15 Things You Should Know About Marijuana [Infographic]

If you are anything like me, you love infographics because they make lots of information extremely easy to read and digest. So when the team at Term Life Insurance came to me with the opportunity to work with them on a marijuana infographic I HAD to take the opportunity. So after lots of research and blunts smoked, here is an awesome marijuana infographic that shows some facts about marijuana that you probably didn’t know yet. I even learned a thing or two, this plant is even more amazing than I thought. Enjoy.


[Source: Term Life Insurance]

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Author: Lenny

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  • "You can only get high off the dried leaves of the female plant"

    Sort of true, but mostly untrue.

    It's the FLOWERS of the female plant that get you the highest. (Also known as the "buds.")

    The leaves themselves contain very little THC, and are next to useless for either medicinal or recreational purposes.

    • Juicedness

      wait… i just noticed that in the list of countries that weed is legal in, The Netherlands/Holland isn't included, while it is actually known for the fact that it legally sells pot…
      🙁 im dissapointed.

      • Buzz

        Cannabis isn’t actually fully legal in Holland, it’s tolerated only when sold in designated shops. It’s actually illegal for the shop owners to buy it, although it’s not illegal for them to have or sell in small quantities, anybody can legally purchase some but only in designated shops. It is illegal to buy from anywhere besides the coffee shops which is why it is illegal for the coffee shops to buy it, they don’t get into trouble for the simple fact that since those shops opened, a few decades ago, drug use has declined somewhat along with crime.

  • T C

    #11. 'Male plants are *bold* only used for fertilizing a female plant."

    This is only sort of true, and the bold makes me even more nit-picky about this.

    'Hemp', grown for rope, fiber, and even potentially ethanol IS the male plant and the male plant only. While it is true that you can only get high off of female flowers because Hemp has no appreciable THC, it is not only used for seed creation. As #5 states, it is and has long been used for clothing, sails, rope and more.

  • champtony69

    Hemp is not marijuana. Hemp is a neutered cousin of marijuana. You cannot grow hemp and marijuana in the same field because the hemp will sterilize the marijuana. Hemp cannot get you high. Hemp and marijuana are excellent plants for crop rotation because they both put nitrogen back into the soil. Most food crops like corn and wheat, pull nitrogen from the soil, which is why farmers use fertilizer which always has a nitrogen component. Instead of using a fallow field in rotation, hemp/marijuana actually put nitrogen and other minerals back into the soil which means farmers would use much less fertilizer. It is completely stupid that we criminalize the most valuable cash crop (hemp, not marijuana – although both should be legal) in the world. The U.S. was once the largest producer of rope in the world and then we outlawed hemp and we had to scramble to get rope during WWII for the Navy. Many people do not remember the government campaign during the war to induce people to grow hemp since Japan controlled the world supply of hemp during the war. Once the war was over, the ban went back into effect as if nothing had happened. It’s a shame.

    • Kari

      Actuallly yo can get high from smoking hemp it just takes a larger doseage, their is less THC in it then Marijuana but their is still some in it.

  • xcdsca

    USA is the largest grower/producer of marijauna in the world. Paraguay???

    • TJ Black

      this could be per capita

  • Reede

    Marijuana is not legal in Belgium, however it is in Netherland.

  • nonsmoker

    It’s not decriminalised in australia, its only Decriminalised in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) the smallest state/territory.

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  • Belgian dude

    You blistering idiot, cannabis is NOT legal in Belgium.
    It's SEMI legal in the Netherlands tough.
    It's decriminalised in Germany and several other European countries.

    GROWING and SELLING cannabis is still illegal in whole europe (except for rare licensed sellers in the Netherlands, with a very low limit)

    GET INFORMED YOU IDIOT, and stop making false propaganda

  • joku_jamppa

    Weed is most definitely NOT decriminalized in Finland.

  • Derpa

    Nobody has a problem with the production of hemp. Marijuana and hemp are not the same thing. One thing you should also know about marijuana is that becoming a regular user will make you a totally lazy waste of space. Buh, stoners annoy the hell out of me.

    • joe


    • StonedSolid420

      thats not true at all man/woman i smoke atleast once a day at min. I get up i work i hang with friends family i clean and make sure food, shelter, clothes and all the basic living material before i think of spending money on Marijuana. Its no different to people goin out drinking and getting drunk. the only diffrence is that marijuana is way way way less harmful to your mind and body. Some fucking retarded ass people who add other narcotics to the situation and than become useless and give the rest of the weed smokers a bad name.

    • kari

      Marijuana is a lot healthery the cigs. and Alcohol and not everyone that smokes weed is at all "lazy" people can use if if they have a serous medical condition or mabye theirs a story behind why they are doing it you dont know anything, mabye you can t get high or appricet but i support smokers everywhere <3

    • Yorl

      'Stoners' annoy the hell out of you…? good.
      What is a 'stoner' i wonder, oh I get it, someone that smokes weed is a 'stoner'-labeled nicely there.

      There was a man who used to label people people went by the name of Hitler. The whole catagorising thing is ignorant and a tradegy. But if you want to play that game I hate 'drinkers' some stoners and myself x2,

      yours sincerly,

      a stoner
      a drinker
      a mind speaker
      a non voter
      a gamer
      a skater
      an actor
      a man
      a brit
      a gyp
      a twit
      a fool
      a nerd
      a freak
      a label if you ran the world

  • Pedro

    It´s not LEGAL in Argentina… its only decriminalized.
    Please, check your data before.

  • Brandon

    Whoever made this needs to get their facts straight. lol, and they are saying other people don't know the facts.

  • randomjoe

    Finland has very strict policy towards pot. Check your facts!

  • Guest

    Saying that mariijuana doesn't increase your risk of lung cancer, and then recommending a vaporizer to avoid 'harmful smoke'?

    • rambizi

      i know right? it doesnt do much bad shit but its not good either so just dont fucking smoke it my god.

    • kari

      Actually it is said that if you smoke everyonce in awhile it is healthier for your lungs, mabye you should get your statments in check.

  • Bob Smith

    This information is not correct.

    The list of countries where marijuana is Legal / Decriminalized is completely off.

  • Damnman

    I’m not sure that the number of deaths attributed to alcohol compared to marijuana is a fair comparison. Included within the figure presented here is the number deaths attributed to fatal car accidents where drunk driving is found to be the cause (The US CDC officially states there are roughly 300 deaths a year directly attributable to alcohol overdose.). Fatal accidents likely occur where drivers are stoned, but as no one tests for THC, who would know?

  • Damnman

    Also, if you follow the epidemiology literature concerning marijuana consumption and risk of lung cancer, it’s far from a resolved issue. There are indeed several (even recent) studies suggesting that cannabis smoking may be a risk factor for lung cancer. The issue is the overlap with tobacco smokers is so great, that it’s difficult to ascertain whether the tobacco smoking is a confound. It should also be noted that chronic marijuana smoking is associated with the development of non-cancerous pulmonary pathologies.

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  • played out

    this website is soooo edgy…

    ugh, your "infographic" or preachy b.s. makes me tired.

  • thulle

    “In practice, possession or manufacture of cannabis products is considered to be a minor misdemeanor punishable by a minor fine (normally in the range of 60-500 euros)”

  • 1mommalicious

    And it's not leagal why???????!!!!!!

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  • Pili

    not decriminalized in chile and not legal in argentina or peru
    get informed, please

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  • anthonytaurus

    #8 and #14 need changing.

    #14 is easiest. Marijuana is a term used to refer to any wild growing tobacco plant.

    #8. How is there no mention of the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937 ushered in by Anslinger. The US Supreme Court struck down that Act in 1967. And, the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, a UN treaty, in 1961 which was the basis for the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 which created the DEA. Then you have to talk about the 1971 and 1988 UN treaties.

  • joe

    I won't believe #15 until I see proof. And where is exactly is the record book for things like the world's biggest joint or blunt, etc?

  • Google_it

    The United States Constitution (as well as the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights) was actually written on parchment, which is treated animal skin. While it is true that hemp can be made into paper, parchment typically lasts much longer than paper of any type, making it a better choice for writing a master copy of a document of such great importance. However, the drafts of these documents may very well have been written on hemp paper, as that was a very common type of paper at that time.

  • Just wish to say your article is as surprising. The clarity in your post is simply cool and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the enjoyable work.

  • King Dave

    Marijuana contribute's to lost of memories.

  • wrong

    not legal in uruguay.

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  • Ernest

    Number 5 is pretty false. Marijuana ≠ hemp. Hemp and marijuana are about as similar as humans and chimps. It's a different species. You get high by smoking Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. Hemp is Cannabis ruderalis.

  • Linda Me Chover

    What could have served as the rolling paper for that 100 gram joint?

  • nigga


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  • donmon

    i'm sick of hearing how marijuana is a gateway drug, in fact, that kind of ignorance put me in jail for simply using marijuana for a medical problem that clearly helps me escape the pain that i have. the ignorance & discrimination of some took my legal right to medicinal marijuana & conjured up a way which had me evicted, personal property damaged, my personal marijuana trashed & i was put in jail for 48hrs. just long enough to have my apt. door key changed. this happened because a few tenant's & the manager found that i was smoking marijuana. i found i was arrested for criminal threat, a lie conjured up by an apt. manager & played out by the few tenant's that believed marijuana caused me to act crazy, i had threatened neighbors with a shot gun i had locked in it's own case & crammed in my garage with everything i own & haven't used for at least 25yrs. but because of one tenant that new me, decided to inform the apt. manager, which armed with that knowledge…a story of ignorance & discrimination was born to inflict the greatest harm that could. there was nothing i could do, i couldn't afford a lawyer. i have a marijuana card & proof that i was approved by a physician to have the right to medicinal marijuana for the pain i deal with everyday. must i hide from public view to smoke marijuana, i'm smoking in my own home, where will i hide in my home if the ignorant few find out ?

  • 420*R3d3Y3-J3d!*420

    Fuck all yall who thinks that pot is bad, do none of u realise that everbody smokes pot??? fuck no it doesnt make us lazy it jus makes us find something better to do with are time and if thats chilling out then so be it. they wouldnt give it away for medicinal purposes if it were bad…. Think about it.

  • doug

    9-Where Marijuana is Legal?

    In Venezuela is Not Decriminalized,some people say is 20 grams but is not true you can go to jail for a rouch unless you pay the cops

  • Novice stoner

    Ive recently started smoking pot. And its awesome. Pot IS NOT a risk factor for lung cancer, according to the american medical journal. Recent studies in 2007 have also indicated cannabis would make a good anit tumour agent. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/04/070417193338.htm. Pots awesome. If you dont like it….great…..cuz that just means more for the rest of us. Alot of people think pot was banned for health imppcationz. Well thats bullshit. If you looked into the american politicians who campaigned against weed u will c y. Alot of these politicians were recieving large amounts of money from the directors of a fibre producing company (Duvont i think,) this company in return wanted the goverment to ban hemp which was the strongest fibre known to man at that time because the company had managed to extract nylon from oil. Nylon sales skyrocketed after the ban of hemp and the company made serious money. I know for a fact more people drink and drive then people who get stoned and drive. Alcohol is responsible for more violent crimes then any oyher drug. Stoners just wana be left aline with a big bag of weed…not askin too much…

  • Novice stoner

    I was not stoned when i wrote this lol. But im using my mobile keypad very quickly and reading back i can see all the spelling mistakes lol. Apologies.

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  • Kari

    Legalize Marijuana <3

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  • Rooster

    Trolling or just stupid? This information is all lies.
    BTW: legalize it, in every country, now.

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  • D3ad M3553nG3r

    I’m very sorry for what you have had to go through in this backwards,
    insane world. May the Great Spirit of Creation aid & guide you
    through the darkness.

    This elitist, corporatist kontrol system MAKES marijuana a “gateway drug” by keeping it illegal! Because pot is illegal, it increases your chances of coming across other illegal drugs that are actually dangerous. E.g., you go to your dealer’s house & have to wait around for a little while with others who are using cocaine, heroin, etc.. That’s just one example of what I’m talking about.
    The beast system WANTS us to get addicted to their hard drugs so that we can be easier to control. It’s no secret that the insidious forces controlling our government also bring in the vast majority of dope, & they control the flow of it. Before the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, that country provided the world with 10% of it’s heroin. Now they supply 90% of the world’s heroin! Along with guarding the oil pipeline construction, one of the first priorities of the American & European militaries was to guard the opium fields.
    That is just one of hundreds- if not thousands- of pieces of evidence proving that the American “war on drugs” is a bogus scam to further enslave us just like the war on “terror”/Freedom. The documentary “American Drug War” by Kevin Booth is a great expose’.

    To escape enslavement we must first be able to perceive the chains that bind us…

    If we are to ever have a decent future, we must come to face the tragic conspiracy FACTS- not “theories”- behind the plight of the Human condition.
    If you are not already educated on these subjects, PLEASE check out these websites covering absolutely vital information that could literally change this world for the better by exposing the ruling “elite’s” true agenda, & then prosecuting them once we reach a critical mass of Awakened/honestly informed citizens:

    Some of the info on these sites may seem too crazy to be true; but before you dismiss it, PLEASE keep in Mind the words of Albert Einstein when he said, “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”

    Peace & Blessings to you & yours…

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  • JHVH

    go fuck yoursef you cock juggling thundercunt

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