G Pen Pro 2017 Preview | Best in class dry herb vape

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G Pen Pro 2017 Preview | Best in class dry herb vape

G Pen Pro 2017 Preview

Word is out! Grenco Science has unveiled their two new vaporizers last week at Champstradeshow. The G Pen Gio for oils and the G Pen Pro for “ground materials” aka dry herb. We are excited to test out this two units.

The hype is on. Since Wiz Khalifa shared on his social media a quick video of the G Pen Gio. Everyone has started to wonder what was going on under Grenco Science pipeline.

For what we’ve seen, both units are pretty discreet and their goal is to maximize efficiency. We covered the preview of the G Pen Gio, so let’s focus on the second mystery vape.

G Pen Pro Dry Herb Vape

The little vape has a similar aesthetics to the G Pen Elite, but in a smaller, more compact format. Nothing has been said about the performance or use of the unit. But looking at the G Pen Gio (only for oil cartridges) this sister unit will be for dry herb use only. Sorry for the concentrate lovers, but this unit isn’t for you.

Pricing is set to $99.95, which is really competitive for a vape of this quality. Availability was just announced by Grenco Science, which is selling on their website starting Augus1st 1st. You can also find the device on your favorite head shop within the next weeks. The retail price comes $50 lower than their top of line vaporizer, the G Pen Elite.

All the information available is their quick IG video release: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWvu433HZt_/?taken-by=gpen


Specifications G Pen Pro



  • The exterior of the unit is made of aluminum for the body, and a plastic mouthpiece with a silicone cover. Those are standard materials used in vaporizers.
  • The interior of the vaporizer is a full ceramic chamber. This means your herbs will be heated in ceramic material, which is one of the best you can find in a vaporizer. This allows for a great vaping experience, as ceramic holds up really high temperatures without the worry of inhaling toxic vapors like cheap plastic materials. The taste of your herb with a ceramic chamber will be supreme. We’re impressed they used it on a mid price vaporizer!


The device has a really portable size. Having the following measure: 116 x 25 x 24MM

Oven dimensions are big a for a unit of this size, with a diameter of 8.6MM and a depth of 16.3MM


Meant to hold 0.25g which is standard and more than enough for solo use. We don’t think this unit is meant for group vaping. In the other hand, the G Pen Elite has a larger oven capacity of nearly 3 times the size. So if you’re looking to have a shared vape, the G Pen Pro might not be the one.


It holds a 13000MAH Lithium battery. This would allow for at least 60 minutes of use. Which will vary depending on the temperature setting you’re using. It charges through a micro USB port, and the unit does not allow replaceable batteries. A small down side that can be solved with an external battery to charge on the go.

Charging time is around 2-3 hours for a full battery.


The ceramic heating element allows for three temperature settings on the device. Which are the following:

  • Lowest (Blue light): 375
  • Mid (Green light): 400
  • High (Red Light): 428

With this range of temperatures, you can vaporize any type of weed. It does fall short for the connoisseurs who like their materials vape to the degree, but in that case, you will need a premium vaporizer.

The heat up time is 20 to 30 seconds. Is a pretty standard time, but in the last year we’ve seen a number of vaporizers reach less than 10 seconds, and even on demand heating like the Firefly 2.

Automatic shut-off

Heat up process starts automatically once you turn the device on, and it does turn off after 4 minutes. Those are pretty cool features to have. As you might forget to shut off the devices, and this prevents from over heating. Also, with the oven capacity, you won’t need more than 4 minutes of continue vaping until you need to repack a new bowl.


What’s included in the box?


The package comes with the following:

  • G Pen Pro Vaporizer
  • Micro USB Charging cable ( you will need to buy a separate AC charger )
  • G Pen tool to remove the herbs from the chamber.
  • Cleaning Brush


That’s all you really need to enjoy the vaporizer. This unit shines of simplicity, so having a ton of accessories wasn’t expected.


Warranty ?

Nothing has been said on warranty, but a 1-year warranty should be included with the G Pen Pro vaporizer.


G Pen Pro Discounts and Coupon codes

If you’re looking to buy a G Pen Pro at a lower price, we recommend subscribing to their newsletters, where they offer 15% off on your first purchase. This is a great deal for an already fair price vape. We don’t expect it to be found cheaper elsewhere. Don’t be fool by greater discounts, as it might be a counterfeit unit.



We’re excited for this new unit to hit the market. Since the launch of the G Pen Elite, Grenco Science hasn’t made in major releases. The G Pen Pro seems like a game changer for the mid-price vaporizer range, as the price tag is just under $100. At this price, and coming from a reliable manufacturer with years of experience, you can’t get a better deal.

Check out the the G Pen Pro.

Images provided by Grenco Science.