15 Reasons Why Scooby And Shaggy Are Definitely Potheads

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Ok so earlier this week a made a post about children’s show characters who were probably stoners. The article got mixed reviews but I had a couple people on twitter questioning of all people, Shaggy and Scooby. I had a few others who got questioned in the comments and on twitter but that one definitely stood out to me because I thought EVERYONE knew they were stoners.

Apparently not so in honor of that fact I decided to put together this short list of reasons why I am sure these guys are not only stoners but super stoners.  These guys might even be comparable to Snoop Dogg.  You be the judge.

  1. Scooby and Shaggy laughed and acted giddy all the time.
  2. Scooby and Shaggy always had the munchies.
  3. They were up at 2:00 AM searching for ghosts and monsters in a painted van called the Mystery Machine.
  4. I’m pretty sure they just lived in that van, I never saw them go home.
  5. The Mystery Machine is a stoners van if I ever saw one.
  6. They wore the same clothes every day of their lives.
  7. They were always up all night catching all these bad guys so you know they didn’t wake up until after 12.
  8. Shaggy always had a messed up goatee & hair.
  9. None of them were in college or had jobs. So what did they do all day?
  10. Scooby and Shaggy were always in the back of the van, and we never knew what they were doing.
  11. Shaggy always said “like” to the extreme, e.g., “like ZOIKS, Scoob, let’s get outta here!!” (WTF is a zoik exactly?)
  12. Scooby is a dog.  They aren’t supposed to be able to talk but Shaggy was the only one who could hear and understand him.
  13. Scooby and Shaggy were always being freaked out by ghosts and ghouls, but no one else saw the ghosts before them.
  14. They could never figure out the culprit until the end when they ripped off his mask but usually that was the only other character on that episode.
  15. His name is Shaggy??? I mean come on.

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking, “Damn houroc, how you gonna just snitch on them like this.” Don’t worry we’ve got that covered. In America, you can’t get charged for the same crime twice if you were already found innocent. In this bonus video that I’m providing to you guys thanks to my buddies over at spiked humor, we see where these guys were brought to trial but beat the case thanks to their great attorney Harvey Birdman.  Take notes people.

harvey birdman-shaggy busted S1E3 by gruber65



‘You think your job sucks? Let me tell you about the people I work with.
First, there’s this supermodel wanna-be chick. Ok, I’ll admit, she’s pretty hot, but damn she is completely useless. The girl is constantly fixing her hair or putting on her makeup. She is extremely self centered and never considers the needs of anyone other than herself. She is dumber than a box of rocks and I find it surprising that she has enough brain power to breathe.
The next chick is exactly the opposite- she might even be one of the smartest girls on the planet. She has endless career opportunities but she’s still here with us. She is a zero on a scale of 1 to 10. I doubt she even showers, much less shaves her “womanly” parts. I think she might be a lesbian, because every time we drive past the hardware store she moans like a cat in heat.
But the jewel of the crowd has got to be the fucking stoner. And this guy is more than just your average pothead. The guy is baked before he comes to work, after work, and even during work. He probably hasn’t been sober any time in the last 10 years, and he’s only 22. He dresses like a beatnik throwback from the 1960’s, and, to make things worse, brings his fucking giant dog to work. Every fucking day I have to look at this huge Great Dane walking around half stoned from the second-hand smoke. Hell, sometimes I even think it’s trying to talk with its constant bellowing. Also, both of them are constantly hungry, requiring multiple stops to McDonald’s and Burger King every single fucking day.
Anyways, I drive these fucktards around in my van and we solve mysteries and shit.’

Yep, definitely stoned.

Liam Henderson

Thibo, that is a new show that has very little to do with old scooby doo. This article is referring to the original series


Hello my name is Sarah and I’m with my cousin karlee and we think that number nine is a stupid question because everyone knows that their monster and goast hunters so they do have a job shaggy and Scooby smoke in the van it makes them crazy so…they eat alot and run alot so their dopeheads period.


Hello my name is Sarah and number nine was a stupid question, they haunted all night I believe that they are stoners but really every one should know that they haunt, and they were always hungry because they smoked in the van every where and a another thing shaggy and Scooby was always running


Mary Jane is my lover and my best friend. Flatbush Zombies. Mary, Nothing Above Thee. Shaggy definetely hits doobs.


They were definitely potheads lol. I knew it was something I always loved about the show.


In scooby doo 2 , the characters are meeting there fans outside the museum , shaggy sniffs the air , smiles and turns his head to see his fans , if that’s not proof than I don’t know what is .


I’m pretty sure shaggy was just meant to be the stereotypical teenager of the time


Well, most of the teenagers of the time WERE stoners. Duhh. That’s probably why they have such a resemblance.


Regardless of how many points are right or wrong. If you don’t think Scooby had references to weed then you are an idiot. Shaggy was clearly meant to resemble a stoner. The creators of the original cartoon admitted as much.


Even if Barbara said there was none, what was she meant to say when people are getting annoyed about it. ” yes of course scooby is stoned and he takes heroin on his days off”


Shaggy always wore a GREEN shirt, his girlfriends name was MARY-JANE etc.

Phillip the stoner

fuck you good sir, stoners are very giddy, and very responsive, the van wasn’t fred’s it was shaggy’s, smoking weed only takes five minutes if you go fast leaving plenty of time to go catch monsters, just about every teenage boy was a stoner back then, so of course even freddy probably blazed too, but he wasn’t a bum, everyone ould hear scooby talk, so i wont argue with you on that, but shaggy and scooby, ant the rest of the trio were probably all baked off of some good shit, I mean how do you think fred came up with all his clever traps? or what do you think scooby snacks were? the were edibles my friend…they were edibles


there is a stoner in one of my classes at school. he is not giddy, just squinting and looking dazed. stoned means not giddy, so. they probably have high metabolisms, and are hungry all the time, i mean it was just a cartoon, so they exaggerated how hungry they were and how much they ate, every one did hear scooby talk, i say like alot, i mean, come on, and i’m NOT a stoner, and if you were stoned i don’t think their would be any traps, maybe hallucinations, but i don’t think they would be capable to think up good traps. again, it’s a cartoon, they never showed any body going home, except in a few later shows, and shaggy had a home, if they were, catching monsters, setting traps, getting trapped, hiding, running from monsters, eating, talking and sleeping, would there be any time for weed? they show what they were doing in the back, playing music, eating baloney and mustard and such, or talking to the people in the front, commonly cartoons have people wearing the same clothes, shaggy, as in “shaggy-like hair” or shag rugs? teenage boys are lazy, so of course their hair would be like that, as the style was then, and from not sleeping from running from monsters, they do the most running, after all, they just wanted a silly show, and yes, alot of people were like that then, so they were based off of people then, look at a restaurant 70’s themed, they look like the mystery machine exploded there, because, that was popular then. what did they do all day? have fun with the gang, solve mysterys, eating and sleeping, and they could be going to school, who knows?

Micah Petterson

I act real normal. Maybe once in a while I get layed back a bit more. But that is rare.


Also, in the scooby doo movie, this girl says her name is Mary Jane and shaggy says “zoimks, like that’s my. Favorite name.” Im pretty sure that wasnt a coincidence


Most of these are horribly wrong or opinionated yes they did resemble pot heads and a few of these are right but for the most part you’re just failing at proving a point most of your reasons just resemble a lazy teenager wearing the same clothes everyday so does every other cartoon and a lot of teens saying like a lot… Teenager the munchies is a very good point but maybe they were just exageratting how much teens eat and maybe they are out of college and this is their job

Terwhal and KittyCat

1. Stoners are supposed to be stoned- unresponsive. Not giddy, besides they were supposed to be in High School. All teenagers are giddy.
2. Again, teenage boy who had high metabolism. And dogs never turn down food.
3. The other characters were up at 2:00 am and hunted monsters. Why do you not think they are stoners? I'm pretty sure you've stayed up to 2:00 am doing something a lot less productive.
4.In the teenage series on T.V. the gang often hung out at Shaggy's house. Even if the teenage series wasn't as good,
5. Everyone in the 70's had that van. And the van belonged to Fred.
6. It's a cartoon, of course they wear the same clothes everyday. Besides in one episode it showed Shaggy's closet filled with green shirts and pants, so it wasn't the exact same outfit everyday.
7. If they were up that late catching monsters, how could they have time to smoke weed? They slept in to twelve due to the exhaustion of ghost hunting.
8. That was the style back then, well at least one of them. Many teenage boys today have a lot worse hair.
9. They were in highschool, they went to coolsville high. The mysteries were always on trips they made to other places, or sometimes closer to home on weekends.
10. We all know what they were doing in the back of the van. Eating, cooking, it even showed on one episode them having a picnic back there.
11. First of all, it's Zoinks! Second, valley girls say like, all teenagers nowadays say like, hippies say like, it is not specific to a certain stoner person. Just the cool vocabulary back then.
12. It was a tv show! And everyone could hear scooby talk. Everyone. Fred, daphne Velma, the crooks. There is a lot weirder stuff on TV today.
13. You realize those ghosts did exsist, they were people in ghost costumes, so they did see them. It wasn't a drug created fantasy, and usually others saw the monsters too.
14. Rarely would there only be one other person in the episode. They usually had other characters so you weren't sure who did. ex:In the episode where the gang went into the video game to find the virus, there was the professor, and lab assistants, and students at the college.
15. Well who wants to be called Norville. They call him shaggy cause of his shaggy hair style.

I hope we (The dynamic duo) have enlightened you. Have a nice day.


Your last few reasons make no since and the biggest one in that is shaggy was not the only one who could hear and understand Scooby .the 2nd biggest is they were not the only ones to see the monsters, ghosts first there were times that the girls saw them first. Oh and last but not least if you watched the show at all you would know that it did Infact show what shaggy and Scooby were doing in the back of the van .. they show them eating back there. So on a last note you were not a fan of the show !!

Your mom

i think this is dumb, honestly hana barbara denined aligations that drugs were being used in there cartoons. They just wanted to create a silly funny show. Whats wrong with that?


Lol this shit was hilarious, I was watching the first episode of the scooby doo live tv show, and when they went into the graveyard scooby saw a sign that said keep off the grass and said "hey, keep off the grass. haha, I made a funny!"

valerie kuykendall

I used to watch with my daughter when she was little. I was a stoner back in the day, (I'm 55 now), never knew till my daughter watched it with her kids that scooby was a stoner.


Scooby “Doobie” Doo, where are you? We’ve got some work to do now. Just rolled a fatty blunt, that we’re gonna smoke, and solve a myst’ry too now…


Scoobs is a figment of Shag’s stoner imagination.


seriously i will always believe that scooby and shaggy were stoners because every time they get out the back doors of the mystery machine smoke pours out… how else do you explain that?


You suck! Seriously you didn't even mention the fact that every time they left the van there was smoke billowing out of it.


in the movie monsters unleashed smoke went in his face he smelled it and knew it was weed he turned around and all of his fans were stoners

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