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As consumption and advancements increase across the industry, so does the selection of goods to get lit with. Far from standard flower, THC wax is a concentrate of the weed we’re used to. And, a popular product that is trending amongst cannabis users. Potent in effects, and versatile in use, it’s easy to see why THC wax is trending. With levels of THC at 90%+, there’s no rest for the wicked with wax…it’s gooey, glass-like, or badder-like textures potently pack a punch. So whether you’re a new or long-time user, what’s really up with THC wax? Let’s get down with this guide to THC wax, and learn more about the product that’s enhancing users’ elevating experiences.

What is THC Wax?

To put it simply, THC Wax is the compounds from cannabis flower, in concentrated form. During extraction, and processing methods, a wax-like consistency is made. Containing the essential cannabinoids and terpenes that deliver your high and effects. 

'You know the sticky-icky or crystals that coat and cover your top-shelf bud? That’s your wax - the best of the best, in concentrated form.'

How much THC is in Wax?

With that said…how much THC is in your wax, depends on how much THC is in the flower it’s extracted from. Most products on the market today, boost 30-90%+ levels of THC in their wax. To put this into comparison, the THC content of standard cannabis flower is typically in the range of 5-30%. Meaning, THC wax is far more potent than just rolling a joint.

How is THC Wax Made?

A variety of extraction methods, produces a wide-range of THC wax end-products. Overall, the cannabis flower matter mixes with a solvent that separates or isolates cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. Chemical solvents like butane or ethanol are most common, or natural solvents like Co2, ice or freezing temperatures are options, too.

Lastly, extractors purify the substance of the solvent that was used. What you’re left with is the purest plant matter in concentrated or wax form.

While this is a simple explanation summarizing the extraction process, the technology and equipment to do so is far more high-tech. And some processes, especially those that use butane, are extremely dangerous.

Types of THC Wax

During the extraction process, different techniques deliver varied consistencies for THC wax products. Which is why from brand to brand, THC wax can differ in texture and taste. Here are a few of the most popular types of wax on the market today, and how they differ –

  • Live Resin – Live resin is known as a the freshest or most ‘living’ concentrate, closest to taste and smell as flower. Why? The cannabis flower used to make live resin is not dried or cured – which can degrade terpenes that provide cannabis aromas.
  • Shatter – After purifying, shatter products are left to ‘cool’. This delivers a glass-like and crisp consistency, like glass that would ‘shatter’.
  • Budder/Badder/Crumble – To achieve budder, badders or crumbles, THC wax after extraction goes through a heating and agitation process. For smoother textures, like ‘budder’ or ‘badder’ products, the THC wax is then whipped. Unlike crumble products, which go through a whipping process at a lower heat. This creates a soft yet brittle or ‘honeycomb’ end product.
thc wax live resin
thc wax shatter

But, no matter the type of wax you choose, the effects are sure to be potent. And due to the additional processes is takes to create THC wax, the higher cost in comparison to typical cannabis flower makes sense. Especially when considering the potency of effects, cannabis consumers receive. With that said, let’s review a few of the best THC wax products on the shelves, now.

Best THC Wax

Like any industry, a number of brands or products are found to be the ‘best from the rest’. Here are just a few of the best THC wax products, we dig ourselves.

Moxie THC Wax

moxie thc wax

Boasting early cannabis education and research, Moxie THC Wax is a leader in concentrate processing. Specializing in live resin THC wax extracts, Moxie notes freezing their flower prior to extracting as a key process in preserving potency and flavor. The brand offers a variety of flavors and THC wax consistencies including shatter, badders and more.

Dab Tabs THC Wax

dab tabs thc wax

Dab Tabs take extraction and processing THC wax, to a whole new convenience level. With innovative technology, Dab Tabs transforms the standard sticky THC wax product, into an easy to use and dose, dried ‘dablet’. Similar to the types of medicine tablets you’re used to. Boosting taste, and potency in a convenient Dab Tab package.

Neutron Genetics THC Wax

neutron genetics thc wax

Neutron Genetics delivers a shatter THC wax product, full of flavor. Their shatter comes in a variety of strains like Strawberry Lemonade or Gelato Shatter. With hints of lavender, citrus and berry, you can’t go wrong with this potently pungent THC wax. The easy to dab consistency provides potent euphoric effects.

Guild Extracts THC Wax

A batter extract found in flavors like ‘Creme Brulee’ or ‘Cherry Jubilee’, Guild Extracts THC wax is an affordable yet quality product. The consistency provides high flavors, with THC levels hovering around 76%. Potently packing a tasty punch.

Lemon Sherbet Shatter THC Wax

Lemon Sherbet Shatter THC Wax

Guild Extracts also offers shatter THC wax products, too, like their Lemon Sherbet. With their exclusive ‘de-waxing’ process, the Lemon Sherbet Shatter is translucent, with a smooth finish. The shatter is high in flavor, and also delivers 65 – 75% THC.

How To Smoke THC Wax?

Like the variety of THC wax types, there is also a variety of ways to actually smoke the final end-product too. The most popular being dabbing the concentrates, in a dab rig. By definition, dabbing means ‘flash vaporization’. Basically, applying high levels of heat to your THC wax so you can inhale its’ effects.

Dab rigs are water bongs or pipes. With a unique dabbing nail, in place of the bowl you’d normally place your cannabis flower in. With a torch (hence, the high heat), you’ll light the nail to your desired dabbing temperature. Upon heating, you’ll place your THC wax on the nail, and inhale like normal, through the pipe’s end.

Advanced versions of the dab rigs are also emerging onto the market. E-nails or electrically powered dabbing nails, with built in heat and temperature gauges are now trending. Along with contained vaporizers like the Puffco Peak. These are torch-free options that do the heating themselves.

Lastly, you can also smoke THC wax with a vaporizing or vape pen. Even more, adding THC wax to joints, bowls are blunts is growing in popularity, too.

Where To Buy THC Wax?

Depending on your location, or legalization status,THC wax is purchasable at medical dispensaries, cannabis retail storefronts, and also online for those with delivery in your area.

How To Make THC Wax?

Due to the high heat, dangerous processes, and solvents used – THC wax is not a common homemade product.

Some DIY methods do include hair straighteners, blow dryers, rubbing alcohol or icing processes. However, with the advancements in the industry DIY or ‘at-home’ concentrate kits are now readily available. Most popular being the Bubble Bag extraction product and process.

Is THC Wax Bad For You?

Good question. Relatively new to the market, and cannabis users alike, experts are still researching the long-term and short-term effects of using THC wax.

Overall, current research is showing the harm of using THC wax comes from the extraction process. The heat required can cause fires, and while dabbing THC wax – you’ll want to be careful with your high heat device, too.

In addition, residual chemicals or solvents also pose another danger. However, most brands with lab testing now provide the results of residuals on package labels. Purchasing from a trusted brand on the market, can help alleviate these concerns.

How Long Does THC Wax Stay In Your System?

Like THC flower, THC wax stays in your system for similar periods of time. Generally, the guidelines for how long THC wax will stay in your system is as follows –

Side Effects of THC Wax

Again, in comparison to standard cannabis flower, THC wax has the same side-effects. Although some may be heightened due to the higher potency that THC wax carries. With levels of THC varying from 30 – 90%+, common side effects like paranoia or anxiety may increase. Other side-effects may include hallucinations, psychosis or vomiting.

Another notable side-effect from regularly dabbing or using THC wax, could be an increase in tolerance for cannabis products. Due to the high concentrations of THC being consumed in a quick manner, your body over time can become accustomed to these levels. Making it harder to feel ‘high’ from standard cannabis flower, after dabbing or using THC wax more frequently.


Most frequent questions and answers

Technically, you can, however you won’t feel the same effects from consuming THC wax normally. This is because cannabinoids, and terpenes, are activated by decarboxylation. Or, the heating of the THC product you’re using. Without heating THC wax, the effects of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids will not activate.

To properly store THC wax, cool and dark spaces are recommended. This preserves the consistency, potency and flavor of the THC wax product. Silicone or glass jars, and parchment paper is recommended for storing surfaces or containers due to the sticky tendencies of the THC wax products.

Storing THC wax long-term is highly achievable. THC wax will remain ‘good’ for months when stored in a freezer or refrigerator. If left at room temperatures, over time, potency, weight and flavors can degrade.

If not stored properly, THC wax can lose potency. When exposed to the elements, potency and flavors can be reduced. While your THC wax might lose taste or power, it rarely goes ‘bad’ to the point of non-use. Depending on the type of extraction, the consistency or texture of the THC wax may alter over time.

To liquify your THC wax into an oil for vaping, a variety of methods can be used. There are a number of liquidizers on the market, that will transform wax into oil like consistencies. Other methods include heating and mixing the THC wax with propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.

Simply put, THC oil and wax are two different consistencies. With the same contents and effects. Different processes are used to create an oil like THC end-product, or a THC wax end-product. Oils or tinctures can be taken sublingually, as the process to create THC oil activates the cannabinoids that provide effects. THC oil is often mixed with other oils to achieve its’ end consistency, and are usually less potent than THC wax, too.

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