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V2’s decision to name their latest product Prohibited in the 5th Degree (P5D) probably has something to do with the fact that marijuana is still illegal in many parts of the USA. V2’s previous vaping paraphernalia items were compatible with e-liquids, concentrates and dry herb. But the P5D is compatible with only concentrates and dry herbs – for those who love to vape both kinds.

Main Characteristics

  • Brand: V2
  • Model: Prohibited In The 5th Degree
  • Size & Weight: 431 grams
  • Temperature Range: 390 – 440℉
  • Heat production (Convection/conduction): Conduction
  • Heating time: 30-40 seconds
  • Battery (duration and average charging time): 900+ puffs for battery life, 2-3 hours charge time
  • Colors: Bone, Jade, Purple, Black
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty


$ 199

What’s in the box?

When unboxing the Prohibited 5th Degree vaporizer, you can expect to find:

  • 1 P5D vaporizer
  • 1 dry herb cartridge
  • 1 concentrates cartridge
  • 1 wall adapter
  • 1 magnetic USB charging cable
  • 1 pick tool (for cleaning and maintenance)
  • 1 brush tool (for cleaning and maintenance)
  • A user manual

Size and design

The P5D is a really good looking vaporizer, and conveniently small enough to take around with you anywhere. It is kind of heavy, probably because of the aluminium body and the magnetic chambers. However, it’s perfectly appropriate for vaping on the go and would fit in any handbag – a pound is probably too heavy to throw in your pocket.

The machine seems to be well built, especially considering some nifty additions – such as the magnetic charging cable. It doesn’t look like V2 has compromised on any of the design elements of this vaporizer.

The P5D also gives you the possibility of replacing the cartridges, which are what you fill up with material to be vaped. This means that if you want to travel around with it, there’s the possibility of having cartridges that have never been used. This means no funky smell lurking in your bag, which makes it even better for discreteness.

The cartridge system is a good design, not just for the ability to use two different kinds of materials, but for the fact that they are replaceable. Overall, the Prohibited 5th Degree vape is well put together and obviously properly thought out.

Heating, Temperature and Vapor Quality

For a handheld portable vape that can be loaded with both herbal material and concentrates, this vape stacks up pretty good. What makes this vaporizer unique compared to other 2-in1s is that it doesn’t use the same heating element for both materials. It has two separate heating cartridges: one for heating herbs and another for heating concentrates. This gives a vaping experience that is optimized for the kind of material that you are using.

There isn’t much temperature flexibility with the Prohibited 5th Degree vape, which is somewhere it falls behind. There are three settings for vaporizing: low, medium and high. If you’re vaping dry herbs, the low setting corresponds to 390℉, the medium setting to 415℉ and the highest setting to 440℉. If you’re vaping concentrates, then the settings correspond to voltage: 3.7V, 4.2V and 4.7V.

You also don’t load the wax into the same cartridge as you load the herb. There are two different cartridges with attached mouthpieces for use with different materials. The P5D is perfectly engineered to get the best out of both materials. Rather than assuming the same piece of technology for both materials, it has dedicated different cartridges and eating elements to each.

The Prohibited 5th Degree vaporizer performs reasonably well with both materials, which we can’t say for other 2-in1s. Other vaporizers that can be loaded with both usually perform better with one than they do with the other. Having said that, you might not expect to get the same vape quality as other vapes. But for how well it performs with both, the Prohibited 5th Degree is pretty impressive.

How to use it

The P5D is extremely easy to use, using only one button on the front of the device. When you’ve decided which material you want to vape, load up the corresponding cartridge. Load it in by sliding it into the top. It will connect magnetically. Then press the button on the front three times to power on.

It will take 30-40 seconds to heat up to your desired temperature. If you want to change the temperature or voltage setting, clicking the button twice will let you cycle through the settings. When you’re ready to turn it off, press the button three times again.

Battery life

The battery life will vary depending on the setting that you’re using it at, but it seems to be pretty solid when it comes to getting through a session. In fact, most users of the P5D can get through a whole day’s worth of vaping with a single charge. Unfortunately, the Prohibited 5th Degree cannot be used while charging.

No replaceable battery here, but you can charge it just about anywhere because it’s USB powered. It should take around 2 hours to charge from empty to full.


Cleaning the P5D is extremely easy, because you only really have to care for the mouthpiece and the dry herb cartridge. Cleaning the concentrates cartridge isn’t recommended because of the technology that is on the bottom. But rather, they can be replaced. So when you feel like it’s time for a new one, you can always purchase a new concentrates cartridge.

Twist off the mouthpiece and soak it in some diluted rubbing alcohol. Give it a good scrub with a pipe cleaner if necessary. As for the dry herb cartridge, you just have to soak a cue tip with some rubbing alcohol and get in there. That’s about it!


If you want to take your Prohibited 5th Degree vaporizing experience to the next level, there are two attachments you can buy with it. The first one is a dabbing attachment, to let you powerfully hit smaller doses. There is also the E-Rigging attachment, which more or less turns your vape into a rigging device.

Final thoughts

For versatility, the P5D takes the cake. Not just because you can vape two different materials in it – that’s a quality of a lot of vaporizers these days. But for the fact that it efficiently vaporizes both with two different heating cartridges for dry herbs and for concentrates. The battery life is good and it’s a good looking device. And it’s easy to use! Perhaps we’d like to see more temperature flexibility than the three settings it comes equipped with.

For less than $200, it’s a great all rounder. Those who are not up to spending upwards of $200 can be sure that they’re getting a pretty good deal with the Prohibited 5th Degree vaporizer.

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