9 Best CBD Vape Oils & How To Find Them

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9 Best CBD Vape Oils & How To Find Them

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Searching for a calming yet nicotine-free vaping experience? CBD vape oils are more popular than ever. Featuring a relaxing vibe and an focused energy, CBD vape oils make for an excellent alternative to smoking. The best part? They don’t feature a psychoactive high.

The CBD oils featured in this post were selected based on the integrity of their ingredients. While there are many popular brands of CBD vape oils out there, many e-liquids and juices contain additives that may be harmful to health.

Since many choose to try CBD for its wealth of health benefits, it is important to find and consume products that will not aggravate symptoms or cause other unwanted complications.

Below are the 9 best CBD vape oils on the market, in no particular order. For more details on how to select safe CBD oils, continue reading.

1. 4 Corners Cannabis

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Price: $60 to 100

If you’re searching for high-quality CBD vape oil, 4 Corners Cannabis is an excellent brand. While many CBD hemp oils are made from miscellaneous plant parts, those at 4 Corners Cannabis have been growing cannabis for over a decade and laboratory test all of their cannabis products.

Their CBD Vape Liquid ranges in size between 250 to 1000 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD. Other ingredients include vegetable glycerine and limonene. Limonene is an aroma molecule found naturally in plants. It provides an orange citrus flavor to the vape oil.

2. Care Free CBD

Price: $27.99

Care Free CBD is marketed as 100 percent organic. Unlike the majority of CBD liquids hitting the markets, Care Free CBD is free of additives like emulsifiers, propylene glycol, and artificial colors and flavors.

Apart from hemp-derived CBD, the product is infused with organic vegetable glycerine. In laboratory tests, vegetable glycerin was found to be the safest vape liquid base. Like many CBD vapes, Care Free CBD products contain no nicotine.

3. HempVap®

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Price: $35.95

Not all prefilled cartridges are made equally. However, HempVap® is an excellent product that contains that contains 100mg of CBD infused into a medium-triglyceride oil. HempVap® comes in several different flavors, including Strawberry, Honeydew, Papaya, or unflavored.

The CBD used in this product is hemp-derived and extracted using CO2 oil, which is considered one of the safest solvents to use when processing cannabis oils. The HempVap® fits onto a 510 threaded battery.

4. CBD Luxe

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Price: $27.99

CBD Luxe disposable CBD vape pens are third-party tested for purity. They also contain simple, all organic ingredients. CBD oil is infused into an MCT coconut oil base. The added flavorings are organic plant extracts, including extracts like lemon, ginger, and lime.

The CBD Luxe vape pens taste excellent and are available in three different effect profiles. Consumers can choose between Calm, Alert, and Clear, all of which come with unique flavor profiles, including lavender, lemon, and peppermint.

5. Wildflower

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Price: $59.99

Wildflower is a brand of disposable vaporizers based out of Washington state. While Wildflower does offer disposable THC vaporizers in certain regions. However, their CBD vaporizers are available for online order and ship throughout the United States.

Unlike other brands, Wildflower CBD vapes do contain emulsifiers. The complete ingredient list includes CBD crystalline, CBD oil, vegetable glycerin, essential oils, polysorbate, glycerol sterate, and lecithin. All of these items are considered safe to consume.

However, there has not been sufficient testing for how some of these ingredients may act when heated to high temperatures and inhaled.

6. Alternate Vape CBD E-Liquid

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Price: $49.99 to 68.50

Alternate Vape CBD e-liquid comes in three lovely flavors, citrus, mint, and kush. Made with CBD, MCT oil, and terpenes, all of the ingredients in this vape oil are considered safe to consume and contain no artificial chemicals.

While bottles of Alternate Vape can get a little pricey, they do offer a killer deal on a vaporizer bundle. The Alternative Vape kit comes with a 510 threaded battery, refillable vaporizer cartridge, CBD e-liquid, and filler bottle. There are 500 milligrams of CBD per 15 ounce bottle.

7. Sol CBD 600 MG Vape Oil

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Price: $79

Not only is Sol CBD potent, but it features a delightful minty-grape flavor. The CBD used in this product is made from hemp and extracted using CO2. Unlike other products which contain isolates, Sol CBD includes a full-spectrum hemp oil.

Sol CBD is third-party laboratory tested and uses vegetable glycerin as a base. This means that Sol CBD is safe to consume and is appropriate for those seeking relief from higher CBD doseages.

While this product is one of the best on the market, it certainly isn’t cheap. Sol CBD runs for nearly $80 per 30 ml bottle. However, those concerned with getting the most health benefit from their CBD may appreciate this full-extract option.

8. Entourage: CBD Vape Oil

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Price: $25.00 to 35.00

If you’re hoping to find a tasty and potent CBD vape oil, Entourage is an excellent brand. Entourage was hand-formulated in a Colorado laboratory and it contains not only CBD, but an array of beneficial terpenoids.

Those who love flavor will appreciate the robust tastes of Entourage. Even their unflavored e-liquid, Occam’s Razor flavor contains an extra boost of added terpenes, providing hints of spicy hops and cardamom.

Other flavors include Wild Mint, Clove, Limoncello, and Colorado Kush. All flavorings are natural, made with real botanical terpenes. This oil can be used with both drip rigs and tanks, making it a versatile and tasty oil to have around.

9. Green Roads CBD Oil

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Price: $26.99 to 209.99

Green Roads’ collection of CBD oils are both sublingual and vapable. They also come in a variety of different concentrations. Consumers can choose between 100mg bottles of CBD oil to 1500mg bottles.

These products contain no THC at all. Instead, they are made with a 99% pure CBD isolate, hemp seed oil, and vegetable glycerine. Like many of the other brands included on this list, all of their products are third-party laboratory tested to ensure safety and quality.

Consumers can mix Green Roads CBD Oil with their preferred flavoring. Though, the healthiest flavors to add into CBD e-liquids are safe and natural terpenes.

Is CBD vape oil safe?

CBD by itself is considered a safe and non-toxic substance. Research suggests that CBD is well-tolerated, even at high doses. However, vape oil does not contain CBD alone. Many brands sold online contain additives which may be toxic when heated and inhaled.

Avoiding products that contain potentially carcinogenic additives will help you stay safe with CBD vape oil. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Avoid toxic thinning agents

Research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that some common vaporizer additives released carcinogenic compounds when heated to high temperatures.

Specifically, the ingredients propylene glycol (PG) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) were found to outgas into formaldehyde when heated to the point of combustion, 446℉ (230℃). Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and has been used to preserve cadavers after death.

PEG also releases acetaldehyde when heated to high temperatures, another known carcinogen.

The study also found that MCT oils, like coconut oil, which are commonly thought of as safe bases for vaporizers, did produce some acetaldehyde when heated. However, MCT oils produced 33 percent less acetaldehyde than PEG.

These produces produced these carcinogenic compounds when heated to high temperatures. If you have CBD vape oil that includes these products, it is important to pay close attention to temperature. Holding down vaporizer buttons for extended periods of time can overheat the vape and increase the amount the e-liquid is heated.

This research also tested vegetable glycerin as a vape oil base. Vegetable glycerin did not break down into toxic compounds with high heat. Based on this evidence, CBD vape oil made with vegetable glycerine may be the safest option on the market. However, MCT oils are still safer than products that contain PG and PEG.

2. Why food-grade isn’t enough

Proponents of propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol mention that these compounds are generally recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, CBD vape oil is meant to be heated and inhaled. These compounds have not been sufficiently tested for safety for inhalation purposes.

Though, it is important to note that there has been a multitude of studies about the safety of inhaled cannabis. Apart from temporary inflammation of the airways, no studies have conclusively found any serious or lasting health concerns with moderate cannabis inhalation.

3. Avoid added artificial flavorings

Another ingredient of concern? Artificial flavorings. A Harvard study published in 2015 found that 75 percent of artificial flavorings used in e-liquids contain compounds that can cause “popcorn lung”.

Popcorn lung is more formally known as bronchiolitis obliterans and it causes damage to the small airways in the lungs. The condition can cause coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

The triggering compounds in question are diacetyl, 2,3-pentanedione, and acetoin. They are often present in candy-flavored e-cigs and can be incorporated into other artificial flavorings.

Hoping to play it safe? Opt for CBD vape oils that are flavored with natural terpenes.

Tips for buying CBD liquid

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CBD is more popular than ever. Yet, with all of the different products out there, it can be difficult to find products that are safe and made with high-quality ingredients. To make sure you’re getting a good buy, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Always buy from brands with full ingredient lists

A surprising number of CBD vape oil suppliers do not list their ingredients on their websites. It is not recommended to buy products that are not transparent with what they have included in their e-liquids. Already, additives like PG and PEG can be included as a primary ingredient in many vape oils. Yet, other harmful additives and fragrances may also be included.

2. Opt for liquids that have been third-party lab tested

While some products advertise that they contain CBD, only products that have been third-party laboratory tested can provide proof that they contain the cannabinoid. Many reputable suppliers publish their test results online for consumers to read.

3. Pay attention to source

There are a few different types of CBD vape oils available. Some CBD vape oils are made from hemp and extracted with a CO2 solvent or ethanol. These products will often be labeled as “full-extract” CBD.

Full-extract CBD vape oil likely contains the greatest amount of beneficial cannabis compounds and terpene aroma molecules.

Many vape oils, however, are made with CBD isolates. These are purified forms of CBD that do not contain other synergistic phytochemicals, unless they have been added in.

Where is the best place to buy CBD e-liquid and vapor cartridges?

The best place to buy CBD liquid and vapor cartridges is at local dispensaries. If you have access, that is.

Local dispensaries are more likely to feature products made by local farmers and businesses, allowing for more transparency with growing standards.

In states and regions with local access, CBD products may also contain a little THC. The combination of THC and CBD is thought to provide the most beneficial effects.

Many dispensaries carry these types of products, and also are more likely to have higher quality control standards than online suppliers.