How To Clean A Bong

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How To Clean A Bong

There is nothing more unappealing than a dirty, grimy and yellow stained glass bong. We should all be ashamed of ourselves for letting them get that way. Sometimes it can feel like a mountain of a task to get up and clean your bong after using it and you’re feeling couch locked. But put in the effort in the morning to give it a quick clean and change of water. Leaving the water to turn brown is probably the worst habit of some bong smokers. Not only does it look nasty, the taste can be pretty repulsive when smoking through it. Not to mention the smell. It’s such a simple task yet day after day, bongs sit with old water stagnating around the world. If you leave the water it can stain your bong which makes it a lot harder to clean later on. It’s all about regular maintenance. The cleaner our bongs are, the longer they are going to last and the longer they are going to stay tasting fresh. You can get your bong looking brand new with certain cleaning methods, but sadly for some bongs they may be too far gone.

images (3)There are a only a few things you will need to get your hands on if you want your glass bong to be sparkling fresh and it will only take a few minutes. Do this once a week or even every two weeks and it will last for years. There may be some substitutes for some of the things you need but the ones chosen for this provide the best result and are recommended and approved by many different smokers. The first thing you’re going to need is some rubbing alcohol, you can pick this up pretty cheap in stores and online shops. 50-70% rubbing alcohol should be sufficient. As an alternative for rubbing alcohol you could use hot water, although I would highly recommend alcohol if you want your bong super sparkling fresh. You will also need salt, most types will do the trick like fine rock salt, sea salt and table salts. You could also use some dry rice as a substitute for the salt. You may want to grab a towel to give the bong a wipe down on the outside afterwards. You can do this anywhere but you might want to do it above the sink or bath tub just incase.

You first want to make sure your glass bong is empty of any old water and you’ve given it a quick rinse through with warm water. Now you just want to pour in a little rubbing alcohol. How much depends on the size and shape of your bong. If you have a straight pipe glass bong, pour in the rubbing alcohol to about half the amount of water you would usually use. If using a bong with a water chamber, pour alcohol in to about a 1/4 of the chamber. Now grab your salt (or rice) and add about a teaspoon into the alcohol. Now you’ve got the mixture prepared you want to make sure you cover the mouth piece and any ventilation or kick holes with your hands. Make sure you’ve got a good grip on your bong whilst still covering all the holes and the give it a good shake. Keep sloshing it around for a minute or two or until you start to notice a difference. The salt acts as an abrasive to help wear off those stubborn bits of resin which have been loosened by the solvent properties of the rubbing alcohol. If your bong was super dirty to start out with, you might find the end mixture of salt and alcohol is now darker and also stained, but that is a good sign, it means all the dried resin and particles are now in the mixture rather than on the glass.

P1080271All you want to do at that stage is empty out all the contents and repeat the process, although for most people it will usually do the job first time round. After you are totally satisfied with the result you want to make sure you give it a thorough rinse through with warm water. Do this a few times because you want to make sure you have rinsed out all the rubbing alcohol and salt that might be left behind. If you can still smell the alcohol if you sniff inside your bong you want to keep rinsing it out with warm water. By now it should already be looking sparkling fresh and almost brand new. Most bongs are too difficult to dry manually so just leave it to air dry. Somewhere with a small breeze will quicken the process. If you have a soft dry cloth you could buffer the outside for that extra shine. Most people who have tried and tested this method can vouch for it.

Keeping your bong clean is a simple task, if you want your bong to last for years while staying fresh and clean, then perform this cleaning method a few times a month and you’ll be good to go.

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