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Davinci’s latest release is the MIQRO Vaporizer. It is a smaller and lighter version of the Famous Davinci IQ which was one of our favorite vaporizers our there due to its innovation, multi LED interface and the smart paths heating technology.

If you also liked the old IQ, you’re going to love the Davinci MIQRO, it has the same vapor quality, with the zirconium mouthpiece and Pearl, even though the aroma chamber isn’t there anymore and it includes the smart paths technology as well.

The MIQRO, as the IQ, can only be used with dry herbs which is a bit of a bummer, we’d have loved to have the possibility to use this new vaporizer with concentrates.
One of the key features of tis new device is the adjustable pearl in the oven cover that allows you modify the oven capacity by 50%  which can be really handy to control weed dosage.


$ 149
  • 31% Smaller Than IQ
  • Ceranic Vapor Path

Davinci MIQRO BatteryDavinci MIQRO Vaporizer Review

Davinci MIQRO Review

Main characteristics of the Davinci MIQRO

  • Brand: Davinci
  • Model: MIQRO
  • Size : 31% Smaller than the IQ
  • Temperature Range: 350 – 430 ℉
  • Heat production (Convection/conduction): Conduction
  • Battery:Comes with two 900 mAh 18350 interchangeable batteries 
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Rust and Grey
  • Warranty: 5 years

What’s in the box? – Davinci MIQRO Unboxing

Davinci MIQRO Unboxing

Even though this new vaporizer comes at a lower price point, we were pretty surprised because it comes with a complete kit of tools and accessories to help you get the most out your vape. When unboxing the MIQRO you can expect to find:

  • Davinci MIQRO Vaporizer
  • 1x Carry Can (to carry your herbs and your spare battery)
  • 1x Grinder Card
  • 2x 18.350 900mAh replaceable batteries
  • 1x Extended Mouthpiece
  • 1x Charging USB Cable
  • 1x Davinci Tool
  • 4x cleaning Swabs
  • 1x Pearl gasket (for the oven) (we’ll go through it later)
  • 1x Mouthpiece gasket
  • 1x Carry Case
  • 1x Owners Manual


Davinci MIQRO Desing

The first thing you notice when holding the MIQRO is how tiny and how light it is. Davinci Claims that they have reduced the size by 31% compared to the IQ and it can definitely be completely hidden in your palm. It is also noticeable how solid and high-quality it feels, is made out of the same anodized aluminum as the IQ.

What makes the difference in this new vaporizer is that, as we said earlier, the oven size can be reduced by 50% simply by turning the zirconium pearl counter clockwise in the oven. This feature allows consumers to control their cannabis doses which can be really handy for medical treatments or other uses.

Same as its older brother, the MIQRO has two different  zirconium mouthpieces that can be easily changed. A flat one which is best for discreteness and the extended one which we personally prefer for vaping, it can also be used as a water pipe adapter to use your vaporizer with your favorite bong.

The New MIQRO also has LED interface but instead of 51 LEDs it has 15 which makes it a bit difficult to read precise temperatures cause they appear digit by digit but the overall user experience is great

Heating and vapor quality

The MIQRO features a conduction method of heating which means that the herbs are  heated up when they’re in contact in contact with the ceramic chamber walls.
This style of heating, compared to conduction, lacks a bit in the flavor and user experience but we have to admit that manufacturers are now narrowing the gap between both methods. The vapor produced by the MIQRO has a great taste and density.

Heating up is lightning fast in the MIQRO, it takes around 10 to 15 seconds to heat to the lowest temperature setting.

One of the innovations we found in the Davinci IQ was the Zirconium pearl found in the cover of the oven which helps reflect the heat in the chamber and allows for a more even and efficient consumption of our herbs. This pearls has also been added to the MIQRO, allowing to have the same even and efficient consumption of our herbs. 

It has a full ceramic vapor path that helps preserve the purity and flavor of the vapor.

How to use it

As the majority of dry herb vaporizers, the first thing we need to do before using it is filling it up with our herbs. The new MIQRO is a conduction vaporizer that can only be used with loose leaf.
To load it up we have to open the magnetic oven cover at the bottom of the vaporizer and insert our finely grinded herbs. Remember, In order to get the best results in a conduction vaporizer, we have to grind our material as fine as we can and pack it pretty tight inside the oven.

To turn the vaporizer on we have to press the control button 5 times and it will power up in Smart Path mode. The MIQRO has 3 different vaping modes Smart Paths, Precise temperature control and Boost. The Smart paths are in our opinion the best temperature control system out there, the temperature will automatically rise during the session to squeeze the most out of our herbs. There are four preset smart Paths that can be selected using the up and down buttons.

Smart Path 1
Starts at 350 ºF
Ends at 370 ºF

Smart Path 2
Starts at 370 ºF
Ends at 390 ºF

Smart Path 3
Starts at 390 ºF
Ends at 410 ºF

Smart Path 4
Starts at 410 ºF
Ends at 430 ºF

If you prefer to have full control of the temperature through the whole session you can select the precision mode by pressing the start button one more time once the vaporizer is on and you can move degree by degree using the side buttons. You can choose between Fahrenheit and Degree Celsius by pressing all three buttons at once.

To select the boost mode, press and hold the control button. This will increase the temperature for the last hits.

Also, the MIQRO features a Stealth mode which will help you be even more discrete. This mode will let you adjust the LED brightness. To activate Stealth mode, you have to press the control and down buttons at once. In order to go back to normal brightness, press control and up button again.

It may seem a bit confusing and complicated but once you’ve used it a couples times you’ll see that it is pretty intuitive and straight forward.


Davinci MIQRO Battery

The DAVINCI MIQRO  comes with 2 interchangeable 18350 batteries with 900 mAh capacity each one.

It is a tiny Battery that helps reducing the size and weight of the vaporizer but comprimieses a little bit on its battery life.

The kit comes with a micro-USB cable to charge the unit, it can be completely charged from dead in about 90 minutes. Also, it is good to mention that the vaporizer can be used while charging, we love this feature.
The downside is that it is a bit uncomfortable to charge and have both batteries charged and ready to go on any adventure, you should buy an external battery charger.

To check the  remaining battery on the vaporizer, yo have to press both the up and down buttons at once.

How to Clean the MIQRO

Davinci MIQRO Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the most important things to take into account when maintaining our vaporizer.

The MIQRO can be cleaned pretty easily. After every use, we should empty the bowl and quickly brush it to remove all the solid parts remaining.
After 10-15 sessions we can start to feel a higher draw resistance. That is caused by all the sticky bits of our herbs that get stuck in the vapor path. To clean it, we have to remove the vapor path and introduce it in some isopropyl alcohol.


The Davinci MIQRO comes well equipped with nearly everything you’re going to get the best results out of your vape! The only thing we can add here that will make your life easier is an external battery charger, that will allow you to have both batteries charged at the same time and ready to go for a full day outdoors

Pros and cons

Overall the MIQRO is a really good vaporizer, we weren’t expecting anything bad coming from DAVINCI. 
it is small and portable which is something we really like in a vaporizer, vapor production is as good as it gets in conduction vaporizers and the only downside that we can find here is the battery life but since it comes with two batteries, it isn’t a deal breaker.

Final thoughts – Should you buy the DAVINCI MIQRO?

The answer is YES, the MIQRO is an awesome vaporizer when it comes to portability and vapor production. It is also the best option for those who want to control their cannabis doses and don’t want to be vaping full chambers all the time.

Also, Davinci’s smart paths are awesome to get the most out of your herbs. 

If you feel like the MIQRO isn’t your vaporizer, you should check our best vaporizers article. Our alltime favorites are the MIQRO’s bigger brother, the Davinci IQ, and the PAX 3