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15 Rules For New Weed Buyers To Follow

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So you want to buy weed? Tired of getting weed from your friends and want to finally venture out and buy weed on your own? Hail Mary Jane has you covered.  Until weed is legal everywhere and you can just go into stores and buy it like in Amsterdam, you need to be careful.  Follow these new weed buyer rules and you should stay out of trouble with the cops and stay in good graces with you weed man which is crucial.

Notice: Putting your email in the comments and asking for weed in a certain areas could get you into a lot of trouble…or high. Be safe, we don’t want to see any Greenies get into trouble.

  1. Know the slang for weight.  When your dealer asks how much you want, you want to be able to tell him and know what you are talking about.  Examples… Eighth = 3.5 grams, Half = 14 grams, O = 28 grams (1 ounce), Nicks, Dimes, Dubs, Quo’s.
  2. When calling/texting your dealer, be as discreet as possible.  DO NOT text saying dumb shit like “Do you have any weed?” or “How much does a dime cost?”  Some dealers are ultra paranoid and that may get you cut off.
  3. If you plan on buying larger quantities, invest in a scale.  You don’t want to get screwed on quantities and not all dealers are trust worthy.  The more discreet the better.
    Green Edit: I’ve had the iPhone scale an it is horrible. Not worth the price. I suggest a normal scale that’s around $20 works fine.
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  4. A lot of the time, dealers will give you a great deal the first time and then you may notice your bags getting lighter and lighter.  If this happens, ask the dealer how much is in the bag and either weigh it or ask him to (if you can).
  5. If you are meeting up with your dealer or they are delivering, you have to be patient.  I know, it sucks but a lot of dealers are on “stoner time” and will take a while to get there.  You just have to deal with it sometimes but you have to realize they have lives too.
  6. Here are some examples of the proper way to ask your dealer for weed via phone/text: “What up? got any?” “hey man, you good?” or “Can I meet up with you.”
  7. Find a good spot to stash your weed while getting it home.  Either in your car or on your person.  DO NOT put your weed in that little pocket in your jeans, that’s the first place cops look.  Discreet stash boxes come in handy. They now have Arizona Iced Tea, Monster Energy, household items, pantry supplies and soda can looking stash cans.
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  8. If you are a female, being a little flirty can have it’s perks.  Guys are suckers for cute girls and when it comes down to it, he will give you the bigger bag than he will give me if he even thinks there’s a chance with you.
  9. Master the pass and go handshake.  If you are dealing with guys in the street or in public, often times they will pass you the weed and expect you to pass the money simultaneously.  It’s not that hard, just practice with a friend if you need to.
  10. If you are buying small quantities, have exact change!  No one wants to have the extra work of giving you change for the dime you just bought if they don’t have to.
  11. Look comfortable. If you look nervous, it will make your dealer nervous.  Just act casual like you do this everyday (which you probably will be soon).
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  12. If you can, go get your bag yourself directly from the dealer.  No friends, co-workers, girlfriends or anything like that going to get it for you.  No one likes the friends that pinch your bag and unfortunately that happens so you have to be careful.
  13. If the time and place is right, offer to smoke up your dealer from time to time.  They probably like weed as much as you do and that will help you to build a rapport with them which may get you better deals in the future.
  14. Make sure to ask your dealer what kind of weed you are buying.  Look at it and smell it as well.  That way you will know whether or not you are buying dank weed or just some schwag.  You don’t want any surprises when you get home. Know about your weed better by using Leafly.
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  15. Understand supply and demand and keep your ears to the streets.  Weed is just like any other commodity.  The price goes up and down all the time.  Just because you got gram for $20 three months ago doesn’t mean the prices are going to be the same today.  Be informed, know what you are buying.

What did I miss? Leave more rules for noobs in the comments everyone.

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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  • How about:
    -look for properly manicured buds without too much leaf;
    -ask how they were grown if you want to gain more knowledge (soil, organic, hydro, outdoor, indoor…);
    -ask what type of high you get (cerebral, productive, body high…);

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      • Chris

        Get back to me if you can give me some weed and rolling paper

        • Aldus Ferdinand
          • Jack rodgers

            Hmu in beach area 10$ a g nice fluffy stuff PV beach discreet txt only 6782377332

      • Creig forsnip

        Shit Im interested where u b sellin at Homie

      • That sounds good let me know where I can meet you and work something out.

      • andi

        Hey were abouts do u sell. I’m 13 girl and looking for some i know a mate but don’t want to ask incase he tells my mum. Could you help me out. !!!!

        • doe

          checkmeoutbabeu2@gmail.com serious inquiries only.

        • Hunter

          Aye I’m a 14 year old boy looking for some good smoking buddies , hmu if you wanna. Gotta kik if you’d like: hunter12302

  • "Master the pass and go handshake. If you are dealing with guys in the street or in public, often times they will pass you the weed and expect you to pass the money simultaneously. It's not that hard, just practice with a friend if you need to."

    nuffin like the fundamentals

  • Steve

    i want to print this out and give it to a few heads i know, good stuff!

  • I like the post. for some more ideas for #7 (stashing weed), check out http://sparkreport.net/2009/07/5-good-places-to-h

  • KingKush

    So if you havent already checked out my mans post on Indica vs. Sativa, that is key too when it comes to buying your sacks. Check this link and that should school ya some. This is the most important difference in your purchase that can give you that bomb weekend, or the weekend you just cant remember!

  • Everyone check out Sparkreport.net… Besides HMJ that is my favorite weed blog

  • ThisBuds4You

    How it was grown? No no no, if someone asked me this I'd tell them to get the fuck on. Ask about the type of high and all that, but don't get too nosy….

    • KingKush

      Spoken like a true dealer! How its grown is key to the quality. Hydro vs Organic soil vs outdoor are the vitals. The THC content comes next with the percentages. But a good dealer would know his product and know how to maximize the sale!

      • bill

        your fucking retarded. it does not matter which medium the pot is grown in. this is the biggest misconception ever. seriously learn your shit, then go comment people all you want. but until then, realize it doesnt matter hydro, soil, organic. if you know how to properly grow it, you will get bomb bud.

        no fucking dealer is gonna be like hey its a head high, organic grown, and the thc percent is 20%. what the fuck? how are you supposed to master the "handshake" and ask all these dumb irrelevant questions at the same time..

        • GuyLafleur

          Your kinda right. However, if its outdoors or indoors is a great indicator of the quality of the weed. But, i`ve smoked outdoors that was better than some indoors, so its not a 100% accurate indicator.

          • WonHee

            If someone is growing inside of their own house, they aren't going to tell you it was grown indoors and how they did it and what type of soil they used. And if they do, then they deserve to get busted for being such a fucking retard. Smoke the damn shit, that's how you know if it's good or not. A dealer is selling weed to make money, not so they can spit off at the mouth about how much they know about the weed, and if they do start throwing around the terminology, they are most likely just talking out of their fucking ASS. Buy the bag and move the fuck on. If you aren't a good friend of them then they will just get annoyed that you're asking so many fucking questions. It's not a god damn dispensary, you can't get picky about whether it's fucking grown indoors or outdoors, or whether it's hydro vs. organic soil. Regardless it's going to fucking get you high if it's good, and if you don't like the shit that your dealer is selling, then don't fucking buy from him and get it from someone else. Fucking weed snobs, this isn't a fucking wine tasting, this is A FUCKING DRUG DEAL! Get it?!?!?

  • KingKush

    One last thing. For all of you living outside of California. Check out http://www.weedtracker.com. Just to give you an idea of how nice we have it out here! I can walk into a store from anywhere between 9am to 2am and pick out my product. So its time for the rest of the country to catch up already!

    • quanieboi

      you can jus buy the bud rite out the store u dnt need a special id or nun

  • grace to ja ja

    if you dont know how to buy herb than i dont think is such a good idea for you to be buyin it geuss you gota learn sometime tho poor saps legalize it

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  • Sadie

    some good points for those new to buying Cannabis….I have to say though until it is legal to go buy it in the store all my dealers are not into telling me how its grown they either tell me its good shit or not but hubby and I don't care as long as it gets us high we are happy stoners……you do have to be careful tho with the smell if you got some high grade and leave it in your car in the heat be prepared to have a strong smell through out your car if you smoke cigarettes light one up on your way home so it smells like cigarettes and not like weed (hubby found that out and got stopped ) but thankfully was let go…..without incident ….out here in the southwest code word is green chilie makes it easy on everyone all around and if you do gotta go pick it up try to do it in the middle of the day cops are too busy writing tickets and pulling speeders over to bother with you ….for those that are new to buying cannabis be prepared to be ripped off its the nature of the business sometimes they like to put extra seeds in the bag to get to the weight that you are buying ….the best bet is to grow your own at least then you avoid alot of the dangers but NEVER EVER tell anyone because that will open another can of worms!

  • Phillipius

    Haha some are true.. but some are not and you know is by yourself 😉

  • Randy McNasty

    How about not bringing any people up when you grab bags? I live in an apartment complex and this is really annoying when people bring groups of people up for two seconds then leave. It draws a lot of attention and its annoying.
    Or knocking all loud as fuck. You texted me and I told you I was good, I will be in my living room waiting for you. No need to knock like there's zombies out.
    Also paying with more than 5 One dollar bills sucks a lot.
    Let's see.


    Some customers are cool to smoke a bowl with but I find that some people like to just sit and hang out while I'm trying to watch Dexter or just hang out with my girlfriend. A good customer knows to be quick and stealthy like a ninja.

    Hopefully soon I won't have to do this anymore cause its annoying sometimes!

    • adrian ritter


  • old hat

    Yes, please also remember that your dealer is taking a huge risk to get your silly ass off. Don't fuck around, be polite, if he rips you, find someone new, don't throw a bitch fit. It only makes you look like a jerk, and guess what? You're still getting the same bag for the same cash. If your guy is meeting you somewhere, try at least to act like it was a chance meeting, there's nothing more obvious than someone seeing you pull up, and walking pointedly to them, as if you were supposed to meet for that sly handshake. Give 'em a "hey, man!" and a big smile, like you're surprised to see them. They love that shit… it's sneaky.

    • josh

      tis completely true

  • Great post. Id like to see more information about purchasing quality weed and how you know it is quality. Thanks for this post! It was a fun read.

  • that guy

    lmao a gram for twenty…. you guys are getting robbed

    • Tyler

      i know its some straight bull shit, i pay 25 a g

    • jonoghue

      well imo it depends on the weed. i got a g of really awesome sour diesel for $20 once well worth it

  • mike

    easy on telling girls to be flirtatious, that can actually be pretty dangerous, especially with a lot of dealers in a lot of neighborhoods. don't risk it. also that guy- shut up. you clearly live in the sticks, come to the city and feel what its like to pay 20 for .7 or .8. have fun living in bumbleshit nowhere

    • joker00

      why don't you come to the stix and save yourself a shit load of money? city bud is like campus bud – you're payin way more because it's already changed hands about 5 times before it reached you.

  • GuyLafleur

    A gram for 20$!!! thats insane.
    I just bought 14g for 70$ yesterday.
    I live in canada 🙂

    • PimpKakes

      gotta love cananda 🙂 and 20 is alot for a g… and u prolly should just ask if its good shit or not… dont really need to know too much more..

      • rick

        I live in Canada. Toronto actually. I’m having trouble because I’m light skin and I look pretty young. Can anyone help me out? Thanks. email – Toronto024@hotmail.com

    • Ultimatelightweight

      A gram for 5 bucks WHOA haha a gram for 10 seems pretty even I’m just in a little town in …. CANADA everything is better in Canada

  • southeaststoner

    20 a G is only for 30-60, and if you're paying 30-60 you better make sure it's worth the money

  • 1. Never give anyone money until you see what your buying
    2. Don't get fucked over and don't be afraid to say you don't want to buy because it looks like shit
    3. NEVER buy shake, make sure you see buds
    4. Buy a scale and bring it every where you go when you buy, have them put your bag on the scale if they refuse well…the only reason for that would be if they were doing bad business otherwise they put it on and it weighs out and if anything give themselves a good reputation
    5. Learn some form of self-defense, there are no rules in the black market and no one gives a shit if the drug dealer you thought was cool with you robbed you
    6. Honestly the best people to do business with are older people, because they have things to lose, like family, houses, cars, no fucking around all business it may be their main source of income kids will try to under cut, rob you, possibly even set you up
    7. i could go on forever but remember, your life is more important than getting high, and what i mean by that is don't put yourself in a dumb situation where your waiting for a dealer in some public place and looking so obvious going to jail for weed can and probably will turn your life upside down

    knowledge is power

  • TokeySmurf

    When weighing, it is good practice to weigh the FIRST time you buy from someone. Be cool about it though, trust and report go a long way. Just mention it is a common practice for you and nothing to do with who they are. And weigh EVERY time, as some dealers will think that since you weighed the first and second time, they can start selling you lighter bags. Look for giant baseball bats in your bag as well… these can make up a lot of weight. the dealer wont be offended if you handle yourself in a cool calm manner, he will know he is dealing with someone who knows what they are doing. IF THE BAG ISNT RIGHT SAY SOMETHING BEFORE YOU PAY. DONT GO HOME AND COME BACK LATER BITCHING ABOUT YOUR BAG. Not all dealers will make it right with you… you leave with it, it is yours. To cut down on probability of getting ditch weed, buy KB… and know your strains! Hope this helps..

    • Dezert

      what is KB

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  • new for me, very interesting post

  • Good work. Thanks for the info. very useful tips indeed.


    Dimes? Dubs?? WTF WEAKKKKKKKKK!!!! Youu noobs need to start slanging ounces and Pounds 🙂

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  • pmpmn

    Any advice for a 48 y/o female who is new to this? Looking to buy for medical reasons until I can get my licence. Never done this before. I can't pull off some of the slang convincingly. My youngest said to profile people according to who I think might smoke and say something like, "Do you smoke? I'm looking to blaze if you do."

    She got that off the net somewhere and she had to be kidding! That would feel totally unnatural for me. The guy I know at the local hemp shop laughed when I mentioned it to him today and said people would think I was law enforcement. No doubt!

    I don't even know how to profile and I sure don't look like someone who smokes, even in my jeans. I never even tried it until I was 38 and doubled over in pain…that's what it took for me to try it the first time. I was too square as a teen to even hang out with people who did it. One of my daughters used to help me with this but now that she's moved away, I'm on my own.

    BTW, I'm in a small Canadian prairie city. Granted, it's a provincial capital, but it's a far cry from Toronto.

    • lol

      pmpmn if your son smokes ask him if he could hook you up with his dealer

  • blacklung young

    He said know your prices and don't ask then he said know your prices for a gram? There always 20 or less bruhhhh least in as were I swear everything's fire for me crept for reg or"mids" unless it's a big blunt or two. Or a gravity bong see just really blown writin on this shit right now .

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    so i write for i wish to promote by business here
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  • Almonds

    If youre tired of making small talk with your dealer theres plenty of places online to buy weed these days. Theres a good ebook on the subject with a walkthrough at http://www.thenewblackmarket.com

  • I like to rape women and sell their body parts for weed

  • browndemm

    Guess I can ship you stuf to you anywhere in the world with fault… Kindly email me your phone contact and I would get back to you asap. Email- browndemm@yahoo.com

  • browndemm

    I can ship stuff to anywhere in the world without any fault. Kindly email me your phone number to link you up easly. Browndemm@yahoo.com

  • Bob jones

    Hey anybody good think they can hook me up in Ohio?

  • Good post, well put together. Thanks. I will be back soon to check out for updates. Cheers
    Slep sluzbe

  • Abdelrahman

    Has anybody got something for me in northeast philly? Hmu

  • reportes

    reported to the police good luck

    • rachel


  • Good post, well put together. Thanks. I will be back soon to check out for updates

  • vee

    IM NEW WITH WEED BUYING, can anyone help me? how do i find people.. im a teen.. im 14 , i know but im trying lol.

  • Danny

    Or you can email me I vacume pack and can prove by video I’m Ligit Ddjj1983@hotmail.ca

  • weedincali

    need something in palm springs ca – email weedincali@hotmail.com if you can help or have advice for me. here for a few days and desperate 🙂

  • Rabbitt

    61 yo male, just started using for a 41 year old chronic back pain problem. Trying to figure out how to buy my own without going thru a middle. Live in Florida and medical is not available. If I was in highschool it would be a piece of cake.

    • robin

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  • Anthony

    Ok, there are some good points here, but there are also some useless points here. Fuck the “secret handshake” that’s a load of crap, if you are meeting up with them do it when there are very few people around, if you meet up with your dealer and there are a lot of people around, take a walk around the corner, act as though you didn’t intentionally meet up with them, pretend that you just bumped into them, tell them it’s too crowded make them walk with you for a bit, looks less suspicious. Guys the best place to stash your bud is under your balls, yes it sounds dirty I know, but believe me, I have been stopped so many times and never been caught with it whilst it has been there, it works! Ladies, if you carry a bag around with you, make sure you have a discrete item that you can pop it in, otherwise your bra is a good option, but that leaves it open for people to smell… If you have smelly. If you go to your dealer regularly, ask them if they would like to share a zoot with you, if they say no, just say ‘ok that’s cool, I’ll see you around’ and walk away, don’t just stay there waiting for Christmas to come, if they say yes then have a spliff or 2 with them, after that tell them you’ll be back when you can get some more dollar then leave. DO NOT bring groups of people to the house for a few seconds/minutes whilst the dealer grabs the bags or bags it up, go on your own, show some respect, the more people that go at the same time means there is more of a chance of getting caught and your dealer getting raided. Tip for dealers! Do not tell everyone that you are selling weed, tell certain people that you can trust, tell them not to bring anyone to the house until they have known them for a while and as long as they trust them, usually tell them 6 months before introducing anyone else, that way, you get your customers and you don’t get a lot of idiots coming to your door ” Yo, you got any bags?” last time someone did that whilst I was with my dealer, I walked to the door and slapped him and told him to fuck off, nobody wants a loud mouth simple as. Now the list of names for bags: draw-10 bag/ 0.9-1.2g. Eighth- 20 bag/ 1.7-2.3g. Quarter- 40 bag. Half – use your brain, O- ounce. If I made a mistake with the weight please correct me but that’s what I usually get. Don’t ask them questions about the weed, if it smells nice, looks decent, take it, smoke it, if you like it, buy some more. Asking questions will get the dealer curious, especially if he has only just met you, if you have known them for ages then fair enough ask them bits and bobs about how it’s grown and shit, but don’t ask about the thc percentage that’s just retarded. I know I missed a lot off but it’s 0044 hours and I’m absolutely shattered, so please add more if you think it is necessary. Thank you!

  • robin

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  • Gremory

    okay number one: prices vary on quality SO enjoy your shaagg. number two dont fuckin brag about your "weight" online or anywhere you dumb fuck("durgdealerlol"). nd never deal in public unless its a good friend and a not a causality… dont fuck with your elderd vets or mobs do what they say how they say it no matter what. dont bitch or brag or buddie up. REMEMBER IT NOT CRACK. so dont treat it so. [polldaddy 6779459 http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/6779459/ polldaddy]

  • dubolicous

    an Ounce is a Zip and 3.5g is a slice not an eighth.

    • Stoned4ever

      3.5 is an eigth where im from,so stfu

  • ronney

    hi francescskunkweed , we need to talk as soon as possible bro .. email me skies_113@yahoo.com , i have write u on skype so check it bro and we talk there thanks

  • Johnny B

    I would definitely buy a scale! If you don't have a scale and are new to marijuana you will get ripped off. Sorry but its true :/ check out a site like http://www.scaleforweed.com if your looking to buy one online (much safer than buying one in the store…. everyone knows what you are using it for!)

  • dealer

    onion whole

    • ashley english

      hey what’s up dealer

  • ashley english

    i love to smoke i have a hard time getting the hook up anybady no anything

  • Dezert

    I know no one wants to put people on… especially people to meet online. So can someone simply tell me HOW can I find good weed. like you know these low level boys are getting ..dirt. How can i get a good supplier

    • dankk only

      Bre were u at in this world ppl like tht evrt were. I got topshelf. Indo fo 25 an eighth fuck the clubb jus ask round if u aint in sacramento thts were im at

  • Kali

    Any dealers in Utah hit me up 😀 Kali.nguyen11@gmail.com

  • JesterHead

    Anyone in the Birmingham, AL area? Shoot me a message @ : jacobbeck49@gmail.com

  • Jay

    Hit me up if you’re in the Albion NY area.

  • john

    email me , anglesea, vic, australia , yates58@hotmail.com

  • Mary Jane Fonda

    Best rule of thumb, get your goods before you pass of the $ so you don’t get beat.

  • UB

    If you have some good shit in the DMV area hit me up.

  • sam

    i`;m looking to find someone in the Pgh, PA area who has the good, good quality. I just moved here and I’m too old for the regular social scene and I’m the onlt person in my “circle” who smokes. I dont tell anyone about it so now I’m dry and I dont know what to do. If anyone can help please hit me up at sss3057@mail.com. Thx

  • MrSunshine

    North-West suburbs of Chicago, any dealers hit me up.

    • Noemi

      Did you find anyone? I’m north of Chicago. Looking for a dealer too. Hook me up? eehcuhhhz@yahoo.com

  • Effy

    Anyone in St. Louis, Missouri area? Hit me up! Dezinergirl411@yahoo.com

    • Kim

      Let me know if you find anyone im in the rolla area

  • mikey

    Chicago, Logan Square, new in the neighborhood…small amounts if it is worth your trouble.

  • Timmay

    Looking for some in the lake or McHenry county area. Hit me up datapple1089@gmail.com

  • Ry

    I’m 13yo I live in Silicon Valley, CA. Anyone who could hook me up? I’ve been looking manually for a long time I haven’t found any1 plz send email to weed4evah@gmail.com if you can help out. I can wait at a location after school if needed. (3:00 – 3:30)

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      Hello boss i’v got some real stuff for u directly from Africa,but am based in Saudi also is where i trade with my stuff, so can u look for me regular buyers from ur area for long term? Note, transportation is not a problem. waiting for ur earliest reply. One spirit boss

  • Jane

    Anyone in the SW VA area? Between Roanoke and Lexington… I don’t know anyone and in need. Thnx!

  • John Smith

    Dealers in Tucson? Hit me up.


    • Soccerroc

      Dude I’m from around there. If you find anybody hmu!

  • Brownman

    I’m bored and alone in solothurn, on holiday

  • Brownman

    anyone in solothurn

  • drugs

    Have any good shit in Omaha NE hit me up klonekat31@yahoo.com

  • If you have some in fortbend/sugarland area of houston,texas hit me up mored94@gmail.com

  • emily

    anyone sell on long island?? hmu dealers suck here aha

  • Hiker45


    • Joe

      still lookin?

  • Guest

    Dealers by cliffside park nj?

  • Michael Scott

    Dealers in Linclon, NE?

  • Dayton Clarke

    Anyone in the Shreveport,la area?? If so hit me up hilarioussiz@yahoo.com

  • Ry

    Palo alto, CA? weed4evah@gmail.com

  • Kent HW

    el paso, texas! what up?

    • Mr.Unstonable

      hahaha i use to live there!

      • joe

        What up I’m from there

  • GoogleUrShit

    Dealers in Eastern tennessee area kik Dr._Me42

  • Bill

    Xxfr412xx@gmail.com dealer in Indianapolis hook me up

  • stoneygirl

    any dealers in the spartanburg area of South Carolina? Hit me up bobthachicken@gmail.com

  • ofwgkta

    Jacksonville, FL
    15 year old white boy. Its hard getting my shit, and its a hassle. Got to go through this same guy everytime and he’s a free-loader.

  • Mr.Unstonable

    Anyone in philly that could hook me up? I have a phone but it got taken away text me anyways ill reply when i get it back 347 378 1344 or email my ass joshscootz@gmail.com hmu

  • Columbus

    Columbus ohio

  • rj

    tb area hmu

  • Toker

    Any dealers in or around Claremont, California? Hit me up at dank_mj@yahoo.com

  • 21

    Any dealer in the Springfield mo area that can deliver if there is tell me I will hit u up

  • Syfwu

    Looking for a dealer in South East San Jose, Ca (near the evergreen area) if you know where to get a dealer or if your a dealer hit me up, text me @ 1(408)-665-3944 (this is a burrner phone)

  • fernando18

    wher can i find some trees in phoenix east valley

  • fernando18

    is there a dealer in phoenix az east phx?

  • Ryan

    mundelein illinois hit me up

    • Noemi

      Hey! Did you manage to find a dealer? I’m in lake county. I’m new to the area and looking for a dealer. Help me out? eehcuhhhz@yahoo.com

  • 7482

    dealer in atl hmu

    • t


  • Buyer

    I’m 14 and I can’t get anything good even tho I live in CA. If you can get me some stuff in Palo Alto I’d be so happy

  • Bammargerafreak

    Got any good good around Fredericktown Missouri. Hit me upppp! :3

  • Dannabis

    anyone good near six flags nj?

  • daddie

    Anyone good In ms

  • VD

    Anyone in Holly Springs, NC? lookin for some weed vinnydesarno@gmail.com

  • Ryan

    I’m in MN, anyone ?

  • Ryan

    I’m in MN, anyone?

  • haze

    Any dealers in sandy springs

    • Handle

      holy shit that’s where I am. If you find someone tell me.

  • Kris

    Dealers in the DMV?

  • theratwitch

    When you finally find a good, reliable source, don’t forget about them during the holidays. A little goodie bag of munchies, a pack of their favorite flavor of blunts or papers, or such. Not only does it show that you do appreciate the excellent product and service, but it also tends to make them very generous with their bags especially around the holidays. My old dealer says she misses my gift bags of homemade candies and b&b products. I tell her I miss her good smoke. Reminds me, if there’s anyone over around Central Arkansas, hit me up. I’m a roadrunner and will travel.

    • newbie rolla

      Bro Im in jonesboro arkansas new to weed never bought some can you hook me up and give some.pointers.email at sakashi_hatake@yahoo.com and text at 8702064493

  • Cuntcalibrator99

    If you got any around the Dallas Tx area hit me up, I live about 40 mins away but maybe we can work something out.

  • guy

    16 yo in Oakley, Ca
    if you can hook me up with something, davejoren18@yahoo.com

  • Marcellus

    Who got that loud in lincoln, nebraska

  • Chris

    anybody near or around coral springs florida. I just moved here from ohio and dont know a soul. Need help. hit me up millerchristopher301@yahoo.com

  • DylanShades12

    Any dealers near Lewisburg TN?

  • Montie

    Lookin to rid urself of unwanted reg hit me up

  • Andrey Zaselevech

    anyone in Champlin, MN? hit me up: andeydacool@gmail.com no bullshit name the price

  • darren

    I need a dealer in the dmv

  • needweed4

    Port aransas anyone?

  • MoshPitToker

    Anyone selling springfield massachusetts? email me


  • bored

    looking for regular contact in hochelaga montreal. email me at


  • dloomiss

    Eugene, Oregon anyone? Dloomis03@ymail.com hook me up man

  • Axty

    Anyone near levittown ny?

  • Sillystrang

    New to the DFW area. Could anyone point me in the right direction? l0new0lf@mail.com

  • Cboppin

    Yoo anybody in Yonkers NY? Hit me up cboppin@gmail.com

  • buijkly

    bros i know ill get no responses but if your from kentucky,carrollton hit me up itsmedusa998@gmail.com

  • need weed

    broneedlove@gmail.com dunn co. Wis. Some one help hook me up

  • Steph

    long island ny? hmu ratchetfolyf@gmail.com

  • Beckjes2748


  • Beckjes2748

    Anyone around grinnell, ia? Hit me up bj2748@yahoo.com

  • NeedFahWeed

    15yo Anyone in englewood Florida? Hmu. @ needfahweed@gmail.com

  • Buyer xxxx

    Anyone in Fl Panama City let me know louiefortune@3gmail.com Ples

  • Pops M.

    What up! Anyone in DC/NOVA that’s got the hook up, hit me up BlurredLinesDC@gmail.com

  • Tabitha

    Northern Michigan hit me up tabithapriebe@yahoo

  • piemiha

    south end Boston- desperate for a hook up. I’ll bring you good business. piemiha@hotmail.com

  • gmars

    I slick need the hookup in Phoenix. Just moved out for school and haven’t found any. Hmu

  • dontdrinkthebongwater

    any one holding in london ontario im chill and could bring in alot of buisness hmu @ jacob103@hotmail.com

  • A Disigny

    Anyone on st. Pete are got good stuff? My guy is gone for the month and just need some to last until then. Disignya@gmail.com

  • Anthony

    aye yo, anyone in Lakewood, CA selling? hmu @theanthony12349@gmail.com

  • Sara

    Anyone have some in Melbourne Australia?

  • skippy

    need a dealer in london ontario hmu jacob103@hotmail.com

  • darko

    how much would i get a dime for in brooklyn?

  • $avvy

    East Atlanta??

  • Camie

    What is more a dime or dubs

    • Dubs. Dubs ($20 sacks) are 2x as much as a dime ($10 sack).

  • kevin

    I’m 15yo I live in bowie if someone could hook me up email me at kameron.Daniels@aol.com

    • Guest


    • Joe

      bowie, md? let me no if ur still looking

      ps- the guest below was me

  • Colin P. Müller

    the people posting their personal info on here are dumb as shit

  • madz

    anyone got any in bucks county pa?

  • Katrina

    Sudbury ontario Canada? Dealers hmu at katrinamarrria@hotmail.com

  • marjana đana ganja

    on internet ?..good work guys hahaha..smart as fuck

  • Ray

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania?…. Please?

  • Kim

    Anyone sell in the rolla mo area? If so pleade let me know. Im new to the area and dont kmow any dealers.

  • Walt

    Long Island anybody?

  • RE
  • Re
  • brian

    springfield massachusetts anyone? i need a dealer bad. email me? lavalleybrian200@gmail.com

  • xxkilljoy96

    Anyone in lower NY selling? Hmu @mcrfan1011@hotmail.come

  • John

    Somebody in North Carolina Concord area please hit me up at

  • Looking

    Any dealers in fairfax va area hmu at trufflesmagic@gmail.com

  • nigggggaaaa.

    I love the secret handshake but,even the cops know what it is now days,looks too suspicious. I have my own dealer,he comes to my house. I recommend that then some random persons who offers you weed or just someone you only hit up for some weed. I think that’s rude.

  • 2404life

    hmu zkappcit1@gmail.com if ur in corning or painted post ny area. need a dealer.

  • jessi

    any in memphis?


  • Kayla

    Blaine, Minnesota?

  • chris

    Dealers in Houston hmu

  • SJ

    Dealers in Phoenix HMU!!!!

  • Persephone

    Coram, Long Island??

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  • Frank Guys

    am a supplier of weed, connect me via frankguys6@gmail.com – can ship to anywhere worldwide. 100% guarantee and successful delivery.

  • Courtney

    Looking for someone in kitchener

  • Long time head. New. Jonesin

  • I really want to buy weed

  • Nigel

    Looking for gud stuff notts help

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