G Pen Gio Preview | The crown of oil vapes?

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G Pen Gio Preview | The crown of oil vapes?

G Pen Gio the new best oil vape?

We don’t know yet. But from the looks and buzz behind this new little vape. It sounds like it could be a game changer.

So far. Grenco Science ( Famous for G Pen Elite) hasn’t made an official announcement. But the word is out. A couple of fortunate weed influencers have been testing it and showing the new product on their social media. Here are the sneak peaks we found on the new G Pen Gio vaporizer:

Taylor Gang: https://www.facebook.com/TaylorGang/videos/1156725137805937/

Wiz Khalifa: https://www.facebook.com/wizkhalifa/videos/10155357583971142/


Grenco science is known by the mainstream vaporizer company. As have done partnerships with most of the personalities in the industry. Like Snoop Dog, Whiz Kahlifa and many more. Also co-branding products with companies like Burton or Santa Cruz Shredder. Above is the picture from Berner IG (@berner415)

G Pen Gio Device


We’re looking at a really portable unit. Can be easily hidden in the palm and should be pretty discreet. Assuming the device will be sold online without the oil cartridges, and pods will be sold separately in dispensaries. It will likely be available in California and Colorado at first.

G Pen Gio Pods

G Pen Gio Pods Flavor

To use the G Pen Gio, you need to buy G Pen branded pods. Which are filled with different types of cannabis oils. For what we have seen, they will offer at least the four below flavors:

  • Lemmonde – Citrus flavor.
  • Biscotti – Cookie flavor
  • Strawberry shortcake – Exotikz
  • KK – Kahlifa Kush

We haven’t seen any information on their strain type, THC content or type of extraction used for the oils. But we’re hoping to get the whole variety of flavors soon!

Advantages of G Pen Gio?

The simplicity of the device is what makes the G Pen Gio a top vape for oils. The market is clearly shifting to oils and concentrates, and with a big push for close system vapes.

Disadvantages of G Pen Gio?

Having to buy the pods from a dispensary and not being refillable might be a turn down for most people. Especially if you don’t live in California or Colorado. Hacking the pods to put your own oil seems to be hard, so wouldn’t recommend if don’t like the idea of buying G Pen cartridges.

G Pen Gio vs PAX Era

The PAX Era has been the leader in the space since it came out a year and a half ago. It’s the best oil vape you can buy that comes prefilled. Their pod selection has been growing and you can find pretty much anything. From CBD only to different types of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid pods.

Grenco Science has obviously seen a market opportunity there and has jumped into the growing market of prefilled oil vapes. Pricing on the G Pen Gio is unknown, but we can speculate to be around $50 for the device and $30 for pods (which will vary upon strain). At this price it will be on par with the PAX Era, it’s major direct competitor.

To judge their product against the PAX Era, we’ll have to wait until the official release and try it out ourselves. For now, this is a promising announcement!


Final thoughts

Stay tuned for the actual review once we get a unit on our hands! We would be looking for the best G Pen Coupons to save you some money.