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There are all sorts of ways that cannabis can enhance your sex life. In the last few years, THC lube has become one of the more adventurous ways to bring weed to the bedroom.

If you’ve heard of weed lube, you probably have questions: 

“What’s in it? How does it work? Will it get me high *down there*?”

This post goes over everything you need to know about THC lubricant products, so you can make an informed purchase once you’re ready to give it a try.

What Is THC Lube?

THC lube is a sexual lubricant product that contains tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. THC lube is typically designed to use on your genitals, just like any other lubricant, but the “extra effects” you might feel from a THC lube take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to kick in, so consider it more of a “pre-lube” type of product.

How Does THC Lube Work?

THC lube is typically designed for women, as there are lots of delicate vessels in the genital area that will absorb THC into the bloodstream. This is why the effects take a few minutes to kick in – your body needs time to absorb the THC into your bloodstream, which is when users of THC lube claim to feel the euphoric sensations and increased sensitivity.

what is thc lube
how does thc lube work

You won’t necessarily feel “high” when you use THC lube, but you will probably feel more relaxed and sensitive to touch. If you end up consuming any of the product orally during sex, you could get high that way as well, just like you would if you were eating an edible.

Best THC Lube

Foria THC Lube

foria pleasure thc lube

Foria THC lube is one of the first products of this kind to hit the market. Designed specifically for women, this lube is made to improve sensations and sensitivity, relieve tension, and increase lubrication. Past users have reported deeper, more intense orgasms and a more relaxed, pleasurable sexual experience. You can purchase this lube if you live in California or Colorado, or you can buy the CBD version online in all 50 states.

Velvet Swing THC Lube

velvet swing thc lube

Velvet Swing water-soluble lubricant is best used as a pre-lube, and it’s recommended that you apply it at least 20 minutes before getting between the sheets. That’s when you’ll start to feel the relaxation and extra sensitivity kick in. It doesn’t smell like weed at all and contains both CBD and THC, plus a terpene formula specifically created to enhance sexual pleasure.

Dani Pepper THC Lube

This Dani Pepper THC Lube is made with sun-grown cannabis plants, and it’s formulated to increase tactile sensitivity, relax your body, and provide added lubrication. Each bottle contains 30-50 servings, so that’s plenty of opportunities to discover how THC can enhance your orgasms.

Where To Buy THC Lube?

We recommend you buy your THC lube from a licensed dispensary that sells lab-tested cannabis products. If you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, such as California or Colorado, anyone over the age of 21 can enter a dispensary and browse their selection of THC lubes.

If you live in a state where only medical cannabis is legal, you will need a medical card in order to enter a dispensary and purchase their products.

THC products are not available for sale online, but you can buy CBD lubes online from certain companies.

Download the Weedmaps app to browse for THC lube on the menu of your local dispensaries.

How To Make THC Lube?

THC lube is simple tohow to make thc lube make if you are comfortable using an oil-based lubricant, such as coconut oil. Coconut oil is a common ingredient in sexual lubricants, including those on our list, but coconut oil can do the job just fine on its own as well.

In order to make your own THC lube, you will need to extract the THC from raw or dried cannabis flowers. This is easiest to do with something like the Magical Butter machine, which slowly heats and extracts plant cannabinoids and terpenes from the flower and into the oil. The oil can then be strained and left at room temperature until you’re ready to use it in the bedroom.

As with any product, it’s recommended you test any product on a small area of your body before applying it to your genitals. Make sure to do this if you’ve never used coconut oil as lube before.

THC Lube Benefits

People who have used THC lube have reported plenty of anecdotal benefits of the product. Although there is no scientific research regarding THC’s effects when used as a lubricant, here are some of the things you can expect when using one of these products:

THC Lube: FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

It is unlikely that you will absorb enough THC from lube to show up on a drug test, but it’s not unlikely as it’s still reaching your bloodstream. If you need to take a drug test, your best bet is to avoid THC products altogether.

If you perform oral sex and get some THC lube in your mouth, there’s a chance you will feel high like you just ate an edible. If you only used it on your genitals, you could still feel some buzzy effects if there’s enough THC.

When choosing a lube product, it’s important to choose something that contains ingredients you’d feel comfortable eating. With that said, if you get some THC lube in your mouth, chances are nothing bad will happen. You might get high like you would from an edible, but all of the products listed above are made with food-grade ingredients and safe to consume.

This depends on whether the lube is water-soluble or made with oil. Oil-based lubes, such as the Foria THC lube, are made with coconut oil, which is not safe to use with latex as it can cause the condom to slide off. If you are using a condom during sex, look for a water or silicone-based product.

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