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$ 296
  • 10% Saving
  • FREE Shipping


$ 299
  • FREE Shipping
  • FREE Grinder and Evak

Want to save some money buying the Firefly 2? Or get free tools and free shipping? If you were looking for Firefly 2 promo codes, this post may interest you.

The Firefly 2 is a conduction vaporizer that provides an amazing vapor quality. Now, Hail Mary Jane offers you discount codes to buy it at the best possible market price. Continue reading to know more about these promo codes and this superb device (if you want to know more about the device check our Firefly 2 vaporizer review). 

Firefly Vaporizer Discount Codes Availables

In Hail Mary Jane we have two promo codes available for the Firefly vaporizer, one of them has as well as free shipping and some free accessories.

This discount code brings you a 30$ OFF from the original price. Besides, you can also get a free grinder and a mini Evak glass container to carry your herbs wherever you want.

This device usually retails $329.95 and with these discount it will cost you only $299.95 and you will receive too a free grinder and an Evak container to storage your herbs.

The other Firefly 2 promo code offers a 10% OFF and free shipping. 

How To Use Firefly 2 Promo Code

If you want to enjoy our Firefly 2 discounts, the only thing you have to do is follow the instructions:

  1. Click de “GET DEAL” button above of the discount you want to use.
  2. Now that you are on the Firefly page, click “Add to Bag”
  3. Click the cart that you’ll find on the right side of the page and hit “Checkout” button bellow.
  4. Fill out the details requested as address, name, payment information, etcetera.
  5. Paste the Hail Mary Jane promo code into the “Coupon Code” window (“FIREDEAL” or “CCC10”)
  6. Click the “Proceed to Checkout”
  7. And finally, fill in the details and complete your order

The Firefly 2 vaporizer is a convection vaporizer designed for vaping both dry herbs and concentrates. The efficiency of this device is amazing and it provides you an incredible taste with minimal smell.

It has great improvements in comparison with its predecessor, the Firefly 1. For example, it’s smaller and lighter, being similar in size to the Crafty.

The flavor and vape quality that produces the Firefly 2 is unbeatable. As a convection device, it preserves the flavor of your concentrates and herbs and it heats up nearly instantly.

It has five temperature settings (340, 360, 380, 400 and 420℉), and to use those, you have to download its smartphone app, which is available for iOs and Android. With this app, you can also check the battery life and chango some other settings on the vaporizer.

When you buy The Firefly 2, it comes in a box with two rechargeable batteries, an USB cable with its charging dock, three concentrate pads and a cleaning kit. Besides, it comes with a two year warranty.

If you want to read our complete review of the Firefly 2 vaporizer, you can find it here.

Other Firefly Coupon Codes

You can find other Firefly coupon codes on the Internet, but they may not be availables at the moment.

These promo codes for other Firefly products, as the first model of this well-know vaporizer, are expired. They are top rated by some websites but you must verify before if they are availables at the moment. Some of them offer things as a 25% or 30% OFF, a $70 discount or free tools as whip and wand set.

To know if they’re available the moment you want to buy this vaporizer, you must copy and paste the promo code on the “Coupon Code” window and see if the discount is applied on the price before you buy the product.

Although if you want to enjoy an available Firefly 2 discount, you can get it. The only thing you have to do us click on the “GET DEAL” button that you will find above.