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About Hail Mary Jane

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The HMJ Mission:

Hail Mary Jane (HMJ) is one of the premier Cannabis Culture blogs on the Internet. We believe that stoners can be productive and live happy, fulfilling lives, while still contributing to society in a meaningful way. Our goal is to set a model for cannabis users to look up to in our actions as well as our consistency and to inform them about various new products, innovations, events, and services available in the cannabis industry. We are a resource that provides unbiased political and health information regarding cannabis and all the aspects of the cannabis consumer lifestyle, including but not limited to entertainment, culture and fashion. We believe in personal rights and freedoms and that all adults should have the right to make their own decisions about how to relax. Stay lifted.


Hail Mary Jane was established in 2008, originating as a sports website called sportfiends.com. In an effort to reach a broader urban market, the name was changed to Hail Mary Jane. Cannabis culture was not the initial focus but with cannabis law prevalent in news and politics, it became a very popular topic. We have grown and expanded to reach a worldwide audience of 5,000 visitors daily (Over 200,000 visitors monthly).

“HMJ” is listed as a top #100,000 website on Alexa and regularly appears on several top online feed aggregators like digg, reddit, stumbleupon, facebook and twitter. We have been linked to by popular mainstream and counter culture media outlets like High Times Magazine, CNN, Guardian, Toke of the Town, Gorilla Mask, and many many more. The HMJ team creates consistent daily content, providing insight into the cannabis industry, various marijuana rallies and other cultural happenings around the country. We have developed a dedicated coalition of HMJ fans which includes a large following of cannabis enthusiasts, industry cult leaders, lifestyle smokers, medical patients and other supporters. Come lift off with us!

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