Best Weed Subscription Boxes 2017

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Best Weed Subscription Boxes 2017

Looking to try a weed subscription box?

We got you covered! We just spent a couple weeks trying different weed boxes. Fun right? But we did it for you. So you don’t have to wast a year to find the perfect fit. Well, we also had fun getting these weed products delivered to our home ; )

Best Overall

The Daily high club is the most known and diverse cannabis subscription box.





Why subscribe to a weed box?


That’s the first thing I thought when I stumble a couple years back with an offer for a weed box. Didn’t see much sense, as my buying habits for this type of products ( grinders, papers, pipes other cool cannabis products) was always impulsive.


Go to a store. Ask what’s cool. Buy. Get high.


But the reality is, I don’t do that often enough. I stick to my old habits and don’t see myself trying the newest and greatest weed products.


Years later. I got invited to try a month free weed box. Nothing to lose, so I gave it a shot.


It came with some of the expected items. Rolling paper. Lighter. Stickers. But then I saw some cool pipe and cleaning supplies for my vaporizer. Then I was excited. The last pipe I had, broke a week ago. So it was a perfect time to get a new one. And my vape was dirty as it gets. Months of heavy use and not a single cleaning done.


That was the moment I thought this could actually be great!  So I got my team and myself into different cannabis subscription boxes. We decided to get a decent amount tested and reviewed, so you don’t have to wait months to find the good fit for your needs.


Still here? Cool. We’re going to show you the best 420 subscription boxes up to date.


The 5 Best Weed subscription boxes of 2017

Choosing the right weed subscription box for you


Before we jump in. Here are some of the learnings. If you check most of the bullet points, then you should at least consider trying a monthly weed box. Otherwise, it might not be the right fit for you and should better to buy from an online head shop or your local store.


  • You are a daily or frequent smoker.
  • Like to try different stuff.
  • Get’s excited with new smoking gear.
  • Likes to share. Yes. You will get a surplus of lighters.
  • Have a convenient shipping address. AKA don’t have to send to your work’s or parents.
  • Don’t travel 24/7. You will miss out.
  • Are of legal age!


Top weed boxes


Best In Class Weed Box

Daily High Club (Former Dollar High Club.)

Don’t know if they now get you high daily, instead of a dollar high. But their subscription is top notch. They offer next day shipping. Options ranging from $1 to $30. You can’t go wrong with them.

Check it out


Most Complete Weed Box

CannaBake Box

It’s one of the top weed subscription services out there. They start at $23 (with a 6-month plan). Besides the Standard box, they also offer a 710 Box and Craft Box. The weed box we received had 9 items, which is what they show on their site and is an average from the other brands we tested. Usually between 5-12 essentials. Highly recommended

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The Stoners Favorite Weed Box

420 Goody Box

Awesome company and most known weed boxes out there. The offer 1, 3 and 6 months plans which can reduce the price for the standard boxes. With pricing as low as $27.98. The best thing about 420 Goody box, is they also offer premium boxes for the fancy stoners. Starting at $79.98. But their standard 1-month box, is more than enough to get started.

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The Weed Box For Her

Sensi Box

It’s a newer company in the cannabis subscription business. But they offer really good stuff. Starts at $20.00 for their Toke Box. They even have boys and girls boxes with their main plan. That one is priced at $35.00.

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The Best For The Buck

The Puff Pack

Also recent subscription company. They serve high-quality products with very discreet shipping. Starts as low as $1, and they go up to  $18.00 with their Artisan box.

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Last thoughts

This are the 5 weed subscription boxes we tested. We will be reviewing more as they come up. For now, we have plenty of goodies to enjoy a couple more weeks. 

We were impressed by the quality of the products we receive. The shipping was super discreet. Nothing was missing. On time. All 5 subscription weed boxes companies are recommended. We’ll update if there are any issues on recurring shipments.


If you have any suggestions of weed boxes you tried or are thinking of getting. Let us now!


Which weed gift box would you get to your smoke partner?