The 10 Types Of Grinders You Could Be Using For Your Bud

If you smoke weed on a daily basis and don’t have a grinder, what are you doing? Unless you’re that old fashion where you would rather break up nugs with your hand. You’re just missing out on a ton of kief. Now, why would you want to do that?

I couldn’t go without having a grinder and smoking weed daily. It makes it so much easier to break up nugs. The best park of a grinder is getting the kief. That is if you have at least a three chambered grinder. No country for people without at least a three chamber grinder.

We give you Greenies 10 of the grinders you will most likely use. I guarantee one of your friends has one or more of these types of grinders. Some I despises of and some I wish I had. If I have forgotten a type, please leave a comment.

1. Plastic Grinder

By far the worst grinder ever known to man. Nobody wants to use this at any point. But times can get tough and weed needs to be smoked.

One Chamber Plastic: 1/10

Three Chamber Plastic: 3/10

2. One Chamber Grinder

I hate these almost as much as plastic grinders for only one reason. You’re losing all that kief. The break up your bud fine and all. I just hate seeing kief go to waste.

One Chamber Metal: 5/10

3. Electric Grinder

I had one of these for a short period. I traded a girl at this party my shirt for her grinder. It had some old cartoon character on it that she loved. I could careless about and it was a simply trade for me. It worked good until it broke. That’s why it only gets a 4. There’s a good chance it will break.


Electric Grinder: 4/10



4. Wooden Grinder

I don’t know who would even bother buying one of these. Is there anyone out there actually using these? It has to be so trash to be using this. Just as bad as the plastic ones. Anyone have a different opinion, please speak now.

Wooden Grinder: 3/10

5. Bud Grater

Nobody uses this. I can’t believe they even sell these. They are six bucks, lol. No way I’m going to sit there like grade weed like cheese. No is this going to be me with my bud.

Grater: -1/10

6. Rotary Crank Grinder

Seen it in action. Works good. Easy to use. Only thing that I don’t like about it is that it is a crank. Which means pieces that can break. When being used it is definitely the best.

Rotary Crank: 9/10

7. Three Chamber Grinder

The greatest grinder you can buy. Three chambers. One for weed, one for kief. Unbreakable if dropped. What more can you ask for in a grinder. It has durability, kief chamber and breaks up your weed well. They aren’t pricey and are small for easy travel. I personally use this one exact one above. I have zero complaints.

Three Chamber: 10/10

8. Gas Station Grinder

They might be from the gas station and only be 10 bucks. If they are a three chamber grinder, I think they might as good if not better than the grinder at the 7 spot. My one buddy bought one just like the above ones and it was a three chamber grinder. He had for years. It one one of the best ones I’ve used.

Gas Station: 9/10

9. Giant Grinder

If you’re really going to break up a shit load of weed. Yes, this would be perfect. But not many people are breaking this much up on a regular basis. Just went from a 5 to 4.

Giant Grinders: 4/10

10. Bullet Grinder

This is the grinder Wiz Khalifa uses. It is basically the same as the Three Chamber grinder at 7. Just the outside is shaped in bullets. Easily a 10/10.

Bullet Grinder: 10/10

You can have the coolest grinder or the cheapest plastic one. It doesn’t matter what type you have if it isn’t filled with kief.

This much kief in your grinder (No Matter The Type): 420

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