBuds4You

    You can flower at 3" tall, that's what I did. Google "micro growing" online, you will find a lot about growing in small spaces.

    • jax420

      You did'nt go in depth on how to do the wiring. Got the box ready but a little worried about wiring the fans and the lights.

  • guest

    Enter text right here!how tall deep and wide is your dreser and is it possible to grow more than five or six ounces in it because i know some seeds yield anywhere from 135-700 grams and 700 grams being about a pound and a half of weed so is it possible to grow more

    • ThisBuds4You

      It is not possible to grow more than 5-6 oz in this dresser. We are using CFLs, these lights are not that intense. If you are looking to pull in more weight you will need a larger space and an HID light.

  • kwismexer

    When you run your vegetation lights 24/7, won’t there be light leakage through to the flowering chamber from the fan that is on the wall separating the two rooms?

    • ThisBuds4You

      This question came up before, look through the previous questions and answers.

  • still_smoking

    if you short pins 13 & 14 on the mobo connector of the psu, you can ditch that power supply tester all together.

    i'm also curious as to how you deal with the light leak from having a hole in between the flowering and vegetative chambers.

    • ThisBuds4You

      True about the tester. I've actually wired all of the fans to an AC adaptor, so no PSU is needed. I made a vent/awning for the fan on the partition wall, there in no longer a light leak.

      • Jim

        How did you wire it to the AC adaptor if you don't mind me asking?

  • peu4000

    I see the Sweetwater 420, a very good beer.

  • r0ndy

    i'm interested in seeing the end result of what you grew with this thing… is it running now?
    nice job man!

    • ThisBuds4You

      It is running now, and working GREAT! Temps are actually below ambient temps, staying 76-74 with lights on. Works like a charm 🙂

      • bam

        can you give min. and max rough dementions of dresser needed. Also is one chamber bigger than the other? This is fantastic work. Appreciate the thread….

  • yup

    it seems small..
    probably only good for lowryders

    • ThisBuds4You

      I don't grow lowryders, shitty strains for outdoors. INDO ONLY! Use training (LST, topping, fim, etc) and you can keep the height small

  • flub

    can't wait for the follow up article, man! you have inspired the tim "the tool man" taylor in all of us. Any idea when you'll post the next one? Also, what are the dimensions of your dresser?

    • elzoid

      I'm eyeballing it at 48"Wx32"Hx20"D

  • manuel

    how do i find the panda paper?

    • ThisBuds4You

      Hi Manuel,

      You can find Panda film at any hydro store. Check out

  • manuel

    can i use somthing diffrent?

    • Budtastic

      Glad white trash bags work the same

  • I wanna know if anyone has done this yet.

    • I am also curious if anyone had any chance with this design? I would love to see a pic of it in action, with the plants in 🙂

      • ThisBuds4You

        You should try Google, I bet you can find pics of it in action on there :wink wink:

    • Budtastic

      Yessir, and I'm successfully growing white berry.

  • Luis

    What are the dimensions of the dresser, just to get an idea what to look for? Thanks….great article!

  • Dick Assman

    What changes would I have to make to this if I wanted to have the veg chamber on top of the flowering chamber (skinny tall dresser)??

    Wicked article

    • Dick Assman

      that wasn't very specific, I meant in regards to fan placement and ventilation

    • Budtastic

      Same idea here except have the fan between the veg and the flowering room in the ceiling of the flower room and the floor of the veg room.

  • Luis Anderson

    First of all great article!!
    Just wondering how is it possible to get a big yield such as 700 grams as i have seeds that can yield that much. Am totally new to the game of growing even though i have been smoking this beautiful herb for some time! i've had enough of paying high prices for low grade skunk. hehe!!
    where else can i find ure great words of wisdom?

    • ThisBuds4You

      Don't believe everything you read. Generally if seeds are rated at 700 grams this is outside or under 1000 watts of light. It is impossible to get over 4 ounces out of this setup at 1 time. I got 3 my first try, and i think i can only get a maximum of 4. Good luck and stay safe!

  • Twisted_5-0

    Cool idea but pretty common, seen it in action on a few raids in my time.

    • ThisBuds4You

      Hardy har har…

    • pj patwardhan

      if your a cop il fucking kill you you fuckin lowlife piece of scum i have your ip adress

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  • Bryce

    Great thread! I've planned on doing this for some time but just now getting started. My dresser is shorter and not as wide as yours. I'll prolly have to nix the veg chamber. Do you think a scrog grow will work? Only have about 27" total height after gutting .

    • ThisBuds4You

      27" should be good. Scrog should work out perfect. Glad you liked the article. Have fun and stay safe!

  • Mike

    What happens if there is a tiny bit of light leak from Veg into Flower chamber during 12/12? will the chemical reactions not take place?

    • ThisBuds4You

      Try to make sure there are no light leaks. It really depends on your strain. Some strains will hermie (begin to produce male pollen) with the smallest light leak. Some strains don't mind a few small light leaks, it really depends on what your growing. Have fun and stay safe!

    • Budtastic

      Slap some carbon filter over it. (The ventilation sheets found at your local home depot)

  • pooper

    This is a totally cool build and all…….but you aint growin shit with those lights. Invest in real grow lights. Again, great build.

    • ThisBuds4You

      Obviously this is for personal use. If you want a weed factory don't grow shit in dressers.

  • Gregg

    I didn’t have a chance to read all the comments and check if this was answered or not, but you don’t need a power supply tester. only a small length of wire or paperclip.
    For most newer power supplies (ATX) you just take the biggest (20 or 24 pin) connector and short the GREEN wire to a BLACK wire. That will send a power on signal to the supply without using a tester.

    Cheers 🙂

    • ThisBuds4You

      You are correct sir 🙂

  • Goose

    Pics of the awning would be cool if it’s possible. I’m thinking of getting into growing and making one of these as a starting box.

  • Like the pigs ain't gonna check a bureau on a bust…

    You dumb ass!

    Back to the drawing board!

    I'll stick to the false panel dilapidated cottage in the back forty…at least you can bury the wires and stuff…


  • jieboy

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    • ThisBuds4You

      wow, some of you people are nuts

  • bdaddy

    What kind of blubs are those?

    • ThisBuds4You

      Compact florescent, you can find them ANYWHERE!

  • Thanks for information, I'll always keep updated here!

  • man that's pretty detailed, i dont smoke thoutgh

  • jman

    just wondering but where does the fresh air blow in from?????? possibly ditch the plexi glass and forget about cooling of lights that hardley get hot and worry bout getting fresh air to your plants??

    • ThisBuds4You

      There is a false floor, and it has holes in it. There is another floor beneath that. there is a gap between the 2 floors. Air gets pulled from there from a fan that is connected to the carbon scrubber in the veg area 🙂

  • jman

    nice set up though im gunna use a few ideas..Also ditch the cpu and run a 12v adaptor for the fans, get a universel and youve got speed control

    • ThisBuds4You

      Glad you enjoyed the article, have fun and keep it green!

  • Hello , I wanted to say that I really like your website!

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  • Mother

    I have an old dresser in my basement, and am going to start on this project soon. My question is about keeping a mother plant in the vegetative area. How do you keep it there for so long, without it continuing to grow. I imagine if you’re constantly taking clones from the same plant, that one mother plant will stay in there for months, while each clone batch will get moved out when they reach 3″. Anywhere I could read up, or do you have advice, on how to do this properly? Do you take a new mother from each crop?

    Great design! Looking forward to getting started.

    • If you also keep some rollin papers in there ,it wont get too big.

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  • unholygrail

    its easier to make a pie lol

  • nick

    do you have any videos about how to make this?

    • ThisBuds4You

      No videos, sorry. But if you can't figure it out from the pictures…ehhh…

  • Sativafied

    Now if I could just fit my 12' Sativa in there!

    • ThisBuds4You

      With enough training, bending and tying who knows 😛

  • WeeeeeeeeeeeeeD

    Good stuff!

    • ThisBuds4You

      Awesome! Keep it green!

  • J.C.

    This is fucking fantastic! After looking at this, I IMMEDIATELY went out and got a dresser and materials needed. I’m having to make my own mods to it, like a shelf for the electrical work, but it’s coming along… Questions for you? A. The carbon filter…where did you get it and what brands are out there? B. In my particular location, the nearest hydro shop is a good distance away, so what could I use as an alternative for covering the walls? With the demensions im working with, mine is going to be one huge chamber, but with specialty red and blue lighting mounted to promote vegetative and flowering, respectively. Let me know what you think!

    • ThisBuds4You

      Hi J.C.

      1. The carbon filter is the smallest that CAN-FILTER makes. Worm's Way carries it.

      2. You can paint the walls with flat white paint, it will just take a whole lot longer than stapling panda film.

      Your lighting idea sounds cool, are you using LEDs? Keep it green playa

      • Jamal

        im new at this and I Would pay u 4 makin me 1 can u plz write me back at my email plZz or any 1 that can Mae me 1 I’ll pay y’all !!!!!

    • Budtastic

      You can make one yourself for 4x less the price.
      I did
      It works just as well.


    Sorry if i sound stupid, but i'm new to growing. Whats the difference between the Flowering chamber and Vegetative chamber?

  • jhawk

    so couldn't you just use LED lights and not have to worry about cooling fans; just one big fan for air-in and one big fan for-air out..?

    • thisbuds4you

      You can use LEDs, but we are on a budget plan here! $150 for the whole setup…if you want to run LED lights you're going to spend $200 alone on the lights…but if you got the paper then get at it B-)

  • Stoner12

    (Lights) How did you daisy chain the lights exatly I tried it and blew a fuse in my house! first did you use a polorized cord and second I got the cheaper plastic ones but they are the same. There are two screws on each side. I only need 4 wired in series or "daisy chained" together. My brass screws are pos.+ and my silver neutral. I tried running one side of the lamp cord cut onit pieces to go from one screw on the fixture to the next fixture and so on down both sides then at the last one I hooked the cord up. I guess there is no ground just neutral. Can you tell a lilttle more about rigging up the lights, my box is different so I only need four in a row. thanks alot your awesome man killer setup. peace out!

  • steve

    looks like a fire hazard.

  • chitu

    he he he i dont need to make this, the place where i live, weed grows naturally.

  • roberto

    to poglej!

  • Begginer

    I’m new at this and it might be a dumb question but how do plants grow in there and stay that small? Because that’s not very tall and I thought plants grew bigger than that.

    • thisbuds4you

      I used some LST (low stress training) techniques. These consisted of tying and bending the plants, making them like little bonsai trees. Keep watching my posts and we will get a little more into that 🙂 Thanks for reading and overgrow the world Greenies! B-)

  • nicegrowbox

    Sorry if I'm asking a stupid question, but how do you wire the pc fans together onto the power supply tester? Again sorry if this has already been answered.

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  • fatboy23

    i cant seem to find the Ceramic light fixtures. is there a specify name for the ones u used?

    • thisbuds4you

      They are at Home Depot. If you dont have one of those around try going to your local hardware shop.

  • boulder bud

    lol sorry but you are not going to grow anything descent using compacts, will have very thin stringy weed

    • thisbuds4you

      Email me pics of your buds, I will post pics of mine B-) Thanks for stopping by!

    • Guest

      Wrong Compacts at 26w each x 6 will give a good 2 ft x 3 ft x 2 ft = 12 Cu Ft total.

  • Millhouse

    So what are the dimensions of the dresser you used? I've seen a couple guesses on here but I want to make sure I get one that is wide and tall enough. Please specify.

  • john

    Does any smell get out of the flowering chamber through the exhaust fans in the ceiling?

  • KcBrainz

    That would be awesome if I could pay someone like 130 something dollars to just build it for me. I'm so not the building type person

  • Pingback: Fan Help! What to Get?()

  • natasha

    Hey hun!

    I ran across this and decided to build the box… I’ve never done this before so I have some questions

    1. I know the dresser doesn’t have to be exactly the same size as that one but what size was it so I can look around for something similar.

    2. You said you use 20-32ounce gaterade bottles for the 3′ clones you’re going to flower. What do you use for the mother plant and for seeding?

    Thanks =)

  • StoneduhAgain

    very nicely put together

    one thing that can help the yield is instead of having the fans circulate the air inside the box they need to actually pull air in and take it out for the co2

  • Rick

    Great set up. Was wondering what the demensions were on this bad boy.

  • Papa_pot_smoker_913

    What are the dimensions of this dreser? I have a dresser all ready but it is only 16" wide and its more of a vertical dresser. I know i can make it work but im jus wondring how many plant it shud hold?

  • @yup

    All you need to do with this box to make sure you have clearance is just throw your plants into budding right away after a couple weeks of veg, these dimensions will work fine

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  • PA2010

    Why did you line the flowering chamber bottom with panda film? Do you place you're flowering plants into the holes that were cut in the wood on top of the panda film? I'm a little confused about what the set up is supposed to ultimately look like….

  • Pingback: How to get a hook up in NYC. - Forums()

  • Scruffy113

    God kveld!
    I found this article very inspiring and I am now considering making a growbox like this.
    However, there is one thing conserning me; I live in the northern part of Norway, and the outside temperature can get down to -30 degrees celsius in the winters, and the regular 'household' temperature is usually around 18 degrees celsius the whole year around. And I'm guessing drafts of freezing air don't do the plants any good.
    Should I install some kind of heating device into it? Or maybe insulate the whole thing?
    What temperature is it inside and outside of your box at an average?

    • Scruffy113

      Also, what are the wires sticking out in the vegetating room for? The ones with the red caps on.

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  • Duke

    Just curious but how does having a growery impact your electric bill?

  • Elroy

    Hey. This grow box looks awesome. I had a question, I am making my own growbox and am using 4 6inx6in grow pots. I am making my grow box 3ft (36in) high. Although this height isn't ideal, do you think the plants will grow significantly over 3ft?, or should I be alright given the size of my 6inx6in grow pots?…

  • chris

    hi there
    sorry how do you move your lamps up and down?
    they have a simular stystem in Holland and europe but using a plastic standing wardrobe and that is to small so this is def to small how ever much you top the plants to stop them bushing,,this system may work with just one plant but not six or nine like here
    and how stelth is is humming and glowing smelling in the corner of the room,,,,good idea but needs more thinking about sorry

  • might as well go for hydroponics for the nice clean look 🙂

  • roach

    Old fridges work great for this; they simply need ventilation holes to be drilled. They are already white and reflective; you can use the bottom part of the fridge to do the bud show and the freezer part to do the green show. Using the fridge can let you do a perpetual grow show with the 2 separate growing areas.

  • DayBune

    where would you find a power box?

  • Paul

    Not a stoner, was actually looking for how to build a stealth sub box for car subwoofers, but a couple notes
    a) The power draw isn't necessarily the wattage listed on the power supply, that's just what it's capable of. Fans draw next to nothing
    b) You don't need a power supply tester. On the 20/24-pin connector, just splice the only green wire in with any of the black wires. The power supply will come on.
    d) Computer power supply also isn't really necessary to begin with. I'm sure you all have some old electronics with those "wall wart" power transformer plugs that take up way too much space on the outlet. Find one that is listed as 12v and decent amperage — minimum of the combined amperage of the fans you will be running. Cut the end off and test it on a fan. Just be absolutely sure it is rated for the amperage, otherwise it could easily overheat and catch fire.

  • Hurricane

    Where did you get your light fixtures

  • Pingback: Tips for a new Grower please? - Forums()

  • steve

    Where do you live, ill pay you to make me one

    • Joe

      im trying craigslist to find someone to make me one. Make sure you tell them its for something else besides what its going to be used for. I said i am modifying a dressier to grow veggies in. Who cares if they believe me or not. Good luck

  • Ashley

    Ive ordered several 120mm cooling fans, and am looking to power them together. IS it difficult to set up these fans, 5 or 6 fans to one power supply?

  • Pingback: How can i make a stealthy grow cabinet.? first time grower()

  • HippieChick333

    I got a PSU, but no tester, 2 computer guys had no idea y I'd need the tester, they said it does just that, tests. How can I connect this PSU to a power cord to plug in? I saw someone wrote something about shorting #14 & 16 or something, I have no idea what that means.

    Can you help? It's the only part I don't know how to do!!!

  • Jamal

    I’m new at this can u make me 1 and I’ll pay u 4 it plZz write me back @ plzzx or any 1 that can make it write me ASAP !!!

  • Frank The Tank

    Hey THISBUDS4YOU, Im a complete noob on growing lemme just let that be known off the bat.
    However i am currently building my knowledge on growing indoors. I was woundering, what type of seeds do you use for your box and would you recommend this box for an amature such as myself?

  • Wobbinwood

    lets say i’ve got the material to build a grower 3x this size, – do you maybe have a schematic?

  • Fantastic beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your site, how could i subscribe for a weblog site? The account helped me a appropriate deal. I had been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered bright transparent idea

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  • Madubugini Emmanuel

    please we need scrubber filter cartridge dresser uk
    model No: 5500pd
    temperature range : -10/60c
    maximum pressure: 100.3barg
    manufactured by: dresser uk
    qty: 32 Nos.

  • want2giveitgo

    Could you comment more about your Gatorade bottle set up? Is this a hydroponic wicking system? how is it set up? Basically… Thx!

  • Immorange

    How many light bulbs (and how many watts) are in each box?

  • agentstaple

    you should have made a scrog way more, effective.

  • Starfish

    hey man how do you hook your computer fans up to the power supply. I am working on a similar project where i need to hook two fans up to a power supply.

    Thanks man

    • JJ Green

      You wire the ‘power on’ pins together with a jumper wire (cheap/free) or buy a power supply tester like he did ($10-45). Either way is easy, all power supplies will come on if you just use the jumper wire (any short wire w/ both ends stripped)

  • Johnny

    Where do you get those screw in ceramic light fixtures.?

  • Christian

    Hello, great article!

    I am interested in building a grow box much like yours. However it would be on a much smaller scale ( 1-3) plants, for personal use. About how much does one plant yield and how long does the overall process take from seed to smoke?


    • JJ Green

      It depends on the strain and nutrients ~ from 3/4oz to 5lbs…huge variances exist depending on treatment as well. Use an aquarium pump to air-ate your water and use a good nutrient system and you’ll be fine…

  • Dawson

    Not bad at all.

  • LekTure

    Idk why but it seems like most people who comment on here haven't read all the comments or studied the photos enough. In the photos, you can clearly see that the fans have adapter plugs attached to them. Those plugs get inserted into the power supply tester & that is how they work. Ceramic light fixtures can be found at Home Depot, Menards or any other type of store like them. I paid $1 each for mine at Menards. He states the wattage of the bulbs used in the opening paragraph. I need help with daisy-chaining my fixtures but my buddy's an electrician so he can help me out. I would like to see a photo of your setup with plants in there. Just for a visualization.

    Thanks much & Great Article!!

  • etripp

    Wut is the power supply and where do I get one at????

  • etripp

    I don’t know how to hook up the fans can some one plz help me

  • hey this is cool how many plants can fit in it

  • joe

    Hey man I’m an electrician and that is a really bad fire box that thing is going to burn have a friend who knows something about wireing take a look at it

  • joe

    Buy 120 volt computer fans to get rid of the power supply

  • joe

    Dont wire your own grow box unless you know what your doing have someone who has somewhat of a clue what they are doing it is raiser than you think to burn your house down

  • joe

    You need to leave some space behind your fans so they can breathe

  • LekTure

    I'm having trouble keeping the heat level down in my box. It will reach up to 92 degrees when the flowering chamber is lit up. I've followed the instructions completely but I'm still having this issue. Any reply would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

  • william

    All I got to say tight g lol just one question dosevit stink up the room

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  • johndoe

    just a couple questions does the duct fan blowing in or out, aswell as the fans in the flowing room are they blowing in or out ? and what would be the approx width of the dresser ? and is the power supply just for the fans ?

  • Beau

    Whatre the dimensions?

  • Skiewlkr

    Hey man! I’m actually copying you almost on the dot. I’ve read tons and tons about growing and is going for my first try. I wonder abou the lamps, you say you use 3, 42 watts and 3 23watts. It seems almost impossible to find those in sweden, All CFL lamps I’ve found run from 75-250 watts. I’m guessen one 250w would suffice but probably would be too strong so close, right? Can i use the same lampfixture for a 42w and a 250w? And do you recommend any good beginners seeds?

  • Pingback: Best LED growbox for beginner? - Forums()

  • ben

    quick tip on the pc power supply you didnt have to buy the power supply tester simply use a small wire or even a staple to short out the pin with the green wire (that is ps on sense) to one of the black (ground) wires on the 24 pin atx connector it will turn and keep the powersupply on

  • heff

    im a natral grower nothing but water and sunlight and a little organic wormpoo. they grow but the ones that do grow strong are always male and there is no use for him. how do i find the female

  • michelle S-G

    Love the chest of drawers/grow hutch. What are the dimesions of the cabinet? Where does one find computer fans? Lastly, have you ever made a grow box in an old fridge? I’d like to see it if it’s been done.
    Grow-on my friend

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  • john

    How did you wire your lights in parallel or series and can you do a quick description ie how to run the wires thanks

    By the way awesome box I love it

    • JIm

      Just cut a little slit of the lamp cord to be able to expose the copper wire inside. (Carefull not to cut the copper wire) And just connect the copper wire you just exposed to the light fixture.

  • Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon on a
    daily basis. It will always be interesting to read through articles
    from other writers and practice something from their web sites.

  • Jim

    I have a question on how you did the flowering floor? You made the floor with holes and then did you just cover over it with the panda film? I not too sure on how that works. THanks

  • Jesussmokesganja420

    Where the fuck are you getting that dresser for $30?

    • JIm

      yard sales are good places brotha

  • corey

    I was wondering if the 120mm fan in the wall of the flower chamber was enough to keep any smell from venting out the 2 120mm fans at the top. I noticed you said there was a small space allowing air to flow up to cool the lights.

  • K_Charm88

    So how much actual grow space did u have for your plants from the top of the grow medium to the bottom of the lights?

  • RushHash

    What type of CFL are you using? Is it a full-spectrum one? Why the plexiglass, wouldn't it absorb all of the valuable UV?

    • mntdewjunky

      Only need uv if u want crystals to form on leaves its a way that the plant protects its self from uv lighting

  • RushHash

    For the middle separator I would use cylindrical fan, it is already shaped as an awning and does not take much space or a snail fan. Good Idea to keep fans on low voltage, however your electrical, especially lights and whole upper chamber are a fire hazard. Lights should have moisture resistant electrical boxes, the whole wiring should be re-done properly with amperage in mind, and upper part should be or have in it a fire box to house all of the electrical paraphernalia, otherwise the thing can go up in flames, it does not take much to fire up a $30 old wooden dresser. It is a great idea and implementation (minus electrical issues 🙂 though.

  • alex.

    Im new to indoor and ima do this but you dident explain what that medal thing is in the veg chamber . someody help and explain it to me so my grow box can be done . thank you .

  • Danny

    I was wondering why there are 2 chambers, also are there pics with plants inside?

    • Really?

      Really? Why 2 chambers? Um….veg and flower. You know what….just buy yours from the local PD! That’s where you’ll end up anyway.

      • scott

        Not to bad of a set up I agree with some of the others about your electrical issue other then that well done. Now move on to the last comment by Really, your a idiot really if your against pot then don’t bother commenting two chambers are for having a constant flow of green maybe not big amount out of one grow or is he suppose to grow and wait 4 months besides your more likely to end up in the pen if you go buy stuff on the street rather then growing personal amount. Just get your head out of your ass and leave us pro smokers alone eventually its goin to be legal. Everyone else happy smoking

    • ErikG

      Sorry,Danny there aren't any pics showing the grow cycle, but to answer your two chamber question: One is for veg stage and daughter plants and the other is for the bloom/flower cycle. This allows for a perpetual garden system. Hope that helps! Toke on and grow on!B)

    • John William Pavlekovich

      read it does a body good

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  • how about selling me 2

    Can you build some and then sell it?

  • jackson

    My question is what happens to the flow of air when it goes through the filter and the exhuast fans? If its a closed box doesn't it just sit up in the top?

    • ErikG

      This isn't my post, but if you look at the image showing the back of the dresser, the top is open. This would allow the air to circulate.B) Hope that helps! Toke on and thanks for following HMJ!

  • jackson

    where can I buy that carbon filter you used?

    • ErikG

      The best place to purchase tomato garden growing supplies that I personally use is… I have been shopping there for over three years without any trubz. Toke on and thanks for your readership!B)

  • i'm interested in seeing the end result of what you grew with this thing

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  • persianboiii420

    Im having issues with the imazing odor. how can i filter the exhaust?

  • shady grower

    what if you have a dresser but it doesnt have a top shelf, how will we build one?

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  • Pingback: Converting a dresser in to a stealth grow box()

  • Fabricating <a href="
    ">building materials can run from straightforward blocks, concretes and tiles to additional complicated instruments for example welding gear and instruments. The aforementioned crude materials are the bread and margarine of constructing your coveted structure. Thusly deciding on a fitting supplier for your structure might be the establishment of your fabricating and a standout amongst the most significant choices you might need to make. The issue with the public order is that individuals are ready to slack on value to recover expenses. In any case, working with a great supplier can help you get exceptional bargains at sensible costs for your materials and in addition work charges.

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  • Ok Scott, it has been 5 months since you commented but after reading it I just have to comment back. Okay, first off you need to calm your damn pants. Really is not against pot. He knows that two chambers are needed for perpetual gardening. He was actually just making fun of Danny who DOESN’T know what perpetual gardening is. If you would only take the small amount of time to notice who he actually replied to you would see that. He is saying that Danny, as uneducated as he is about this topic, will be much more likely to be caught by the police because of his ignorance. Really is an asshole for being such a dick, but, you are also an idiot for misinterpreting what he said. You make all of us smokers look bad if you just jump to conclusions and shake your fist like a hippie extremist.

  • AlligatorBlood

    Hey Mate, Just wondering what are the Dimensions on this? I plan to build an exact replica! It would really help me out! Thanks

  • wackomonkey

    what are the dimensions of the dresser?

  • SkunkMan Number 9

    I have a question about the setup because I really wanna do it but wouldn’t you have an issue with the duct fan and the light cycles? Meaning with one side at an 18/6 cycle and the other side 12/12, wouldn’t light from one side leak into another during it’s off time?

    • marijuana vendors

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    • clovisbale

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  • manu

    very nice, but it looks like the exhaust fans will simply blow the smell into the room. is that right?

  • Just

    Am I allowed to translate it and post it in another Forum ?
    That dresser is so great, i feel like everybody should have one.

    I would link this with your credits.


  • Phunguy

    My son got busted doing that. Three felonies and one lesser charge. He had a shotgun for “protection” so that was a weapons charge. The bad part was that it wasn’t his grow. He allowed a roommate to grow and sell out of his rental house. Someone got pissed and called the cops. He is out on probation. Only cost me $7,500 in lawyers fees to keep him out of the pokie. Yeah, I know none of you care. All you care about is getting stoned.

    • Conrad

      That sucks. My lawyer fees were $7500 for huffing dust off at school. 5 years later I’m on google learning how to build a grow chamber. Tell you’re son next time don’t let someone else do it and do it him damn self so that there are no problems.

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  • S & M

    Would much rather have something metal, that won’t burn. Bad things will happen quick if it starts a fire, FIRE DEPARTMENT, your busted. Safety from fire must be number ONE on any grow.

  • youngmarley

    Could someone explain to me how the carbon filter works in this ox? I is ot supposed to suck the air out if its attached to the floor, and how does new freshair come in the room? As i dont see an intake fan or something like that…? I am sorry for my ignorance but i really want to build a grow dresser, it is my first time but i just cant figure the ventilation system out… can someone help me please?

  • youngmarley

    Could someone explain to me how the carbon filter works in this box? How is it supposed to suck the air out if its attached to the floor, and how does new fresh air come in the room?, As i dont see an intake fan or something like that…? I am sorry for my ignorance but i really want to build a grow dresser, it is my first time but i just cant figure the ventilation system out… can someone help me please?

  • uwie

    i just came here to see how to make a grow box i didnt think that you made it just to grow weed

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  • JaneDoe

    So I don’t know anything about growing. At all. I’m also no brainiac. I’m tired of buying in the state I live in, for fear of getting caught. I’d also rather pay for maintenance than worry about getting arrested. I’m moving out of my folk’s place soon and into my first apartment with my best friend, who is super on board. BUT we’re very social and don’t want anyone to know whatever we might be up to, especially visiting relatives. Now, I really love this idea, but I would prefer a kind of smaller container, like a side table. I don’t want to be growing a whole lot. I’m a lightweight and can’t consume much. I don’t intend to sell or distribute any of this. (I must sound like such a noob but I’m trying to be real.) I would also prefer this to be a more “closed off” kind of thing. With the back closed up. I’m a little set on turning the front into a door with mock drawers? I’m a crafty girl, and love projects like this. I’m willing to put my time and a little (not too much) money into this and get a good system going. I just need a little direction. Help me make this into a reality?

  • Indie UrbanMusic

    Came across you on google and thanks for the report.
    Would be great if you did a version with updated materials

  • clovisbale

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  • Don2 Kitoko

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  • Rizzle

    How to build a stealth grow box for under $150 (if you happen to have some of the crap you need lying around already).

  • Joseph

    Hi, you can bypass the computer power supply as all computer fans run off of 12V – pick up a wall wart from a second hand store, and splice the wires all together – this will cut your power consumption and heat (from the power supply) significantly.

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  • Hai Vangilder3

    Good comments ! I learned a lot from the details ! Does anyone know if I could get a template IRS 1040-A form to edit ?

    • alvindavey2

      Hi Hai, I filled in a blank IRS 1040-A document with this link

  • iamkickass

    Grow box builder has some sweet boxes for almost the same price it costs to build them yourself. Also the real nice built carbon filters are worth it.