12 of the Most Creative Joints/Blunts

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12 of the Most Creative Joints/Blunts

Creative joints or crazy blunts?

Everyone knows a guy or gal that can roll just amazing joints or blunts. I’m not talking about perfectly rolled or fast rolling, I mean creative ones, from all kinds of different types of blunts. Since the internet has become, we have been able to see all types of joints and tried to master some of them. There are so many different ways to roll weed and I give twelve of the most creative ways to do so. Starting with the one pictured above, don’t ask because I have know idea how or why someone would roll this up….

Like a cross-joint but with an extra joint to make a 3-D one.

Three joints rolled into one, very creative. Three times the high.

The Sub Blunt, which we posted a video of how to roll it.

I don’t know what to even call this besides a plane joint.

The cross-joint, made so popular by Pineapple Express.

The Pitchfork joint. An upgraded cross-joint.

This is one of my favorite, starts out as one joint and turns into two joints.

A joint that looks like a marijuana leaf.

Joints that are longer than one foot take some very steady hands to roll.

I like to call this the side joint.


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