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G Pen Pro

35% OFF
$ 58
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G Pen Elite

35% OFF
$ 77
  • FREE Shipping

G Pen Gio

35% OFF
$ 19
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Products You Can Buy With Your Grenco Science Discount Codes

G Pen Product Line and Promo Savings

Grenco has a wide range of vaporizers to suit your needs. Whether you like dry herb or concentrates. Discreet vaping or high performance. There is a vape for any preferences and occasions.

G Pen Elite Coupon

g pen elite

The G Pen Elite is their top of the line vaporizer. Intended for dry herb and with a big oven capacity. It's perfect for solo or group sessions. It retails for $149.99, but with the 30% discount you can save $44.99, which makes it pretty affordable. The price it's already good for a quality vaporizer, just under $100. But with the 20% g pen promo code you can get it for $80.00.

G Pen Pro Coupon

G Pen Pro Vaporizer

The G Pen Pro is the small brother of the G Pen Elite. They released it August of 2017, and it has been one of their top sellers since then. Also for dry herb, but comes in a smaller size and without the led screen. If you’re more of a solo vaper and don’t want a big chamber, this unit is perfect for you. The price it’s already good for a quality vaporizer, just under $100. But with the 20% g pen promo code you can get it for $80.00.

G Slim Coupon

This vape pen it’s their smaller version. Perfect for concentrates lovers. You can also use it with ground material and e-liquids, but don’t recommend it so.

With the g pen promo code it retails for $19.99, which is an extremely affordable price. But hey, you can still save a couple bucks.

G Pen Coupon

The G Pen it’s their high end vape pen, which can also be used for ground material, concentrates and eliquids. You can also purchase the gpen cartridges from the site, and the unit retails for $69.95. With the Grencoscience coupon you can save a sweet 50%.

Micro G Coupon

The Micro G is a discrete unit, meant for “on the go” vaping, which can be easily hidden on the palm of your hand. The price is $49.95 for the normal version, but if you want their Badwood special edition it’s going to be double the price tag.

Luckily you can save some good dollars by using the Grenco science discount codes.

G Pen Gio Coupon

G pen gio pods evolab

For this one, you will have to wait until the launch dates before getting some savings! We’re hoping it goes out in December for a price of less than $50 for the device and around $30 for the G Pen Gio Pods. The price it’s already good for a quality vaporizer, just under $100. But with the 20% g pen promo code you can get it for $80.00.

Other Grenco Science Discount Codes?

If you’re a new customer and sign up to their newsletter now, you can receive a 20% discount on your entire order. That it’s a nice welcome promotion!

Are you looking for the ultimate savings on your G Pen purchase, and 10%-20% doesn’t sound like a deal breaker ?

Lucky you! G Pen often does sitewide sales for up to 50% off on their entire line of vaporizers! Here are the dates you want to look out for the next few months.

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History of Greenco Science

Greenco science, famous for the G Pen vaporizers and vape pens, was funded LA back in 2012. Chris Folkerts founded the company after falling in love with the first THC cartridge pen, he thought that was the future of smoking weed.

Since then, G Pen has become one of the most iconic vaporizer brands. Espacially within the hip hop culture. Most influential weed celebrities, from Wiz Khalifa to Open Mike Eagle has rapped about the G Pen vapes. Even Snoop Dogg had his own branded line. And recently additions to the endorsements are Taylor Gang and Berner.

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