10 Best Types Of Marijuana Grinders You Should Know

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If you smoke weed on a daily basis and don’t have a marijuana grinder, what are you doing? Unless you’re that old fashion where you would rather break up nugs with your hand. You’re just missing out on a ton of kief. Now, why would you want to do that?

I couldn’t go without having a grinder and smoking weed daily. It makes it so much easier to break up nugs. The best part of a grinder is getting the kief. That is if you have at least a three chambered grinder. No country for people without at least a three chamber grinder.

We give you Greenies 10 of the coolest marijuana grinders you will likely use. I guarantee one of your friends has one or more of these types of grinders. Some I despises of and some are the best grinders out there. If I have forgotten a type, please leave a comment.

1. Plastic Marijuana Grinder

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By far the worst grinder ever known to man. Nobody wants to use this at any point. But times can get tough and weed needs to be smoked.
One Chamber Plastic: 1/10
Three Chamber Plastic: 3/10

2. One Chamber Grinder

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I hate these almost as much as plastic grinders for only one reason. You’re losing all that kief. The break up your bud fine and all. I just hate seeing kief go to waste.
One Chamber Metal: 5/10

3. Electric Weed Grinder

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I had one of these for a short period. I traded a girl at this party my shirt for her grinder. It had some old cartoon character on it that she loved. I could careless about and it was a simply trade for me. It worked good until it broke. That’s why it only gets a 4. There’s a good chance it will break.

Electric Grinder: 4/10

4. Wooden Marijuana Grinder

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I don’t know who would even bother buying one of these. Is there anyone out there actually using these? It has to be so trash to be using this. Just as bad as the plastic ones. Anyone have a different opinion, please speak now.
Wooden Grinder: 3/10

5. Bud Grater

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Nobody uses this. I can’t believe they even sell these. They are six bucks, lol. No way I’m going to sit there like grade weed like cheese. No is this going to be me with my bud.

Grater: -1/10

6. Rotary Crank Grinder

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Seen it in action. Works good. Easy to use. Only thing that I don’t like about it is that it is a crank. Which means pieces that can break. When being used it is definitely the best.
Rotary Crank: 9/10

7. Three Chamber Grinder

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The greatest grinder you can buy, three chamber grinder. One to break up weed, one for weed storage, one for kief and unbreakable if dropped. What more can you ask for in a grinder? It has durability, kief chamber and breaks up your weed well. They aren’t pricey and are small for easy travel. I personally use this one exact one above. I have zero complaints. Is there a 4 chamber grinder out there?
Three Chamber: 10/10

8. Gas Station Grinder

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They might be from the gas station and only be 10 bucks. If they are a three chamber grinder, I think they might as good if not better than the grinder at the 7 spot. My one buddy bought one just like the above ones and it was a three chamber grinder. He had for years. It one one of the best ones I’ve used.
Gas Station: 9/10

9. Giant Weed Grinder

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If you’re really going to break up a shit load of weed. Yes, this would be perfect. But not many people are breaking this much up on a regular basis. Just went from a 5 to 4.
Giant Grinders: 4/10

10. Bullet Grinder

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This is the grinder Wiz Khalifa uses. It is basically the same as the Three Chamber grinder at 7. Just the outside is shaped in bullets. Easily a 10/10.
Bullet Grinder: 10/10

You can have the coolest grinder or the cheapest plastic one. It doesn’t matter what type you have if it isn’t filled with kief.
This much kief in your grinder (No Matter The Type): 420

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A Brief Guide to Weed Grinders

It’s that time again – you’ve got several nugs of weed that are primed for smoking and ready for the best sesh of the week.

Only you realize that you have nothing to break up those nugs into smaller pieces. Either you have no weed grinder or the one you have isn’t working well (or isn’t suitable for your sesh).

You know that you could break up the weed with your hand, but you also know very well that’s not the way to enjoy the best sesh of the week.

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, you know that weed grinders are nearly as important to a good sesh – whether alone or with a group – as your flower and a lighter, bong, and papers.

A grinder is necessary for making your weed easier to roll into a joint or stuff into a bong bowl. And, depending on the grinder, it’s also great for getting collecting kief, the fine, high-powered, pollen-type crystals of the flower that add a kick to any sesh.

If you’re a newbie to smoking weed, you may not realize how important a weed grinder is; even if you do, you may not really get (yet) that the kind of grinder you have is crucial, too.

In that vein, weed grinders are also called various other terms, such as herb or marijuana grinders, crushers, or shredders. Regardless of which term you use, they essentially describe the same accessory with the same goal – reducing a full nugget of flower into smokable pieces.

When you think about purchasing a grinder, you should consider how often you smoke, what materials to choose, budget, and more.

So… let’s take a brief look at weed grinders.

Common Materials for Weed Grinders

Metal Weed Grinders

Many cannabis veterans and connoisseurs believe that metal grinders are the best. They usually offer the best:

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Cleanliness

Metal herb grinders are usually made from aluminum. You might often also see a marijuana grinder claiming to be made from titanium, but it’s most likely an aluminum one that is coated with titanium. Otherwise, titanium weed grinders would cost hundreds of dollars.

Why spend that much money on a grinder (even if you have coin to burn)? Why not splash out high coin on the weed itself!

(Then there’s the fact that some grinders come in a color called “titanium”, which is really just the color of anodized aluminum.)

Regardless of the type of metal, aluminum or titanium-coated aluminum herb grinders provide weed smokers the best results, are the most popular, and look great. In general, metal weed grinders are more expensive than grinders made from other materials, but they are usually worth it in the long run.

Metal grinders have teeth that stay sharp longer and don’t fall apart or loosen as quickly. While it’s true that metal grinders are heavier than their plastic or wood counterparts, they are still light and convenient enough to carry around.

Because of their all-metal construction, these grinders are easy to clean and keep sterile, which means you get a smooth grinding every time with residual staining or odors, which is perfect for the heavy user who does grinding nearly every day.

Metal grinders are highly recommended, especially for daily smokers. Even if you’re a less frequent smoker, overall, it’s still the best grinder for week.

Wood Weed Grinders

Herb grinders made from wood look and sometimes smell great – at least until you start using them regularly, at which point the nice pine or wood smell is overwhelmed by the weed smell.

Though less popular than metal ones, wood grinders have several benefits:

  • Are composed of natural materials
  • Usually look cool
  • Often have a retro vibe
  • Frequently have cool designs
  • Feel good to the touch

Although wood crushers have become popular, they are not always quality made, so make sure to do your research, such as reading reviews, before you buy.

That brings us to several of the drawbacks to wood herb grinders:

  • Usually come with only 1 compartment
  • Poor quality teeth
  • Sharp teeth that can easily splinter
  • Weed can get contaminated from inner finishes such as ink or paint
  • Don’t make or keep kief
  • Difficult to clean due to resin buildup

If looks are more important than consistent functionality, wood herb grinders are a good choice, particularly for casual users or light smokers. Even if you’re a daily smoker who takes pleasure in cleaning your piece frequently, a wood grinder is a good bet.

However, for those of you interested in a consistently strong, clean high, don’t be lured by the wood.

Plastic Weed Grinders

Plastic grinders are typically made of acrylic, but for many cannabis vets, they are the last choice in weed grinders. Most serious marijuana smokers will avoid grinding their weed with a plastic device despite the fact that they’re inexpensive; they might have one lying around just a backup when it’s necessary.

For the most part, however, plastic grinders come with drawbacks:

  • Cheap appearance
  • Don’t last long
  • Poor or weak construction
  • Easily breakable teeth
  • Difficult to keep clean
  • Easily keeps resin and other residue
  • More likely to contaminate your weed
  • Bad at getting and keeping kief

If you’re willing to spend, you can find quality plastic grinders, but that begs the question: if you’re going to splurge, why not do so on a metal grinder? It’s more cost-efficient in the long run.

Other Types of Grinders

Without considering the materials, there are various other types of weed grinders available, though not all of them are worth spending money on; in fact, some of them aren’t even worth being free!

Bud Grater

One such weed grinder that might not be worth your time is the bud grater. It’s exactly like it sounds – you grate your weed, as if you would cheese.

Grating weed like this is not good for the weed because the device doesn’t cleanly or effectively grind your weed into an easily smokable substance. It’s tough to keep clean, which makes it inefficient.

If you’re up for adventure and poorly ground weed, then try it; otherwise, move on to the next type of grinder.

Rotary Crank Grinder

Despite the fact that the crank means grinding your weed takes more elbow grease than a metal or wood grinder does, a rotary crank weed grinder works well.

It’s similar to a hand-crank coffee grinder, and the weed is nicely ground and provides a clean, smooth sesh. You also can grind larger amounts of weed, too, since these devices are often bigger than a regular grinder.

In addition to demanding elbow grease, a rotary crank grinding device has a lot of moving parts, which means more chances of breakage and/or repair. Just something to keep in mind despite the fact that you get nicely ground weed for a great sesh.

Different-Sized Grinders

Once you’ve decided on the material – and whether or not to branch out from the usual and get a rotary crank grinder or a weed grater, the number of compartments should be your next consideration.

However, for newbies, there might be confusion on the terminology here. When referring to a weed grinder by compartment, always add one to the number of compartments to know how many pieces it’s actually made of. For example, an herb grinder with one compartment is made of two pieces.

Conversely, if you’re going by the number of pieces, subtract one to know how many compartments there are. For example, a three-piece grinder will have two compartments.

For the sake of simplicity, we’re going to refer to different-sized grinders by the number of pieces.

Two-piece grinders

These entry level pieces are perfect for newbies because they’re easy to use. They have a lid and only one compartment in which the weed is ground and collected. That means the weed is stored in the same compartment in which it was ground instead of filtering through to a separate chamber below.

For many weed veterans, this is problematic.

First, the herb is usually ground inconsistently, and can vary in size and texture, which can ruin a good sesh. Second, cleaning is not easy. The single compartment makes it difficult to get the residue or leftovers out of the device. Third, despite the decent work grinding up the weed, all the kief is lost.

Two-piece crushers don’t give great results but are usually cheap and small enough to easily carry around.

Three-piece herb grinders

These upgraded pieces come with a second compartment below the main grinding chamber, which has small holes in the bottom that open into the bottom piece, allowing the ground weed to filter through. This provides evenly ground weed.

A three-piece herb grinder comprises a lid, a grinding chamber, and a collection/storage chamber. Although access to your ground herb is much easier, there still isn’t a separate chamber to collect that all-important kief.

Still, three-piece crushers are popular. ​The bottom compartment, where the ground herb has collected, is removable, so it’s simple and smooth to retrieve the herb and have a great sesh.

Four-piece herb grinders

To many weed smokers, these grinders are the ultimate. They are fashioned with a third compartment under the second chamber and are separated by a fine screen designed to catch kief, the best part of the flower.

Despite the expense inherent with these grinders, this is the ultimate grinder for weed that you’re going to smoke or vape.

The process is simple enough that an adventurous newbie can reap benefits that he or she never thought of.

  • The first chamber breaks up weed
  • The second chamber collects and stores the weed
  • The bottom one catches the kief

For many smokers, four-piece shredders are the best way to prepare weed for a sesh to remember because the ability to separate the different parts of the flower allows you full control of your dosage and, thus, the sesh itself.

Perhaps the main issue with a four-piece grinder is size. They’re not convenient for an on-the-go sesh because they don’t slip a four piece into your pocket easily; if you insist on using it while on the go, you’ll have to keep in it in a small carrying bag.

That’s why this grinder is great for at-home use.

Five-piece grinders

The boss of weed grinders is the five-piece shredder. These are large and have various features designed to make your sesh perfect.

In addition to the chambers found in a four-piece device, there’s an extra one for catching kief and other fine flower remains. Serious smokers can catch and collect their weed and/or kief in different ways and sizes by changing out and using different-sized mesh screens. In doing this, each sesh can be customized.

These grinders are obviously large, so they’re not recommended for mobile use. They’re also best used for grinding larger quantities of weed, so they’re inefficient for the casual user.

However, these are the crème de la crème of grinders. If you’re a serious smoker – or looking to become one – then these are worth the time and money.

Manual Or Electric?

The final thing to consider is whether you want to upgrade to an or stick with manual. The difference between the two is simple – manual grinders take elbow grease, either by twisting it to grind or using a hand crank to get your weed; a push of a button is all it takes for an electric model to do all the work.

For medical marijuana patients with arthritis or some other condition that makes twisting a lid or turning a crank painful and difficult, an electric herb grinder is ideal. Furthermore, they grind the weed quickly; you have perfectly ground flower in seconds.

Yet, even the smallest electric grinders aren’t compact or easy to tote with you. You also need a power source or batteries to work them. But you get great weed that’s smooth and clean to smoke.

On the other hand, manual grinders aren’t quick. It takes work to get the right consistency, which some might consider a problem. However, you are able to customize the grind level better.

In general, it seems that most smokers prefer the smaller manual grinders for small or mobile seshes, while electric grinders are preferred for speed, stationary use, or large quantities of weed need to be ground.

Choosing The Right Cannabis Grinder For You

Each of the above grinders has its merits. The way to choose the best grinder for weed seshes is to consider the following:

  • How often you smoke
  • What size you need
  • Where you smoke – are you mostly mobile or at home?
  • What your budget is
  • How much you care about kief
  • How much cleaning you want to do
  • Whether or not you can easily use a manual grinder

The bottom line is that there are plenty of grinders out there. You have much to choose from to customize each sesh as precisely (or not) as you wish.

Moreover, enjoy the ride. Take the time to enjoy using or testing different types and sizes, if you can. But have fun with it!

After all, a bad day smoking good herb from a cheap grinder is usually better than most other days without smoking good weed.

10 Best Types Of Marijuana Grinders You Should Know
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