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THC inhalers are quickly becoming a popular, cleaner way to consume cannabis than traditional smoking or even vaping. If you’ve been wondering what’s the deal with THC inhalers and whether they’re worth the purchase, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about THC inhalers so you can make an informed purchase.

What Is a THC Inhaler?

THC inhalers work exactly like the type of inhaler you’d have prescribed to you if you were diagnosed with asthma (except they don’t work for asthma). They are designed to emit a controlled, precise dose of medicinal mist – or in this case, THC, so there’s no guesswork to your dose like when you draw from a vape pen or joint. Unlike vapes, inhalers do not require batteries or charging before using them, which is another reason why they’re so convenient.

How Do THC Inhalers Work?

THC inhalers work just like any other inhaler – by delivering medicine directly to where it’s needed without harsh smoke or vapor. All you do is put the mouthpiece of the inhaler in your mouth between your teeth, close your lips, and press down while inhaling slowly. Remove the inhaler from your mouth, then exhale and wait for the effects. The effects usually kick in within a few minutes, so you won’t have to wait long when you use an inhaler.

Best THC Inhaler

If you’re interested in trying a THC inhaler but don’t know where to start, we recommend checking out the following high-quality brands:

nfuzed thc inhaler

The NFuzed THC inhaler contains 250mg of liquid THC and is the perfect on-the-go device for controlled, discreet doses. Each puff from this inhaler delivers 5mg of THC in a light, aerosol mist that’s easier on the lungs than smoking or vaping.

one gro thc inhaler

This THC Inhaler by One Gro contains a total of 480mg of liquid THC with 100 doses per inhaler, so you’ll get about 5mg of THC per puff on this device. Enter in your location on the website to locate a dispensary in your area where you can buy the One Gro Inhaler.

eos thc inhaler

EOS has both THC and CBD inhalers in their Inspire line, with each product designed to provide a controlled, smoke-free dose of cannabinoids. Their THC “mind” inhaler is formulated to inspire creativity that gets your brain juices flowing. Perfect for next time you’re brainstorming a new project.

muv thc inhaler

The MUV Metered Dose THC Inhaler contains 400mg of liquid THC per inhaler, delivering 2.4mg of THC per dose. This option is perfect if you’re new to THC and want to start low, or if you’re trying to microdose throughout the day and want to keep it light.

THC Inhaler Price

THC inhalers can vary in price significantly depending on various factors including the quality of liquid THC, the potency per dose, and the number of doses available per inhaler. The average price is in the $45-55 range.

THC Inhaler Near Me: Where To Buy It?

If you’re looking to buy a THC inhaler near you, your first stop should be Weedmaps. If you live in a state where medical or recreational marijuana is legal, you can enter your location into Weedmaps and browse the menus of dispensaries near you to see who offers a THC inhaler.

How To Make THC Inhaler?

Due to the nature of these products, it is not recommended that you attempt to create your own THC inhaler. If anything, you risk damaging your liquid THC and thus wasting your money. You are better off buying from a trusted supplier who creates quality, filler-free oils that they sell in the form of an inhaler. When it comes to your health, you can never be too safe.

THC Inhaler Review

As cannabis becomes more popular, it’s becoming more intriguing to people who are interested in THC but not interested in smokeable products. THC inhalers are perfect for this crowd, as well as for classic cannabis connoisseurs who want to keep consuming but don’t want to risk more damage to their lungs.

We love THC inhalers because they are one of the simplest ways to consume THC on-the-go without a strong smell or smoke. If your lungs are sensitive to smoke, this is an efficient way to get similar effects to vaping without going the route of edibles.

The cool mist of THC inhalers provides both oral and gastrointestinal absorption of THC. The oral absorption through the delicate vessels in your mouth takes only a couple of minutes to reach your bloodstream, so you don’t have to wait long for effects. The gastrointestinal effects have to go through the digestive process in order to kick in, so these will take about an hour before you feel these effects in your body. It’s the best of both worlds – instant gratification through sublingual absorption, plus delayed dosing that lasts longer and reaches more of your body.

THC Inhaler: FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

First, remove the cap of your inhaler. Hold it upright and place the mouthpiece between your teeth and above your tongue. Close your lips and breathe in as you press down on the canister. Remove the inhaler from your mouth, hold it for 5-10 seconds (if you want), and slowly exhale. Repeat if you want a larger dose.

No, THC inhalers are not designed for asthma patients.

Yes, many dispensaries in Colorado sell THC inhalers. Browse the selections we listed above to check their availability at local dispensaries, or visit Weedmaps.com to browse dispensary menus in your area.

There are no known negative effects of THC inhalers, especially since you are not ingesting combustible smoke or vapor. However, if you are sensitive to THC and it gives you anxiety or headaches, you may risk these same side effects whether you’re smoking a joint or inhaling it through an inhaler. Listen to your body to make sure you’re using the best type of THC product for your needs.

Yes, THC inhalers are effective at delivering controlled doses of liquid THC to your body.

No, THC candy is made for sublingual use.

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