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Main Characteristics

  • Brand: Quant Vapor
  • Size & Weight: 3.2 inches by 1.9 inches by 0.9 inches
  • Temperature Range: 320 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Heat Production (Convection/Conduction): Convection
  • Heating Time: Only a few seconds
  • Battery (Duration and Average Charging Time): Battery will last up to 40 minutes and takes about 90 minutes to fully charge
  • Colors: this premium edition it’s available in two colors: walnut wood finish and Nero Marquina black marble


$ 169

There will always be those of us who prefer wax and those of us who prefer dry herb, but there will also be that special group of people who like both of them equally. That group of people is the one that suffers the most when they buy vaporizers. They have to buy one for their dry herb and one for their wax and, seeing as vaporizers don’t come cheap, they end up regretting their equal love because it’s costing them some pretty unequal money compared to the rest of the population; which is why the Quant Vaporizer must be the best thing to ever happen to them!

The Quant vaporizer is a 2 in 1 device, perfect for those who want to enjoy both their dry herb and their wax in one place. It’s got everything: a simple to use interface, vapor quality like no other, and a very classy look. If such a combination is precisely what you’ve been looking for, then you can’t miss out on this awesome vaporizer.

So what, exactly, does this vaporizer have to offer?

quant vaporizer review


quant vaporizer unboxing

As usual, the unboxing process was exciting. We loved the dainty black box the Quant vaporizer came in. We received the Premium edition vaporizer with the Walnut Wood Finish color, so the image of the box had the exact same print as the vaporizer itself, which was a nice touch.

The box itself contains:

  • A single Quant 2 in 1 vaporizer, looking as classy and sexy as ever.
  • An extra silicone mouthpiece, for when you’re vaping wax instead of dry herb.
  • A single quartz tank, for burning the wax, of course.
  • One packing tool coupled with a pair of tweezers (we’ll get to the purpose of this in a bit).
  • A single cleaning brush.
  • One USB cable.

Let’s start with the vaporizer itself: it’s pretty dainty, just like the box (call that foreshadowing) and easily fits into the palm of your hand. We had our reservations but were pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is to handle it. You’ll never have an uneasy moment vaping out of the Quant.

The extra silicone mouthpiece, as you might have guessed, is for when you’re using wax instead of dry herb. It takes higher temperatures to vaporize wax and certain materials can have a hard time handling all that heat. The silicone mouthpiece affords you a cool feeling despite all the heat brewing beneath you and gets you to vape comfortably. The quartz tank is also for heating the wax and is fit neatly into the heating chamber. It can be a bit difficult to do that, however, and that is where the packing tool and tweezers come in. You will need the tweezers to get the quartz tank in and out of the heating chamber because of how snugly it fits in there.

The cleaning brush is for an easy time cleaning the vaporizer, allowing you to get to those stubborn corners and the USB cable is for charging.

Size and Design

size and design quant vaporizer

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When it comes to the size and design, the Quant vaporizer can fit neatly into just about anyone’s palm. It can also fit into just about any pocket. You will, however, notice a slight bulge when you put it in your pocket, but nothing that screams “I’ve got a vaporizer in my pocket!” It might be mistaken for a book of matches or a simple cigarette lighter or anything else with a small box shape.

The look of the vaporizer is pretty classy, making it a statement on its own. Be seen wielding a Quant vaporizer anywhere and you will give off the vibe of someone who enjoys, and has, the finer things in life. That said, it isn’t very discreet once you take it out of your pocket and begin to use it. But then again, with something that classy, who would want to hide it while it’s in action?

It comes with a few well-spaced and highly responsive buttons on the side and a large and clear LED display on the top that shows the temperature and charge remaining in the battery.

Heating, Vapor Quality, and Temperature Settings

The Quant vaporizer works by convection and heats up pretty fast. Once you get it going, it heats up your dry herb or wax in a matter of seconds. The vapor quality is also pretty great, especially for the dry herb. The mid-temperature range is the best for the highest quality vapor quality when on dry herb and the highest temperature will do just fine when on wax.

How to Use

Using the Quant vaporizer is pretty simple.

When on dry herb, remove the mouthpiece and you will find the heating chamber underneath. You can fill it with herb and place the mouthpiece back. To switch it on, press the power button 5 times. You can then set the temperature using the control buttons and inhale while pressing the power button when you find a desirable temperature.

When on wax, you will have to remove the silicone cap from the quartz tank once you remove the mouthpiece. You can then dab your wax into the quartz tank and put the silicone cap back on before placing the quartz cap into the chamber and replacing the mouthpiece. From there the operation is similar to when using dry herb. The process of inserting and removing the quartz tank can be pretty difficult and that’s why you need the tweezers.

Battery Life

The battery will last for 40 minutes of continuous vaping on full charge and requires 90 minutes to charge fully. Unfortunately, you cannot use this vaporizer while charging.


Cleaning the Quant Vaporizer is as easy as using the brush that comes along with the vaporizer in the box. Just dip it in some alcohol solution and dab it in the inside of the heating chamber and quartz tank to get out all the leftover herb and wax.

Pros and Cons


  • Classy look
  • 2 in 1 vaporizer
  • Very dainty and comfortable in the hand


  • Inserting and removing the quartz tank from the heating chamber requires the use of tweezers.


review quant vaporizer

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The Quant vaporizer is a premium solution for those who love both dry herb and wax and will be an excellent addition to anyone’s collection of vaporizers.

The only con we can found it’s that you have to use the tweezers everytime you want to vape wax, but it’s a minor problem in comparison with its pros: the possibility of vaping herb and wax, its incredible battery life or the fact that it provides an amazing vapor quality make this vaporizer a ‘must-have.’

You simply can’t let this one go!

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